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Reasons Why Pronunciation is More Difficult for Adults than Children in El Salvador

Reasons Why Pronunciation is More Difficult for Adults than Children in El Salvador | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Pronunciation problems in El Salvador is very common, as many know Spanish is the main Language in this country, people in El Salvador tend to speak their native Language all the time because this is what they feel more comfortable with, as there is not any other dialect, other than Spanish, they are taught English in school, English Is the only language taught in El Salvador in public schools, but only for those that can attend one, this is because there are many people that can't attend a school due to economic matter, family problems or due to the work that is done in their household many don't have time to study and there are kids that can't attend school because they have to work, but there are many that do go to school and take English classes.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Liliana F. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Lack of Teaching Staff

In El Salvador there are not many English teachers because it is a small country, but in almost all public Schools there is at least one teacher teaching English, for the people it is difficult to learn another language and based on what the teachers have experienced in each class they have come to the conclusion that it is more difficult for adults to learn English than for children.

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Personal Issues

Adults have a hard time trying to pronounce a word they have never heard of before and they struggle with the different words flowing in their minds because it is a new language their mind becomes full and heavier than before as they have many responsibilities in their life, but sometimes the lack of pronunciation is because some are ashamed to speak in front of other people because they probably think other people might laugh at them or make fun of them for saying the word incorrectly, and this can be a disadvantage because they are keeping the language that is in their mind storage or hidden and doesn't want to let it out, there are other reasons why their capacity becomes less developed than children for learning and it can be due to the pressure that work might bring to their minds or other occupation that takes over them all the time in their homes. Some adults are always keeping their minds busy and don't have much time to think about the words when they go back home, even though they know they have to practice each word they have been taught in class, it just make it difficult for them if they don't practice pronunciation but some adults try their best to improve their pronunciation that even at work they try to pronounce each word, as they know when they go back to class the teacher is going to help them improve their pronunciation skills doing different activities that would help them and that encourage them to keep practicing even though it is hard for them.

How Children React

When we talk about children we know that this gives work as well, but their pronunciation tends to be precise and accurate sometimes in comparison with adults, it is more different with the young learners because they do practice their pronunciation in class and at their homes as they are not ashamed of speaking in front of other people, this is probably because their mind is ready to absurd all the information being taught and their mind is busy with this learning method because their capacity of learning is already developed enough to improve the knowledge, as they don't care how they might sound when speaking and this clearly gives them the capacity of learning.

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This is why they become more developed each time they attend a class when the words are stored in their minds with all the new vocabulary so they are able to remember almost every word of the class, this gives them the opportunity of learning the language quicker than adults but sometimes it takes a lot of time for them to pay attention that's when it becomes hard for the teacher and have to give them activities that will keep them active with pronunciation to help them keep the good work.

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