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5 Great No-Prep Games to Teach New Idioms

5 Great No-Prep Games to Teach New Idioms | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Idioms are a relatively difficult language point to teach. However, with these fun activities you will be able to make your students activate new vocabulary faster and easier.

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1. Class Idiom

Keep a running list of idioms in your classroom. As students hear or come across an idiom in class (or at home), add it to a list on a bulletin board or poster board. Students use this list as a reference during conversation periods or when writing.

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2. Self-Study Quiz

If you carry out your lesson online or there is an internet connection in your classroom, find websites that offer self-study idiom lessons and quizzes. For example, a4esl website. Encourage students to work on their own and then share any new idioms they came across.

3. The Great Idiom Race

Divide your class into 2 groups (boys vs. girls, older students vs. younger, etc.). Who can use the most idioms? Give each team a container to keep track of idiom use. If a student uses an idiom, put a marble or other little token in that team's container. Watch as the 2 containers fill faster and faster as the competition heats up. At the end of the semester, see which team has used the most idioms. Organize a party to congratulate winners.

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4. Idiom Guessing Game

Write 3-4 idioms on the board that all touch on a certain theme (e.g. animals, body parts). Students guess the meanings. Walk around, check their answers. Share the meanings and give examples in context.

5. Idiom Translation

Ask students to write a dialogue rich with idioms. Have them exchange notes with a partner. Student 2 needs to rewrite the dialogue eliminating all the idioms without changing the meaning of the conversation.

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