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W.L. - Australia said:
English as a global languageEnglish is currently the global language. It is the official language of United Nations and many International organizations such as The International Olympic Committee and FIFA. The main reason for this is the emergence of the British Empire. It was said the sun never set on the British empire. They owned colonies on every continent on earth. Thus they were able to spread the English language far and wide. The second reason why English has been spread throughout the world is the emergence of The united states. It has become the biggest economy in the world and has spread the English language even further by increasing trade, movies from Hollywood, music, books and the internet. According to Wikipedia, 375 million people speak English as a first language and up to a billion people speak it as a second language. Everywhere you go in the world you will always hear someone speaking English. English is the principle foreign language in Western Europe and across Asia, where it is the official or unofficial second language. From my personal experience, having taught japanese businessmen, they always speak English when they do business in china or anywhere in Asia and Europe. Even in multi-nationals or increasingly local companies, if you do not speak English you unfortunately face limited job opportunities and job mobility. With the emergence of Hollywood, America exported its English language movies all over the world. They have become popular the world over. I have watched English language movies in Japan, Malaysia, vietnam, china and Singapore. They are always very popular. It is one of the reasons English has spread as a global language. World trade first increased and spread because of the spice trade and through the British East India Company. This helped spread English to the corners of the world. The American empire, through their corporations such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Citi-bank have increased global trade even further. This is one reason why English has become the language of global trade. Many popular music acts sing in English. The most famous and most popular music group in world history are The Beatles. There are many famous acts including Michael Jackson, ABBA, Madonna, Dire Straits, U2, Coldplay, Elton John, Sting, Pink Floyd that have spread English music through the radio, CD?s, internet, live performances all over the world. I have met people who can sing the songs in English but cannot speak English. This is another reason why English has become a global language because of a wide international fan base of English language music. Most globally recognized University courses instruct their courses in English. Most science journals are English even though most Scientists first language is not English. Many articles and some books do not have translations in other languages other than English, however this is changing because of the internet. The internet has spread the English language even further. Many foreigners meet through online networks or chat programs such as skype. I met some Malaysians and Taiwanese who met up in Japan. They all met on skype and were speaking English to each other. English is the language of world trade, the language of international communication and the official first or second language for over a billion people. If you want to travel, work and meet new people in today?s world, it is essential to learn English.