EFL Sample Lesson - Study Phase - Possible or Not Possible


This video is a sample EFL lesson in a real-life classroom setting abroad. The study phase of this lesson focuses on modal verbs. To teach the students the possibility of each modal verbs, the teacher writes down information on opening hours of language schools and asks the students when it is possible to attend classes at each school by using he modal verb "can".

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I've learned in this unit that teachers should always be kind and patient to all students. Teachers must treat all students equally and always ready to help and assist when needed. An effective teacher must see to it that lesson learned in every particular topic. The students will show their willingness to learn if they have an enthusiastic, lively and entertaining teachers.In this unit I was introduced again to the ESA methods which are very useful to not experienced teachers as myself. I got the idea on how to choose the right ESA type for different lessons, benefited from detailed lesson structure. I have also found some activities such as mine and action,drilling for pronunciation exercise very interesting and helpful for preparing lessons.

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