Teaching English in 2021: What You Need to Know


hello welcome thanks so much for joining me i'm linda from itt here for another live
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right so yeah thanks so much for joining me and as you can see this is what we're talking about
today teaching english in 2021 all the things you need to know
trends predictions tips all that kind of stuff so i see that a
lot a few people are already watching so um please let me know if you can hear me well if
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a comment here from jay saying i'd love to teach online i'm a public school enl teacher in new
york cool hi jay thanks so much for joining who else is here i'd love to know i'd
love to know and please also let me know where you are tuning in from where you're watching
from where you are right now and maybe also where you are in your tefl journey
um are you currently taking a tefl course you're planning to take a tefl course
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margaret i just retired after teaching french as a second language in ontario canada
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yeah but anyway so teaching english in 2021 um
yeah nobody well a few people told me about their teaching journey teaching french as a second language
okay cool so what about teaching english you're interested in teaching english to margaret or
you're um what are you looking for also jay do you wanna teach abroad
then since you're already teaching right now um let me know guys what is your plan in
terms of tefl teaching abroad teaching online somebody said they're interested in teaching online
so that's really cool nice some from laos hi
very cool i keep getting these alerts on my phone but that's okay uh
nice then we have margaret also teaching online very cool yeah i am going to talk a
little bit about teaching english online um in this presentation as well
juliana hi i think you've watched before right i recognized your picture the eiffel tower from illinois
thanks for tuning in again it's really cool new faces and old faces um
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ruby very much interested teaching english online i suppose from regina
sk canada cool all right and then we have cheers from the san
francisco bay area hi cool welcome and thanks for watching really
interesting i love san francisco by the way i really want to go back
okay cool then let's jump right into it so like i said all the things you need to know about
teaching english in 2021 trends predictions and tips and tricks
um let's jump in so first a little bit about myself
so i my name is linda excuse me my name is linda i'm a travel writer and content creator
um at linda goes east so you can check out my personal website my personal personal social media it's kind of about
um south korea asia living abroad teaching abroad
all that good stuff i'm originally from germany and the usa so my mom is german
my dad is american and i am based in south korea and i've been here for five and a half years
and i've loved it before korea i also um spent some time in china teaching
english there and then i moved to korea in 2015. yeah and i'm also a tefl and tesol
marketing professional at itt you can find us at and
at international tefl training on instagram um and yeah itttt is a leading teflon
t-swell course provider worldwide with online courses in-class courses combined courses
of all different kinds for all um personal preferences and you know all lifestyles and
backgrounds so thanks so much for tuning in and um yeah
that's about myself now again back to the topic and like i said please um throw your
comments at me at any time that's what i'm here for um don't be shy
you know let's have a conversation i always like to i sometimes ask you questions too right so please
answer my questions that i have for you and i answer your questions so that's what we're gonna do today
cool all right so the first one uh is very interesting actually uh
so what you need to know about teaching english in 2021 so this is actually from the unesco a
unesco report that i read and i thought it was really interesting so i really wanted to share it with you so according to this unesco report the
world needs almost 69 million new teachers to reach the 2030 education goal so this is
not only for 2021 but this is a goal to reach basically provide
education for all students primary and secondary education in the
world so we need 69 million more new teachers to reach that goal
um and provide you know education for every child in the world so this shows
you how great the demand is um and the demand you know continues to grow
in 2021 and countries are eager to um you know match that
need and to provide the teachers to provide teachers to their people so um that's why there's
also a lot of different government funded teaching programs that place foreign english teachers
into schools around different countries so for example in south korea we have
the epic program there's the jet program in japan there is a program in france and spain there's a
program in like hungary and many many more of these programs are popping up
and so if especially if you're new to teaching and you're looking for a great opportunity
um to go abroad these kinds of programs are generally really really good and um especially if
you um don't have any experience yet you don't know how to start because they um guide you from beginning to end
pretty much um and place you into schools uh and it's a really great opportunity
and for anyone who's interested i'm gonna put this um the link to this report
into the comment section it's a really interesting read um you know if you're interested in education uh
world education all this kind of stuff so i'm putting it into the comment section into the comment box
you can check that out i thought it was interesting and just wanted to mention and just wanted to show like you know
there's still a demand so it's not like uh everything stopped in 2020
even though a lot of things did but teaching english abroad teaching english education in general is
still very much in demand and continues to grow so that was the first section and yeah
have a read it's it's interesting all right then of course we have to
mention um this situation kobet um one thing for 2021
that you probably need to know probably you know it's an additional requirement that you might need to have a test
result certifying covet-free status so what does that mean we kind of talked
about that a little bit in my last live about the best countries to teach in in 2021 i don't know if
you've seen it um you can watch the replay it's really interesting but nowadays most countries require you
to take a kova test before you enter and this obviously also applies if you're going abroad to teach there
