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Teaching English in the Czech Republic - The Salary and Budget Guide

Teaching English in the Czech Republic - The Salary and Budget Guide | ITTT | TEFL Blog

This guide will help you answer the question: How much can I earn (and save) teaching English in the Czech Republic? You’ll also find information on the local cost of living in order to figure out how much to budget for when making the move to the Czech Republic.

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The Typical Salary for English Teachers in the Czech Republic

Because of the huge demand for TEFL qualified teachers across the Czech Republic, the average salary can be anywhere from 18,000 to 30,000 CZK (currently US$700 to $1,200) per month. However, a lot of private language centers prefer to pay by the hour and it is common practice for teachers to work at more than one institute in order to make up a full-time schedule. English teachers in the Czech Republic working on an hourly rate make around 200 to 300 CZK ($8 to $12) per hour.

Here is more information on the average salaries per school type:

How to Earn Extra Cash While Teaching English in the Czech Republic

Many teachers in the country take advantage of the high demand for private language tutors. By taking on private students in their free time, teachers can earn extra money outside of normal working hours. The rate for private lessons will usually depend on your experience, but is typically from 300 to 500 CZK ($12 to $20) per hour.

Getting a Work Visa in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a popular teaching destination in Europe for teachers from outside the EU as it is possible for non-EU citizens to obtain a long-term work visa to teach legally in the country. For more information on how to get a work visa for the Czech Republic, read our guide.

The Cost of Living in the Czech Republic

Besides the strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers, the Czech Republic also attracts English teachers because of the relatively low cost of living. Routine expenses such as groceries and public transport are a lot cheaper than you will find in Western European countries, such as France, Italy or Spain.

Cost of Living in the Czech Republic: Food

If you eat out at local restaurants and buy your produce at local markets, you will be able to eat very cheaply in the Czech Republic.

  • Milk (1L) : 19 CZK
  • Eggs (12) : 50 CZK
  • Apples (1kg) : 35 CZK
  • Chicken breast (1kg) : 145 CZK
  • Rice (1kg) : 35 CZK
  • Bottle of water (1.5L) : 24 CZK
  • Bottle of Czech beer (.5L) : 36 CZK

Cost of Living in the Czech Republic: Leisure Activities

Czechs like to hang out with friends and enjoy their free time. When teaching English in the Czech Republic, you can be sure to have a great time outside of the classroom, while exploring this wonderful country and culture to the fullest.

  • Three-course mid-range restaurant dinner: 750 CZK
  • Quick restaurant meal: 140 CZK
  • 1-month fitness club membership: 770 CZK
  • Movie ticket, international release: 180 CZK

Cost of Living in the Czech Republic: Transportation

Large cities have a fast subway network and the whole country is very well connected via trains and buses. Taxi rides are also not as expensive as in Western European countries.

  • Metro ride: 24 CZK
  • Monthly pass (regular price): 550 CZK
  • Taxi rate per km: 26 CZK (start fare ~ 40 CZK)
  • City bus: 24 CZK

Cost of Living in the Czech Republic: Travel in the Czech Republic and Beyond

The Czech Republic is world-famous for its beautiful landscape and scenery and you should definitely take advantage of the low price of train tickets to explore the country.

  • 1 night in a mid-range hotel: 1,000 CZK
  • Train from Prague to Brno (2.5 hours): 109 CZK
  • Train from Prague to Vienna (4 hours): 750 CZK

Sample Monthly Teacher Budget

To give you an example of how an English teacher in the Czech Republic spends their salary, here is a sample monthly budget:

  • Gross income (salary) : 25,000 CZK (average)
  • Rent (shared or one-bedroom): 8,500 CZK
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water): 4,200 CZK
  • Phone & Internet: 480 CZK
  • Food: 3,000 CZK
  • Insurance: 500 CZK
  • Remaining disposable income: 8,320 CZK (currently $370 USD)

How Much You Can Save When Teaching English in the Czech Republic

As you can see from the sample budget above, you will be left with approximately $370 USD after the average expenses. This amount varies, of course, depending on your salary and location. However, it is true that you won’t be able to save as much while teaching English in the Czech Republic, compared to places in Asia, for example, where the salaries are generally higher and the cost of living even lower. However, you will still have the time of your life when teaching English in the Czech Republic because of its welcoming culture and exciting things to see and do.

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