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What Makes You a Favorite Teacher

What Makes You a Favorite Teacher | ITTT | TEFL Blog

All children must go to school. It's the law. All children are entrusted to teachers. It's like that. Some of these students love school, some do not. Some children will learn more easily than others and many children will like school and will learn more easily if they like their teacher.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Nwanekezie A. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

From the beginning, a parent who respects the teachers of his child gives him a head start in his school career since it provides him with the tools to appreciate each teacher and listen to it more carefully. But that's not the only reason why we should love them and say good things about them. Here are some important roles that teachers play:

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The torch of knowledge

Our education system is well established. Is it criticizable? Yes, like everything else. But in fact, it is this system that allows our children to learn in record time notions of English, etc. Without this elaborate system and dedicated teachers to keep it in place, our children would not be able to retain as much information as quickly.

It should also be remembered that teachers can transmit all this information to a large number of people at once. In elementary, high school and even after, teachers must make the program understood by all those who attend their class, whether they are motivated or not and whether they have the facility or not, without annoying the strongest nor neglect the weakest.

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In addition to passing on the knowledge, the teachers prepare their students for the next stage, in collaboration with the teachers of the following years.

Teachers act as a counselor: At this level, the teacher takes care of his students by paying attention to their academic needs, giving advice on career journeys and future.

As a role model:

It is the role of a teacher to inculcate good manners to his students, but how does he do this? By serving as an example, keeping some important rules like good and smart dressing, punctuality and upholding their confidence so that students can learn.

Managing the classroom:

One of the main duties of the teacher is to arrange the classroom to suit the learning style. When the classroom is in order, the students tend to learn better. The roles that a teacher puts in place change from one discipline to another, but the objectives remain the same:

To create an environment conducive to effective teaching, this I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Teachers take on this role in their daily practice. As for the organization of their class, they are the fine observers, they should try as much as possible to maintain a form of control, tolerating, for example, a certain arrangement of class furniture, by renewing their educational resources or by being available for their pupils.

They do not have the image of being untouchable with the children but rather of actors involved, engaged with the children, to create a safe and benevolent environment.

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The parents

As if that was not enough, the teachers also communicate with the parents. While some parents understand the nature of their work and go in the same direction as others, other parents flatly oppose everything the teacher wants to bring as changes in the behavior of the child.

Some parents criticize the program, others do not like the discipline and reward systems, some parents do not like the proposed activities and others blame the teacher for the bad grades of their child.

Many parents are also outraged by the amount of homework their child brings home, even though these homework assignments are essential. Homework allows children to practice before exams and allows teachers to give children a little more time in class.

All this, the teacher does not always have time to explain it because there are many parents and a lot of work to correct.

Not perfect, teachers?

Teachers are not perfect, as we are not as perfect as parents. Just like us, they have a lot of work to do and sometimes have mood swings and more affinities with people than with others. It is also normal that you love one teacher more than another and that your child has a bad year from time to time. These are incredible roles the teacher plays in my own opinion.

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