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Child Development Through The Length of Modern Education

Child Development Through The Length of Modern Education | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Child development is a series of changes that occur from conception to the initiation of adulthood. It is a normal sequence of development where the child undergoes physical changes, emotional/ social growth and advancements in the ability to communicate with others using signs and language. A child’s development is both external as well as internal i.e. indicating both physical as well as mental growth. During the innate phase of development, the child is predominantly dependent on their parents or guardians to perform and to learn day to day activities. With growth and development, the child becomes increasingly self-reliant. Also, a child’s development is strongly affected by genetic factors as well as environmental factors.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Rochak S.

Early Years Development

Children between the ages of 5-13 years are considered young learners and those between 2-4 years are considered very young learners. At such a young age the child has not had much contact with his/ her external environment and is still predominantly dependent on members of the family. However, as the child grows there is involvement with a greater number of people and the external environment. The child is constantly learning about people as well as things that come into contact. In addition, the child is learning new things and also has increased awareness of themselves. Also, there is the development of the child’s cognitive skills, social interactions, increase in speech and language usage, as well as a widened use of the body and awareness of the surroundings. It is important to note the child’s developmental milestones as this acts as a guideline for ideal development.

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How Does a Child Learn?

A child will naturally acquire the native language from interactions with his or her parents, additional family and members of the community. However, children who are taught a second language during the early development years are in an improved position to utilize it with relatively fewer issues than children without this teaching. It is also equally important to evaluate a child’s personality and the level of competence prior to selecting a course and/or form of education that would be suitable for the child.

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The Importance of Early Childhood Education

As the child is still unaware of the various situations in life, it would be beneficial to start educating the child from an early age to provide a basis for understanding, discipline, increase knowledge and compassion. The child does not receive any formal learning experiences with daily interaction with family members and therefore, it is vital to provide them with instructions, permit interaction with peers of a similar age group as well as educational activities. Teaching children from an early age improves their social skills as well as improved attention spans. Children who receive formal education at an early age exhibit fewer behavioral issues and are also less likely to be involved in criminal activities. Learning new things and educational activities keep the child engaged and guides the child in the right direction to fulfill their full potential.

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Therefore, great importance must be placed on the proper development of a child along with education from a young age as this would benefit the individual as well as society as a whole.

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