Top 8 Resources for Researching Teaching English Abroad


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want to go and teach english abroad but they're not quite sure you know what place what country they should choose
they have a couple of favorites but they're not quite sure you know which one would fit
the best to their goals basically so that's what we're gonna try and answer today i'm gonna give you some resources
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let me make myself smaller and the slides a little bit bigger so
teaching abroad top eight resources for finding the right teaching destination
let's go first i always like to introduce myself
a little bit if you don't know me my name is linda i am on one side a
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sounds good first off i want to ask you guys what makes the perfect teaching
destination just for you what like for you personally or in general
to you what makes the perfect teaching destination
what are some things that when you decide to go abroad to teach what are you looking at what are you
looking at what makes the perfect teaching destination because there are so many
different reasons why people you know go abroad to teach and also
pick a destination it really depends on you personally that's basically what i'm
trying to say with this um there's not one you know answer
to this there's not one reason for some people it's to make money for
some people it's to experience a new culture for some people it's maybe to learn a
new language for some people it might be to um [Music]
uh discover their background you know there's a lot of different reasons so let me know
what in your opinion makes the perfect teaching destination
all right we have an answer here from amr uh he says a good salary okay
all right so you want to look for a destination where you get a good salary that's very good yeah that makes sense
of course money and salary is very important when we look for a job absolutely kazav says
broaden my horizons very good very good in what way specifically just to
experience a new culture or in what way specifically
let me know carlos says china would be a perfect place to go and teach english
why carlos why though why is it perfect all right kosov says
broaden my horizons experience a new culture awesome yeah
okay hi nancy hi nice to see you again
okay good so there are many many different reasons uh what makes the perfect teaching destination so you need to find
out what is basically the most important thing to you when you're looking into going abroad to
teach and finding a good teaching destination so it could be like amr said a good
salary or to broaden your horizons to experience a new culture
to learn a new language things like that so that is kind of your starting point
you need to sit down you need to think about it you know what why do you want to go abroad what is
like the primary reason and once you have figured that out and maybe there's not only one right there
might be a couple of different reasons um obviously the more specific the more
clear you are in what what your goal is what you want to achieve the better
and the better you will be able to then find the perfect teaching destination for yourself okay
so that's where you want to start so think about this you know where you want to go a lot of
most people already kind of have an idea of where they want to go so that's great um if it's for example china somebody
said china would be the perfect place so then once you know
okay i'm interested in going to china for example i'm interested in going to um peru for example then you can start
looking into those places and reading as much as possible about
them gathering as much as possible as much information as possible about them and then seeing if that is really a good
fit for you right because some countries might not fit for you it called for the culture or the
weather or whatever it may be so that's what you're what you need to do from there
so first step think about what it is that you're trying to do what is your goal what kind of
destination are you looking for and then you're taking that and you use the resources that i'm going to talk
about now to then sort of check and make sure that destination is
really a good choice for you does that make sense i hope so
all right and amr says a good atmosphere of the place i will work in yeah that's also very important very
important all right awesome so i'm going to talk
about eight different reasons today so let's jump in yeah eight
are not reasons resources eight different resources for finding the right teaching
destination so let's start with the first one first i think a
lot of people actually don't know this you can actually start right at our on our homepage at we have a lot of different itt country guides
and that that is the url so you can go here and i'm going to show you that in a minute
but you can go here and these are examples of our guides so all the different countries obviously
more a lot more than that we have all different kinds of country guides there so you can browse through
the country that you're interested in and then click on read more and then it will open up the individual country
guide with a lot of different information tips about culture the best cities for teachers
uh cost of living information information about weather about language all this
good stuff so let me show you right now what that looks like
uh let me switch here how do i do that
i just want to show you real quick what the country guide looks like
yes okay
okay so this is the home page that's the country guides main page again here it
is this url oh you can't see the url the url on the slides
okay and then you can scroll down here's this below you will find dozens
of countries from all corners of the world where there are plenty of good opportunities for teaching efl click on