so this is just another new sort of requirement um that many countries are rolling out
so this is something that you need to be aware of and look out for in 2021 if you want to go
abroad that you are most likely going to have to take a covet test and um you know
have obviously a negative result to be able to go or um yeah
then of course and this is sort of the disclaimer down here regulations are changing frequently so
always do your research and check with official authorities um this is from my own research and i'm
not a doctor i'm not an official authority or anything so this is just from my personal research um so depending on the
country where you want to go um always do your own research but we're seeing this more and more for 2021 and it already
started in 2020 obviously um that if you want to enter a country you need to provide a
covet test um also my personal opinion prediction
uh what we probably will also see is something with the vaccines
um it's kind of too early to say now but this might also be another additional
requirement that maybe comes in the future maybe at the end of 2021 or
even 2022 that you might have to have a vaccine to enter
a country or have to have a vaccine in order to start teaching english in a
certain country we don't know that yet but this is something that could happen and you know just keep that
in mind oh carol i saw cool i guess you mean
like the last live you watched that cool yeah thanks you can always watch
our um all the previous live sessions on youtube and also on facebook we keep
them on our facebook page and on our youtube channel so you can always watch the playback because they're really
interesting topics and um yeah you should definitely check that out
yes cool thanks to have you here again it's really cool thanks for coming all right then
this is also something we talked about last time um you might have to spend two weeks in
quarantine on arrival kind of linked to the first point so
also more and more countries have the quarantine have quarantined requirements and
quarantine uh regulations so if you are going to go abroad
teach um most of the time you can still enter the country if you are going to teach there because you get
you don't get a tourist visa you get a work visa business visa depending on the country
so you are able to enter but you might have to a take a covet test and b spend two weeks
sometimes it's 10 days depends on the country in quarantine on arrival again
the regulations are changing frequently so do check you know with officials but that's something to keep in mind if
you want to teach english abroad in 2021 um but most of the so depending on the
country um the employer might cover the quarantine costs
in some countries like in places here in south korea it's like that because um everyone who has an address
in korea can basically quarantine at their house and if you are going to teach in south
korea the employer is providing you housing so you have an address you have a house to go to
so you are able to quarantine in your new home versus quarantine in a government
facility which is cost which costs a lot more so
depending on where you go and how the quarantine regulations are in that country um it's either free paid
paid for by the employer or sometimes you have to pay for it by yourself i've also heard some stories from people
in vietnam saying um that they worked out a deal with their employer where it's like
uh 50 50 so the employer pays half of it and then
you pay half of it or also some of the money from the quarantine costs are taken from your
first salary so there's different kinds of things there depends on the country you're gonna be in
and the employer and local regulations but so that's another thing to watch out
for 2021 that you might have to spend two weeks in quarantine when you go there but still
um the demand is really high and people schools are hiring english teachers i
have a lot of friends who actually came to korea this year um they did do you know the two weeks in quarantine
um everything worked out well they spent two weeks you know in their new house and then they moved on i think they took a they
probably took a covet test it was negative and then they moved on to teaching in their school and everything worked out fine
all right then we have employers are more selective in choice
of who they hire or who to hire so um basically because of all these additional
new regulations with the covet test with the quarantine and these like additional hurdles and
costs employers in 2021 um in the tefl world so schools and all
these institutions that need english teachers are probably going to be more selective
you know really looking for a great candidate um so that's something that we're
probably really going to see that they want to make sure they hire the best
possible person um if they have to go through all these additional hoops right
so um you really want to make sure that you stand out you know you present
yourself in the best way possible during the interview process you polish your resume you know you
might uh give them some extra things like prepare a mock lesson even if they don't ask for
it you can always uh record yourself like teaching or like record an
intro video or little things like that that you can offer additionally to sort of stand out
and just show that you are a responsible and hardworking teacher
that you want to work for them so just keep that in mind
all right then we have schools will be able to hire a much
greater volume of teachers for the february and may 2021 teacher intake
as compared to august to november of 2020 because that's when kind of everything
um well everything happened right in summer
kind of everywhere was affected and it kind of uh was very uncertain at the time and uh schools definitely
kind of stopped hiring and kind of laid low and we're like waiting for
you know the situation to change because of you know all the regulations nobody could enter countries
anymore and now we are seeing you know this picking up again because countries and
governments put regulations in place allowing foreigners back in to come and teach
so the february may 2021 intake for teachers is going to be much much higher than it was
in august and november so we are going to see a lot more job openings opening up again um
ready to be filled so um again the demand is really really great and if you
are interested in interested in teaching english abroad you might want to look out for that
february may intake they're already hiring right now so if that's something that you're interested
in you should jump on the train but obviously um the the demand is only going to continue
to grow throughout 2021 obviously if everything is going well and we're not seeing another
