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How Important is Personal Teaching Experience in Russia?

How Important is Personal Teaching Experience in Russia? | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Five years ago, I didn't have the experience, nor the knowledge to teach English. However, I have the skills to speak like a Native Speaker.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Amina C. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

My First Classroom

At first, I have 3-4 students between 2-3 years old. I was given lesson plans to follow and instructions on how to teach this group and I simply followed it. Teaching 2-3 year's old non-Native speakers were both difficult and fun. It's difficult because they are not familiar with the English language. Moreover, I am not familiar with their native language either. It is fun since typically all they want is to play games. Furthermore, the lesson plans provided consist of Circle Time, playing active games and singing songs and rhymes.

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Since I don't have a teaching degree nor the certificate yet on Teaching English as a Secondary Language/Foreign Language, I rely on research. I researched everything that I need to make my students enjoy learning the English language. I discovered that singing Nursery rhymes would be more effective if you include movements with it. I included Arts and Crafts on my lessons, and we make things from different materials, where both my students and I enjoy. Therefore, students don't even realize that they're learning the English language unconsciously.

Test Group

As academic years passed, I learned precisely, as I carefully teach Russian students. I was generously offered a group of 1-2 year's old students, where some motivated students barely communicate their native language yet. This active group will adequately test your gentle patience, your creative imagination, and unique creativity as an effective teacher. This vicariously experienced was undoubtedly the most rewarding since you will definitely witness the remarkable progress of each local student. From the first lovely time, they instantly came comprehending nothing about the English language. And until the accomplished end of the academic school year where your motivated students naturally begin to speak in excellent English.From homely English phrases like "Thank you", "Good Morning", "My name is..."; and identifying colors, shapes, and numbers. Moreover, accordingly participating in singing English nursery songs and rhymes accurately represent an astonishing experience.

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My Surprising Observation

From this firsthand experience, I sufficiently acquire the necessary knowledge of that girl tended to take in more rapidly than boys in learning another complex language. And typical boys learn more rapidly than a female child in motor skills. Moreover, I could ensure those devoted parents that naturally learning the English language would be different with every typical child. And assured parents that we absolutely require to be patient and enable our active toddler to diligently pursue on his gentle pace. And what is important, is naturally for the determined child to typically discover while having fun.

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Now that I have been properly teaching Russian students for more than 5 academic years and have experience in other age groups. I eagerly embraced the unique experience and the necessary knowledge I undoubtedly gained from both effective teachings and my outstanding students. At this considerable time, I could appropriately utilize my experienced and necessary knowledge to carefully explain the complex language more confidently. Moreover, whenever we politely invite new parents typically visit our private school. Our school Director promptly introduces experienced teachers accurately indicating the impressive number of academic years of valuable experience we positively have. And most potential parents desire their dear child to naturally absorb the English language with a more experienced teacher than with someone with a teaching degree.

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