the countries that interest you to access a wide range of travel tips country facts and other useful
information so that's what we're going to do what country guide should we click on guys
the first comment uh who comments with a country i'm gonna click on that
we pretty much have every country pretty much so let me know which one you want me to click on
the first commenter comment box i'm gonna click on that
a lot of different guides a lot of different guys okay china perfect thank you carlos all right
let's do china
here so then it says a small like blurb here so china is
without a doubt the largest market in the world for teaching english as a foreign language
with over 300 million english learners across the country including children adults and business
professionals the variety of efl positions in china is truly astounding all right read more so let's
check that out okay all right
so then you can find a collection of different
infographics different information about china might be a little too small
to read right now but check it out later visa requirements
also travel guide you know food what food you should eat
the weather what's the weather like as you can see because china is so huge they have a lot of different regions the
weather is very different many different parts top places to visit do's and don'ts very important
also a lot of other like cultural quirks here we chat
unusual chinese customs very important so you make a good impression when you
go to the country that you want to go to so those are all those this is an example of one of our
country guides china and as you can see let me go back again we have this for
pretty much really every country under the sun you can imagine pretty much so
you can navigate here and then pick the one that interests you the most and then check it out so this is really
an end look endless endless list of countries literally pretty much any
all right good that was that
let me go back to my slides all right so again this is here
slash teach minus travel minus abroad minus tips this is where you can find the
country guides and that's a really good resource to check out directly from itt
if you're interested in figuring out your um teaching destination
okay next one also another itt resource is our faq library
and there's actually i mentioned the faqs quite a lot during my live sessions because it's such a good resource to check out
so this is this website so slash
faq this one faq and here you find like answers to
questions like can i get a work visa to teach english in the czech republic how do i apply for a student visa to
legally teach english in france how is teaching english in asia different from teaching english in latin
america how to save money while teaching abroad what documents do i need
and so much more there's really a lot a lot of answers but if you don't like reading and you
rather listen to the information we also have the tefl videos the video faq that
this is where you can find the video faq that's basically the same information from the normal faq page but in video
format so that you can just listen to it because a lot of people they don't want to read through all the information they
rather listen to it so that's another great way so you can pop in your earphones and then just listen
to the information that's another great way and um
yeah so also if you have a question feel free to ask right now in the comment box
feel free to ask at the q a section at the end or if you're watching this in a as a
replay and you have a question the faq section is a great place
to head to and to check out and also find information about teaching
destinations that's why i'm mentioning it so in terms of where are the the highest
salaries for teaching how to get a work visa and things like that so the faq library
on our website is another really really good resource that you can check out
all right the third one of course books and magazines
books and magazines uh old school but still you know a great resource um on the one
hand i put some books like um travel guides uh
so stuff like that and i actually wanted to show you one of mine hold on this one this is a german one
yeah so for example i have this guide which is korea
i'm just gonna make myself bigger now so the korea travel guide and those are really really
nice to have you know they're from many different brands this is lily planet
this one's lonely planet this one's voters travel this one i don't even know brand but it
looks really nice they had uh these are all from amazon you can find them on amazon and they have a look
in the book session section so this country guide actually looked really really cool
but anyway so if you take this as an example for example this has uh 97 maps
there's like information about 32 national parks 27 festivals and events all this kind of
information and it's usually split up by region which is really nice
so by province like that so if you apply for a job and
the job offer is in gyeonggi kyung hido for example in korea you can head to your travel guide and
check out where is gyeonggi-do what's in gyongiro and you can see all the cool things that you can see
best places to stay when to go that's the weather information i mean
you know what travel guides look like but still i just love them and you can um
you know read them they have so much information i just really even though i do
really like um online resources i just really like having an actual like book in your hands it's
really nice and you can like mark things you can highlight things
um here also looking for other travel resources
get the right guide so i like books like this those are really really convenient if
you want to really learn a little bit more about the country that you're going to
for example and also magazines so magazines like this
conde nast traveler national geographic traveler or travel and leisure those are
