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Business English as a Matter of Modern Communication

Business English as a Matter of Modern Communication | ITTT | TEFL Blog

English is an international language which is spoken all over the world for communication purposes. It is used as the official language in more than 70 nations worldwide. In addition to the English language being used worldwide for communication, it is also adopted as a common language between speakers of varying native languages. The English language is not only used for daily interactions or conversations but it is also utilized in various forms of industry, commerce, finances, politics, international relations as well as the medical field.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Rochak S.

The Aim of English in Business Culture

Business English is intended to teach learners how to effectively communicate in English in professional settings. The aim of learning Business English is to expand one's English vocabulary, improve the ability to speak and write English in social settings and specialized relations as well as learn new terminology and skills that can be applied during day to day settings. The daily activities that involve Business English include telephone conversations, conference calls, business meetings/ negotiations, writing emails/ resumes/ reports and professional presentations. Business English is used to share, transfer and communicate of business-related information among individuals, between companies or a group of professionals. However, to acquire Business English skills, one must also receive formal training and learning including particular terminologies, topics, and skills that are applicable in the workplace. This is because it deals with more professional aspects of the language with a focus on topics that are relevant to the company/ industry.

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Business and Technology

Following the rapid growth in technology for global communications there has been an increase in demand for individuals with the knowledge of English in various specialized sectors. Businesses and professionals lacking this skill will result in communication issues which results in losses, negative outcomes in negotiations and incompetence for global business. They will also be inadequate to accomplish international business transactions. An individual with a good knowledge of the English language will obviously have an advantage when pursuing international business relations. It is also equally important to have a good command of spoken English as well as written English. This is because almost all forms of business communication such as notes, emails, presentations, and even legal documentation are carried out in English.

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Business English as the Official Language

With its global use for business all over the world, the English language is also the official language in certain industries such as airlines and shipping. Therefore, the English language is a near-mandatory prerequisite for certain critical jobs such as airline pilots and naval workers, etc. The use of the English language is also prevalent in other areas such as medicine where information can be shared about a certain disease or an individual. It can also be used in distributing research findings such as the development of newer medications and techniques for treatment and cure of illnesses. It is also necessary for geopolitical issues.

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Get Business English teaching skills by taking a TEFL course!

It is necessary to have a good understanding and command of the English language both spoken and written prior to pursuing Business English. An individual with the training of Business English is more qualified to carry out a variety of business-related activities. Those with fluency in written and spoken English can also play a vital role in many aspects of the business world such as communicating with the clients, securing employment and achieve business partnerships all over the world.

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