Is TEFL worth it?

Absolutely, and here is why:

  • Increased Employment Opportunities: Many global employers prioritize candidates with TEFL certification, ensuring they hire educators best equipped to foster student success.
  • Visa Requirements: Several countries necessitate TEFL credentials for a work visa, making it pivotal for those aiming to teach legally abroad.
  • Professional Skill Development: Beyond just language proficiency, a TEFL course equips educators with the tools to craft and deliver impactful lessons, enhancing classroom results.
  • Adaptability: Organizations like ITTT offer diverse TEFL courses, from in-person sessions blending travel and learning to online options, catering to varied needs and lifestyles.

In summary, a TEFL certification not only amplifies your employability but also ensures you are adept at fostering an enriching learning environment.

Table of Contents

In-class TEFL courses

Online TEFL courses

Specialized TEFL courses

In-class TEFL courses

If you prefer face-to-face instruction, we offer numerous on-site training locations worldwide. These courses typically span four weeks and are more intensive than our online options. A key benefit of this study mode is the opportunity to practice your teaching skills in a real English language classroom setting. Our courses include comprehensive English teaching theory lessons led by experienced trainers. Of course, we also ensure ample time for exploring the local culture and surroundings.

For more information about our in-class course options, check out our in-class TEFL course page.

Online TEFL courses

If an in-person course isn't feasible due to time or financial constraints, our online TEFL courses are an excellent alternative, offering value for money and flexibility. You will access all study materials, top-tier videos, and individual assessments via your personal digital platform.

Upon course completion, online TEFL graduates receive a distinctive, embossed certificate that future employers can verify. You will also gain access to our extensive digital resource library, lifelong job search assistance, and a large online teaching community for networking and knowledge sharing.

For more information on our online course options, visit our online TEFL course page.

Specialized TEFL courses

We offer specialized courses for those intending to teach in specific areas of TEFL. These advanced courses can be pursued after completing a basic in-person or online TEFL course. Whether you aim to teach young learners, business English, or online, we have a course bundle tailored to your needs.

For more information on our specialized TEFL course options, visit our specialized TEFL course page.