great for getting inspiration maybe for a teaching destination you know um one of the covers and it's
too small now but it one of them was like the uh best places to travel to in 2021
things like that so you can get that for inspiration um [Music]
and uh you know more information about countries as well and why they're worth visiting and
hidden places and stuff like that so all right we have a question here that i want to answer real quick
um matiere asks how can teach english abroad as a non-native
english teacher yes you can of course you can and that's actually where i would recommend
you uh watching one of my colleague lisa's live sessions because she's a non-native english
teacher and she's worked in china and she is now back in russia where she
teaches mostly online and very successfully so check her out she goes live every tuesday
you can find her live sessions also in our playlist we always keep our live sessions in our playlists on facebook and also on
youtube so check that out um but yeah there's actually many destinations where also non-native
english teachers can find work and china is one of them china is one of them um so and
we did a lot i did a live session about um different countries before so you can
check that out and i think lisa also lisa has a lot of different live sessions about
uh non-native english teachers and how to you know how to find a job and how to
advance in your career how to um get a better resume what you can do to stand out from
the crowd basically so i recommend checking that out
okay good then let's move on to number four
this one is a really really important one actually so uh one of the resources how you can find
a teaching destination and do research about it are online forum forums and facebook
groups for example and if you've watched my lives before you know i love facebook groups
um i mention them quite a lot and if you do a quick search i don't know if you can see this well
now it might be a little small but english teachers and you type that in facebook
into like the search bar and you can see how many different groups there are english teachers in korea english
teachers in peru english teachers in busan english teachers in bogota english teachers in barcelona in poland
and hong kong and so on so those are some of the biggest groups right here
and you can join them so for mature i recommend you join non-native english
teachers this group and look how big there's 12 000 members in there
and around four posts a day so that's how you can check if this is a good group or not you need to check how many
members does it have and how active is the group so they post
average four times a day which is pretty active so that's a good group for you to join
and then you just click on here right and you can join the group or for example
english teachers in hong kong they have almost 6 000 members and they post an average
two times a day so those are really good groups that you should join if you're interested in
you know learning more about what it's like teaching in a specific destination
um and here we have a blue arrow because i'm a member of this group esl teachers in korea 12 000 members
and are also pretty active they post pretty much every day uh here's another very active group
english teachers in peru as you can see they post 10 posts a day on average
and they have 17 000 members and those groups are great because you
can ask questions um and get answers from people who are currently teaching in the country that
you want to go teach in um there's also you can
uh typically you can also ask uh for sort of like legal advice in those
groups if you know a school sends you a contract and then you read through the contract and
something maybe is a little bit weird or suspicious you can go to one of those groups and ask them and write yeah this is i just
got a teaching contract and it says this and this and this and the contract this is normal
in peru is this normal in hong kong um is this okay and usually people are
very very helpful and try to you know help new teachers in their country
okay um there is more so those groups i also mentioned before
in a live session those are specifically for women um amazing groups so as you can see this
group girls love travel so not so much teaching related but there's a lot of people who are teaching english in those
groups and they have one 1.1 million members
so this is a huge group so if you're a woman interested in going abroad this
is a really good group to join um with 1.1 million members you can always find somebody
who's in a place where you want to go and ask them questions they're always super
chill and they also love meeting up and making friends so that's a really good group to join
and another one it's kind of similar is this one this one's called solo female travelers
group for women who travel solo and they have around 80 000 members also
very very big group they're also very active lots of information for like safety tips
and you know you can ask in the group hey i'm moving to
hong kong you know what is it like is it safe is it um you know good for
solo if i'm going there solo what can i do or even if you are already teaching abroad
and you're looking you know to travel around maybe you can find a travel body things like that and useful information
for solo travel so that's why i really recommend those two groups for girls
women join those and also there is groups that you can
join that are basically expat groups so for example expat women
in korea there's a group then there's probably expat women in hong kong expert women in
uh god knows who or god knows where um everywhere every expert in korea
so if you're looking for like expat you can look you can in the search bar you can put expats in and then fill at fill in you
know the country or the city that you're interested in and you can join that group so here we also have expats hunan that's
