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A.E- Korea said:
Classroom Management The way the teacher carries himself in the classroom and directs his students defines how his class will progress and whether his students will improve, be happy to be in class, and continue on with their English studies in the future. A badly managed classroom can lead all sorts of problems within the student population ? from inconsistent results due to a lack of discipline, to boredom because of a deficit in energetic and clear directions. This paper will attempt to address the basic building blocks of classroom management. Managing a classroom has two underlying aspects ? first is managing short term, as in ? in the classroom itself, and second aspect is that of managing the class itself, giving it a direction and keeping it on track until the end of course, year, or whatever the end of study may be. Managing the classroom itself during lessons is a rather physical task which involves a great deal of energy, and attention to individual students. Classroom discipline is essential, especially with younger learners. students in the classroom should know who is conducting it, and follow teacher?s orders to the max to achieve improvement. In order to set the students? mind on such a track from the start, the teacher must, from the very first lesson present himself in such a way that the students get a clear message that the teacher is serious about his job, comes on time, speaks loud and clear, gives crisp directions and although he does like to have fun ? hard work is above all, and rude behavior or a lack of effort will not be appreciated. Such an image of an instructor is pertinent, otherwise, if the teacher comes off too soft, indifferent, or incompetent, then the students will lose respect for the teacher, interest in the class will drop, and as a result ? improvement will decrease drastically. In order to have such a solid start the teacher must do a number of things. Preparation and basic lesson planning should be enough to give the teacher confidence on the material he will be teaching. Once the teacher enters the classroom ? the physical aspect starts. A loud, clear voice, with a variety of tones, accompanied by a proper posture, will direct students? attention at you. Eye contact will let them know that you are not afraid of them, nor are you ignoring them, and that you are willing to communicate ? that is very important. You need to confer to the class that you are in control, you know what you?re doing, and they are in good hands. The details of classroom management, such as discipline problems, reward systems, teaching styles and the like are a very expansive topic and depend largely on the personality of the teacher, however ? no teacher can use a beautiful teaching methodology without the class paying attention to him. Once the teacher gets past the daily management of the classroom, he has to address the management of his class in the long term sense. All people, and sometimes masses of people, like classes, go through periods of depression and feelings of being stuck in one place. If for example a class is doing a really hard grammar unit and they are not getting it, it?s the teacher job to drag them out of the hole, to find new ways to teach, and keep fighting, encouraging, and battling through the lessons. That is also classroom management. Giving your students the right mental attitude, directing them towards a certain goal, be it finishing the book, or taking TOEFL - it?s the teacher?s job to push the students forward. Each teacher must strive to manage their classroom the best he can, and it might not be easy, especially at first, especially for beginners, but the rewards are great, for both the teacher and the students. The students will achieve more under the guidance of a confident, driven teacher, and the teacher will certainly feel a lot better about himself after seeing the results of his hard work.