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A.N. - Poland said:
lesson planning It is a document that many teachers prepare and use in order to best utilize lesson time. There is no, one/ specific way in which plan should be written. It can take many forms, from very strict and detailed, which includes almost every aspect of lesson, to few short notes(sketch). Each teacher has his own way to write one, it depends on factors like experience, personal preferences, type of lesson etc. But every lesson plan is good, as long as it fulfills its role. Many may think that only an inexperienced teachers use lesson plans, but that's not true. Lots of experienced teachers use them, because they are great help in daily activities in the classroom . The main difference between them is, that teachers with greater practice use them as a hint, and new teachers are a little more dependent on using the plan. There are many opinions about lesson planning. Using the plan entails a risk that lesson become dull and boring. For example if our predictions were wrong and student didn't like some activities, or they couldn't fit in overall pace of lesson, the lesson itself would become uninteresting . In that case we should stop relaying firmly on the plan and quickly make necessary adjustments, or else our lesson will turn into failure. Lesson plan is only a tool to achieve a goal. The purpose of lesson is not to make you use your plan , but plan is one of the aids necessary to fulfill the purpose. There are opinions that lesson planing makes lesson ?teacher centered?, but in my opinion it all depends of the teacher. If the teacher is a dominant type, he will shape the lesson around him even without creating any lesson plan. We must remember that the plan we created is not always perfect, every lesson is different, we should be able to react to what we see in front of our eyes, and change the plan if it?s needed ,for example skip one or two activities in order to lengthen others. lesson plans are especially important to beginner teachers. Why?. Such an Inexperienced teacher can get easily lost in new environment, his lack of experience can cause chaos. lesson planning is like a guide, teacher can always confirm his next step, he can predict difficulties and way to prevent them. It's not a perfect solution, but it's often the best way to gain necessary experience. Beginner teachers would like to use more complex lesson plan, which covers many aspects of lesson. Here is the example of detailed lesson plan ? Time/Date ? Number of students ? It?s very important to include many student will participate in lesson, that's way we can do seating arrangement, and choose the best activities and ? Class level ? refers to language level of students. ? Learner objectives ? what we want the students to be able to learn during lesson ? Personal aims ? Our personal goals ? Lesson topic ? The topic around which lesson spins ? Potential problems ? anticipated problems and solutions. ? Procedure ? type of activity used during lesson ? Timing time needed for each procedure ? Phase (ESA )- is is Engage , study or activate phase. It?s good to have the document in visible and reachable place on the desk, so we could always take a quick look at the schedule. We should create our own way (pattern) to write lesson plan, and always keep it simple and clean. We can also plan more than a single lesson. But planning in such advance is less accurate and we should be ready to change our plan in any time during lesson. It?s a good solution for a sequence of lessons related to the same topic, if we put them all together they should create a coherent whole. Overall Lesson plan with its all pros and cons is a great aid to almost every teacher, no matter if it's an experienced teacher with years of teaching on his back, or a rookie teacher with no experience. If it is used correctly it's a great help, and makes teacher's life a bit easier. But we should remember that there is no single cure for all diseases, and the lesson plan should be shaped to correspond to the needs of students and not the opposite.