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A Thorough Analysis of Classroom Management

A Thorough Analysis of Classroom Management | ITTT | TEFL Blog

As we know, the classroom is a common and popular place of teaching activities, which is consists of a teacher, student, and the environment. It's meaningful to analyze the problems and difficulties of classroom management, which has a positive influence on the improvement of teachers and their ability to managing a class.

Table of Contents

What is classroom management

How to solve the problems?

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This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Miaomiao C. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

What is classroom management

Classement management is an activity that includes the management of teaching steps, the status of students, the environment, and the results of learning. There are several common problems in classes, and I will give my thinking about them.

Firstly, teachers don't follow the general teaching plan to conducting a class, teachers can have a good combination of knowledge and the drilling, lacking logic confuses students, which impedes their progress.

Secondly, teaching is too boring, the content of knowledge is as dry as a chip, the voice of teaching is too soft that students can't hear it clearly and the tone of teaching doesn't have any changes, which loses students' interest in learning.

Thirdly, students go against the rules of class, students like to do other things except learning, such as sleeping, playing video games, reading extracurricular books, eating snakes and talking and so on, which has a bad influence on teachers' teaching. Fourthly,the relation between teacher and students is rigid, and students are reluctant to listen to teachers, besides they prefer to something that the teacher dislikes.

high school students have a lesson

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How to solve the problems?

As for the problems above, which was formed by the teachers and the students. Reasons and the ways we can use as followed, firstly, teachers haven't adequate preparation for the class, and they don't familiar with the course books and the conditions of their students. So teachers are supposed to know exactly the knowledge they gonna teach, and have research bout the levels and family background of every student.

Secondly, the language profession of teachers is not good enough. The intonation of teaching keeps the same during the whole class without enthusiasm, and it's so boring. Thirdly, teachers don't know the methods or ways of managing a class, in the different periods of a class, teachers should use suitable ways to get students' attention and involve all the students.

Forthly, teachers and students lack communication. They don't understand each other, and everyone stands on his feet. The teacher uses the wrong ways t guiding students by criticizing and intervening too much, which would push the students away. Fifthly,the bad moral quality of the teacher hurts the expression of students, and students don't have a good feeling about the teachers, they will try there to embarrass the teacher, which will hinder teaching progress.

teacher standing in front of the students

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Experienced teachers have a good command of handling a class by all the ways. There are some ways that teachers can use. Being a teacher, you should have a high moral quality and have very professional knowledge on the subject. Secondly, making full preparation for the class requires teachers to know students very well and make a brilliant teaching plan, except for the knowledge you should have. Teachers ought to be in good condition in dress and emotion. Building a good rapper with students need a teacher to communicate with student as much as possible, which helps the teaching activities a lot. Last but not the least, give feedback or quiz regular or, and the students and parents can know their strengths and weakness, which can let the teacher know how they adjust and conduct the lessons later. In the end, good classroom management enhances the outcome of learning effectively, which severs teaching a lot.

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