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5 Ways a Teacher Can Perform in the Classroom

5 Ways a Teacher Can Perform in the Classroom | ITTT | TEFL Blog

According to the students’ developmental reality, educational goals and requirements, the role of the teacher are not only to teach students some aspects of textbook knowledge but also to adopt specific teaching methods in specific environments and to promote student growth through specific channels. An effective teacher, who is a complex professional role, understands that teaching involves wearing multiple hats to ensure that all students receive a quality education. Therefore, the role of the teacher in shaping up lives is unparalleled.

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1. Controller

A teacher is a controller. This is the traditional role of the teacher. The teacher lectures the students on a particular subject, through lessons that build on students’ prior knowledge and moves them toward a deeper understanding of the subject at hand. Usually, when the teacher controls the class environment and manages to give lectures, the teacher is providing knowledge.

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2. Role Model

A teacher is a role model. Actually, during the majority of the class, teachers do not think of themselves as role models. However, inadvertently they are and it is very important how the teacher behavior in the class. Students spend a great deal of time with their teacher; the teacher becomes a role model to them in both daily action and teaching method. Such as, a teacher can be a model to correct and teach pronunciation; and a teacher can come into the class on time to show respect to students which are a good behavior example. This role of the teacher is definitely important to students.

3. Organizer

A teacher is organizer, facilitator, and participant, as teachers very frequently find themselves having to organize students to do various activities; meanwhile, they may give a signal to let student start and may need to join in the activity without dominating it.

4. Observer

A teacher should be a good listener as monitor or observer. On the one hand, if students need help, the teacher will notice. On the other hand, the teacher will figure out how successful the lecture has been in the class.

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5. Motivator

A teacher should also be able to encourage, motivate, and help students which mean they are as assessor, prompter, and tutor. Nowadays, creative ability is our future developing tendency.

Thus, as teachers, try not to dominate students’ imagination which is very important to let them excel in the study. Motivation plays a significant role in the rate and success of the study in general, and in-classroom in particular. So as teachers, they should be the one who is capable of giving the right suggestions and guide students self-study and learn knowledge by themselves. Often, we think that we should correct students’ answers and behaviors as teachers. However, they need a guide, not a correcting machine. We, as teachers, should love and care students’ emotional part. We act as a guide showing the right path to success, observing discipline, hardworking, integrity and compassion.

Motivating learners is acknowledged to be a complex process. In many instances, students face many obstacles in the study and are often demotivated to learn. However, certain motivational strategies, identified by research on motivation, can help learners adopt more positive attitudes towards learning. Therefore, teachers should not only be instructors but also build up a friendship with their students.

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To sum up, there are many roles of the teacher. When and which role they play in different stages in class and how to play a good role is that teachers should learn from training and experiences. No matter what, the teacher is playing a very important role to guide students to study and make students recognize their roles. Teachers are the architect of a student’s life. Teachers make their students learn that are life-friendly and good for them. That instills confidence in them. They help them to be the best version of themselves throughout life. Teachers update their students from time to time. They let students know the importance and meaning of their life. They strengthen them to perform better in life, make the best choices for their life.

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