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3 Reasons Why a Teacher is Important for Students

3 Reasons Why a Teacher is Important for Students | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Everybody knows that English is the most popular language nowadays, and it has been for centuries. Besides the popularity, it is one of the most important and crucial skills and is an international means for communication and expressing one's feelings anytime and anywhere. We can safely surmise that English as a language performs four important services: (a) International Language, (b) Window to new knowledge, (c) Common medium of Reference, and finally (d) Link Language.

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1. Role of a teacher

With the changing world environment and exponential growth of the use of English all over the world, there is a great emphasis on English teachers. Teaching English as a foreign language or second language involves teaching English to students whose first or main language is not English. Teaching English as a foreign language, like any other teaching job, is about conveying information to students in an interesting way and communicating a love and passion for the English language. English teachers are expected not to just teach English grammar or rules but also to help their students improve their skills, save time, avoid mistakes, live more satisfying lives and achieve goals.

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2. Teacher’s Responsibilities

In order to teach English correctly, the teacher must know the aims and objectives of teaching English. The general objectives of teaching English are mainly divided into two (i) Receptive and(ii) Communicative. So far as the pupil is engaged in listening to and reading the language with understanding, his role will be receptive; when he attempts to speak and write, he conveys something and here his role will be communicative.

The various duties of an English Language Teacher are as follows: Organizing Courses, Setting Goals and Objectives, Creating a Learning Environment and Evaluating Students. In order to fulfill the objectives of English language teaching and carry out their functions effectively, an English teacher must play the different roles of controller, organizer, participant, helper, prompter, and assessor. Now the teacher works with students who are actively planning and managing their own futures. Teachers prepare students for a range of career pathways and help them develop the skills habits and attitude they will retain over a lifetime of learning.

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3. Teacher’s Competence

Furthermore, the teachers must be global-centric rather than ethnocentric, and above all be good role models, that is, they would be helpful in shaping the character of the learners by imparting the highest and most ethical of the universally accepted human values.The English teachers must be able to use the latest media and technological innovations and make lifelong learning their mission. Only in this way can they be helpful in the holistic development of their learners’ personality.

“Teaching is the profession that creates all the others.” And for the first time in history, there is an opportunity as well as a challenge to teach English as a Global Link language to millions of people in all parts of the world. Therefore, teachers have to rise to the occasion, arrive at a clear picture of the process at work, and set out to successfully accomplish the task at hand. There is always scope for improvement and advancement in any field and for any subject. It has to be accomplished with commitment and enthusiasm. There must be flexibility at every stage, with plenty of room left for creativity and innovation as per each classroom’s specific needs and environment.

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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacherdemonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Ward

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