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A.C. - U.S.A. said:
Building Confidence In students A tefl teacher will experience various types of students from all age groups as well as nationalities. Some of these students may feel some level of intimidation in learning a foreign language. This can affect a student?s confidence. The confidence of a student is important for the productive progress of the student in the classroom. Confident students perform better and retain learning material more easily. students are able to take the confidence they acquire from the classroom and apply it to their daily lives. Therefore from the beginning a teacher must start building the confidence of the whole class. Teachers are the influence in the classroom. Building confidence in your students starts with the confidence you have in yourself. Don?t be shy. A teacher should be enthusiastic about teaching and learning. Instructing students using a strong but calm and relaxing tone. A teacher should maintain authority but in a pleasant manner. Be well groomed. When you look confident you act confident. A teacher should act confident even when they are not feeling confident. Remember we are the role models. One of the keys to feeling confident is preparation. Take time with creating lessons and activities. Start by identifying specific needs of students. This will help to provide beneficial lessons. Set challenging but reachable goals for your students and when a goal is accomplished acknowledge it in class. If you are teaching in a foreign country it is best to learn the culture and current events of that country. This adds to your confidence and will help to connect better with your students. It can sometimes be difficult to encourage confidence in adult students. They will most likely have past learning experiences that occupy positive and negative views. These experiences involve the triumphs and disappointments that affected their confidence in the present. As a teacher you should become genuinely interested in your students. Find out any past achievements and personal successes of your students. Praise these accomplishments. Have the students recall these confident building victories and examine the reasons why they were able to gain those successes. It helps to attach importance to the disciplines used in their accomplishments. Once they recognize what led them to succeed, they can apply it to the present to build confidence. At the start of class say statements with your class that increases confidence, like ?Everyday, I?m getting better, in everyway? and ?I can achieve anything I put my mind to.? Young students are curious and more open minded to learning. Yet they are sensitive and need lots of encouragement. You should acknowledge their contributions and accomplishments, big and small. Give them praise privately and in front of the class. This will give the student the desire to want to repeat that feeling and take on more challenges. When discussing improvement mention the students? strengths along with the problem areas. Recognizing strengths will motivate the student to improve in weak areas. Use a variety of techniques to find the ones that interest your students. A teacher can build confidence by using material that students understand and that is familiar. This makes them more secure and as they are able to work with it, their confidence rises. Another way is to create activities that involve students to have partners or to be in groups. This takes pressure off the individual student and promotes community amongst the classroom. Building confidence in students is not easy. Just remember you are the role model. Be gentle, encouraging, approachable, and get to know your students. Having confident students enables a teacher to push them to the limits. When a student is confident they are determined to succeed. When a student succeeds it builds the confidence of the teacher.