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A.F. Ecuador said:
Classroom ManagementClassroom management is very important in order for the students to learn effectively. This involves the teacher managing the class, but in a friendly, relaxed manner. Also the teacher will want to maintain proper discipline in the classroom setting. All these things will contribute to the students learning the English language in an effective way. Classroom management involves a variety of things that the teacher needs to keep in mind. One part of classroom management is good eye contact with the students. Good eye contact will establish good rapport with the students. If the teacher doesn?t have good eye contact with the students, it will appear as if you lack confidence in what you are saying. If you don?t have confidence, most importantly, in what is being taught, the students will lack the motivation to learn and lack confidence in you as their teacher. Another part of classroom management involves the use of gestures. Gestures can be useful to reinforce instructions in the classroom. The use of gestures effectively can make it easier for the students to be able to understand the teacher?s instructions. Another important part of classroom management is the voice. This plays a very important role in teaching the English language. If the students are unable to hear you, you will have a difficult time teaching your class. They will be unable to understand you, and if they can?t understand you, they will not be able to learn effectively. If you show enthusiasm in your voice this will hopefully carry through in your teaching methods. This will help your students to have the desire and enthusiasm to learn. Another aspect of classroom management involves grouping students. This will depend on the class size and the type of activity that will be carried out. Grouping students gives the teacher a chance to observe the students while they are doing an activity. By grouping students together, they can practice English amongst themselves, while the teacher quietly observes in the background. Yet another important part of classroom management is the arrangement of the classroom. This will largely depend on the number of students in the class, space available, and type of chairs and tables that are available. There are a few options that a teacher can do to arrange the class. You can have orderly rows, the class can be in a circle or horseshoe, or the students can be seated at separate tables. One nice thing about the arrangement of the classroom is that the teacher will have the option to change it according to the needs of the students. The teacher?s position in the classroom is another part to classroom management. The teacher has the option to stand in the classroom. This will allow you to be able to see most of the students, and you can stroll around the classroom as well. Also, while standing one can take advantage of writing on the board to teach the students. When writing on the board, however, try to avoid having your back to the students. One huge help in this area is to have the information already written on the board before class begins. If you want to gradually show the students what is on the board, have the part covered that you don?t want the students to see with a piece of paper. Another option is to sit. This will allow you to be able to relax and possibly put the students at ease. Another important part of classroom management is maintaining discipline. If discipline is not maintained, this will disrupt the teaching atmosphere in the class. As you can see, there are many aspects of classroom management. All are important to be an effective teacher, and in this case, an effective English teacher.