where i used to live in hunan province in china young expats in china expats in korea
experts hunan every expat in korea you know expat groups are another really
great way to connect with people and to find information about your desired teaching destination
all right we have another question from my tier let me look at that thanks for answering my question do i
need any course to complete to teach english abroad as a non-native english teacher
yeah so obviously and especially if you want to go to china where non-native english teachers really
like to go um for china you do need a tefl or a tesol certificate it is a requirement
to get that work visa in china and also overall a tefl or t-cell
certificate is always recommended when going abroad to teach for non-native
speakers but also native english speakers and then since you are a non-native
english speaker some kind of english proficiency certification is always a
really good idea and my colleague lisa she knows a lot more about that and she's actually preparing
to get one of the highest courses uh certificates for english proficiency
but the typical ones are like ielts truffle or um any kind of cambridge
certificate i think it's called cpe cpe um so yeah if you're interested in that
check out lisa and ask her she has a lot more information about that
okay moving on to resource oh there's more i forgot so this was
facebook and then another thing i wanted to mention is quora um quora now you can ask questions on
quora if you don't know what quora is it's kind of like yeah who answers but like a modern version so ask
questions and people can answer um but quora now also has spaces
which is basically kind of like groups so you can find different spaces and join
them as well and get information there so for example teaching english abroad space south
korea space soul let's learn japanese peking duck 21st century teachers
all those are basically different kinds of groups um that you can join and as you can see they also have a lot of
members look at peking duck i always want to say beijing peking doug
um seven almost 750 000 followers and 13 new posts a day
here the south korea group has 26 new posts a week so those are really good groups
um and they have those spaces now for pretty much any uh topic or country and place
so also check out quora that's a really good resource as well
okay yeah now we're moving on it's number five another great resource from itt also on
our website are the itty alumni experiences and you can check them out here this is
the link so on it's basically on our blog um you can also just head to
blog and you'll find a lot of different blog posts written by our itty alumni who share
their experiences so for example we have blog posts about teaching english in hong kong
what option options are there um five things teaching english in china taught
me the life of an esl teacher in hong kong for example so we always really like to
keep in touch with our grads our itt alumni and have them share
their experiences on our blog for others for people like you and i
think not a lot of um you guys are aware that we have this blog on our website so do check that out it's a great
resource and if you are an itttt course graduate and you would like to share
some of your stories um let me know we are always looking for guest bloggers
and we do uh give away free courses in exchange for blog posts
as an incentive and if you want to hear more about that you can just reach out to me
um directly and then we can talk about that i can give you more information
all right another great question thank you matthew he asks is there any age limit to teach
english abroad as a non-native english teacher so when it comes to age limits they typically don't distinguish
um non-native and native english speaker excuse me um the age limit would be the
same for both kinds of teachers um there are some countries that have
age limits and i know specifically china i think their age limit is 60 or it used
to be 60. so if you're older than 60 it can be a little bit of a problem to find
a school but even when i was in china i knew a few teachers who were actually over 60 and they were still teaching
there um so yeah and i think korea also has i think it's 65
here so um the age limits are very high
uh unless you're really over 60 there's typically typically nothing to worry about
[Music] all right good then we're moving
on to number six really good one expat blogs right travel blogs or expat blogs are
some of the best resources for finding the perfect teaching destination um
and here are some blogs that i have listed here that i would recommend obviously the first one is my own blog um then we have gina is actually a good friend of mine
and she's also a itt alumni she um
taught english under the jet program for three years in japan in okinawa and then she moved to south
korea and taught english there with epic the epic program
for five and a half years and now she actually moved back to the us then we have life of britney
britney i actually did a live session with brittany before if you've seen that maybe but britney
she also taught english in south korea she taught in vietnam um she
also has a lot of like different solo travel travel content a lot of teaching information on
her blog and she's currently she currently lives in germany and goes to university there to pursue
her master's degree we have globetrotting peanuts that those
are also we might actually do a live session those are two sisters they from australia they're currently
teaching english in japan and i asked them if they would like to come on a live session with me
and um we're just kind of trying to figure out a good time uh but they live in tokyo they both i
think they both work for the jet program and um they're just the sweetest so if
you're interested in um japan go check out their blog uh they're also itt alumni as is brit
and then also goats on the road that's a couple um and they also taught english
in so many different countries they also itt course grads and i think they shifted
now to pretty much full-time blogging which is really awesome so and i think they also share tips on how
you can do like online work full-time like digital nomads and stuff like that so
that's really really awesome and then on the right side i just want to mention those two tick talkers they're also itt grads
some of you might know um patrick he lives in japan as well and i also did
a live session with patrick before about teaching in japan so if you're interested if you want to
know more you can check that out and then also james he is another one of our
ittd grads and he lives in lives and teaches english in south korea and those tick tocks from
both of them are so interesting and funny and they really kind of showcase what it's like
teaching in japan or in korea so i highly recommend you check that out if you're interested
um and yeah any of those other blogs i highly recommended and usually you can also feel free to
just email any of those bloggers me included we're always eager to get to know you
and share information and help you guys out so don't be afraid to reach out
okay then another great resource esl job boards
and recruitment agencies and i mentioned that before in another live session but
we have itttt we have um worked with a range of different esl job
boards and recruiters for many many years and those are the ones that we work with
over here over here over here um so those are also really great
resources when you're looking for a teaching destination especially uh because they know exactly you know
where's the demand right now which cities which parts of the country are in high demand
um and also you can show them your resume and they're honest with you and exactly tell you yeah this is
you know what you can do with your background with your certifications with your qualifications
and they um because they are obviously market experts right in that
field so um yeah oh i forgot to actually mention that website
there is a website where you can check them out where is that
let me share that one second
here we find a whole list of our partners
those part recruitment partners right here on this site uh slash efl
minus esl minus jobs this is where all our recruitment
partners and job board partners are listed and you can reach out to them and you can let them know
that you're looking for a teaching position in a specific country and they can also provide you
with more information also about salaries you know current salaries current information maybe with covet
things that you need to know um and especially where the demand is and
things like that so all right then we're moving on to the very last
one now last point itttttt advisors okay so we at itt our entire team
uh we have all lived and worked abroad in different countries we have taught english abroad we know exactly
what you guys are going through and you can contact us by phone for example you can whatsapp us
you can contact us we have a contact us page right here and email facebook
instagram you can also reach out to me personally on instagram at linda goes east
our email address courses at t saw minus tefl dot com you can reach out
to us if you have any questions we would love to speak with you personally
and figure out what destination might be the perfect choice for you given your um background and your
qualifications and your goals all of that so that's another great resource don't hesitate to reach out
we would love to speak with you all right all right another question from meteor
how actually is an english non-native english teacher treated in china korea russia or any other
english-speaking countries do they prefer native speakers all right
um so i don't know about russia i've never taught in russia i've never
been to russia sadly china and korea in korea actually most english teachers are
native speakers because of the visa requirements but there are some non-native english
speakers as well and they are hired and they are treated uh the same as native english speakers from
what i know and in china actually i highly recommend there was a live
that lisa did with one of her friends who was who is currently teaching
english in china and they talk a lot about that and there's another life that i did with lisa um that was probably
last year maybe november or december you can go back in the playlist
and we talk about the differences between a native english teacher and a non-native english teacher
so i highly recommend you check that out um because lisa mentions a lot of these differences
and basically some it depends on like where you're looking for uh but china as we said china is so
huge and they have a huge demand all over the country so some schools especially
more rural outside of the bigger big well-known cities like beijing or shanghai places like that
they're actually more looking for non-native english teachers um because they don't typically
native english speakers they do earn more money in china unfortunately um and so the smaller
schools outside of the cities they don't have that budget and they prefer hiring non-native english teachers
um but i'm not sure how they are treated i would say they are not treated any
differently and but reach out to lisa because she has a lot more information about that
all right good all right and then q a let's start the q and a
session i also just want to mention again that uh the 30 percent off link i'm just
going to share it again for people who might have missed it let me put it against the comment box
here so with this link you can get a 30
discount any tefl or tesol chorus from itt
so if you're interested in taking a tefl course do that uh 30 off like i said we only share the
30 discounts during our live session so that's very special
all right and then if you have any question before i sign off i'll be here for
another couple of minutes and uh i'm here to answer your questions
anything that you might want to know about teaching about um different countries
tefl i'm here i'm listening i'm ready
let me know
if not that's okay too you can go to our faq session section faq page faq
[Music] i always wait a little bit because there is a delay
uh on facebook between me talking and then when you see it it's about a 20 30 second delay
which is quite long sometimes i ask a question and i need to wait uh 30 seconds for you guys to be able to
answer so i don't want to take away anybody's opportunity if they want to ask a question feel free
there are no stupid questions feel free to ask away um
yeah or any uh other like suggestions if you have topic suggestions for our
other live sessions they're always welcome i'm always trying to figure out oh what's a good topic to talk about next
um so if there's something that interests you let me know i can create a live session around that
topic um and yeah you can always watch the replay as well
all right we have a question here but from uh fifth three do they concern about teachers age
yeah so um we had a similar question um about the age limit um it depends on where you go
um typically the age limit is around 60 in a lot of places so if you're older
than 60 it might be a little more difficult but other than that there's no real um
age concern um so not really it depends you know where
you want to go and what maybe what kind of school you want to work at sometimes it says some schools
especially for children they prefer like more younger teachers because they think younger teachers have more energy
but then they prefer more older teachers for teaching adults for example
so it really depends i think the most important thing are your qualifications uh your english
level if you're a non-native english speaker and also your nationality oftentimes in
terms of you know for the work visa because it depends on your nationality what kind of visa you can get
and how may be difficult the process is and things like that but age is um not
that of a priority in most cases
great awesome
what did i want to say yeah you can always watch the replay you can also i forgot to mention that uh
download our live session episodes as podcast episodes we do have a podcast on all
major podcast platforms like spotify uh google podcasts apple
itunes um you can search for itttt the tefl and tsaw podcast by itt
and you can find all episodes in there if you prefer listening to podcasts instead
all right how about the religion um i don't they don't really
okay well i guess it depends where um but typically uh there's no
they don't really ask about i've never been asked for about my religion in a job interview for teaching english
abroad of course if you want to teach at maybe like a christian school
they would ask you um and they typically i think in those kinds of job
uh offers they would state like similar values or something is preferred or
something like that but typically even like
especially in china they don't have religion classes and i don't think in korea
either um so they typically don't ask
about religion and not that i've ever experienced to be honest so i'm not 100 sure it might depend on
the country you know where you want to go to um but yeah
good question good question that's a good topic um would be
interesting uh to learn more about that actually but yeah i never had any issues with
that and i was never asked about my religion for a teaching job interview
all right
good then i'm just gonna give it one more minute if you want to ask a question okay
fit three says i have cell test certificate but i got it in 2008 do i need to refresh
it i'm not too familiar with um cell test certificates i know that our teflon t-cell
certificates they never expire our certificates but i'm not sure about
celta you would have to contact maybe the the institute where you got your
celta from and make sure and ask them again i'm not sure
all right thank you so much for asking all your questions it's awesome
if you have any questions after this live feel free to just email me reach out to me on
instagram or just leave a comment if you watch like the replay we get back to all comments even
if they happen after the live so don't worry about that or check out the faq section faq um you can find a lot of answers there
and you can always contact us like i said here in this slide contact us we are here for you we would
love to have a chat with you um and help you figure out which course is the right one for you or
you know to find the perfect teaching destination where you want to go so thank you
thanks a lot i appreciate it wish you all the best thank you same to you thank you so much for watching all right
then i think i'm gonna sign off this was really fun today thank you so much for joining i hope you
found something interesting today um you know sometimes
there might not be something in there in the live session for everyone but i hope you still learn something new today you
found maybe a new facebook group to join uh that can help you with your
teaching journey so i really hope that you found something useful today and
yeah if you have any topic suggestion for our um live sessions in the future
feel free to let me know um and i'm i go live every week at the same
time so if you have time next week i'd love for you to join and be here again um i always love exchanging information
with you guys and um yeah i hope you are going to have
a fantastic weekend stay safe and um yeah i hope to see you
again in a week let me know uh what you thought about today's live session you can leave a comment you can let me
know and um yeah then i'm just gonna sign off today
and i hope to see you again thank you so much bye