virus or anything but um it's slowly getting under control and governments are dealing with it
putting regulations in place so that they are ready and are um you know continue
are able to continue with their teaching programs and teaching placements
yep and then finally about teaching english online as you've probably already guessed i
mean teaching english online continues to grow in popularity um
because it's just so convenient it's so easy and i mean 2020 really has been the
year for online education i mean it's been a huge boom um even
some regular teaching programs they're actually in class right move to online and we actually
work with a couple of different schools a lot of them also in china china is the largest market for teaching english
abroad um many schools in china who are even hiring specifically for online
and there's a lot of positions where you are still moving to china you work in their school but it's still all
online so that's another great thing and obviously teaching online from your own home it's
only continuing to grow also throughout 2021 and
my colleague lisa she always does her lives on tuesday and she did a live about teaching english online
um this week so if you haven't seen that it was really really great you should definitely check it out and
we also have a lot of different resources specifically for teaching english online because there's so many different platforms out there to teach
english for um really to suit all different needs so there's like
platforms specifically targeted at children specifically targeted at targeted at like test prep targeted at
speaking skills and then the different hours so depending on where you
are where you want to teach from how much time you have there is a teaching platform for you
there's so many out there and you know some of them might have different different
rules or regulations so some of them might only hire americans or like north americans they
like the accent other ones they might only hire like british people because they like the british accents other platforms they
might not care at all about that but the accent they just want to hire you know professional certified teachers
in general so there is a platform out there for everyone
and if that is something that you're interested in definitely check that out we also have a course a tefl course
specifically for teaching english online um really teaching you the skills and
the knowledge that you need to convert those in class skills into online and like i
said my colleague lisa she did a really really cool live session about a
uh tool that she uses for her online lessons that i also never heard
about and it's so cool so interactive um the different games and activities that you can create
with this online whiteboard it's really really amazing so check that out it was this tuesday um it will be on our
facebook page and on youtube um so be sure to check that out if you're into teaching english online i
definitely recommend it all right so then taking all of these uh
trends and predictions into account uh what can you do basically to um
yeah make yourself stand out and be the best candidate possible that's what we're gonna talk about next
so tips for teaching english in 2021 i have three major tips for you the
first one is get certified or upgrade your existing certification
to over 120 hours so because 120 hours is obviously great but
it's the standard excuse me it's the standard um sort of like the minimum
of teaching hours tefl training hours that everybody needs to get in order to get
hired nowadays it used to be like 100 minimum sometimes it still is then it's 120.
so the trend is going higher and higher right so what you want to do is definitely get
um either upgrade if you have a certificate that is under 120 hours you can upgrade
it top up we have different kinds of type of options and another one is also to take
teflor tesol course specialization courses so for example we have a specialization
course for teaching english online or a specialization course for teaching english to young learners
if you want to specialize in children we have a course for teaching english teaching business english so if that's a
wrap and you want to go in then definitely take those specializations
add them to your professional portfolio to you know have better chances in 2021 to
get hired because the employers are going to be more selective in their choice
also if you don't have any tefl certification yet the teflon tesol course bundles that we
offer are also a great um option so they usually include our 120 hour base
tefl course plus different add-ons like the specializations or a diploma
course um so depending on whatever you're looking for this goes up to 550 hours of tefl or tesol
training so i mean you know ask ask an employer would you
hire somebody with 120 hours of training or 550 hours of
tefl training you know so that is always something to think about hi tiana
good to see you so i plan on taking the business course yeah it's a great course you know and it's a great addition to
your professional portfolio so i definitely recommend taking that yeah good to see you again
all right let me take a sip of my coffee
okay i spent some hours outside yesterday in the snow and today i feel it in my throat but
yeah we're making it work um so tip number two
sort of similar in the similar direction enhance your resume with professional development so besides
the tefl um courses and specializations and stuff like that there's many other things you can do
sort of polish your resume with professional development so one thing
is for example if you only took an online tefl course you can get observed teaching practice
and we have an otp observed teaching practice course that allows you to get teaching practice and then we
analyze it and we issue a certificate after you complete it a certain amount of hours
so that's something you might want to look into also if that is not for you you can do things
like volunteer teaching tutoring just anything to get experience or teaching english online if your plan
is to let's say go abroad in 2021 to teach you can get teaching experience
now by teaching english online and put that on your resume then there's also the option of taking
moocs so massive open online courses uh on you know on platforms like coursera
udemy um edx i believe so there's so so many different kinds of platforms that have
really really good courses available either for free or for very very little money and you
know from really really great institutions like harvard and like really big ivy league uh
universities or things that are more related to tefl organizations
so you can find stuff like that my colleague lisa she took several moocs about early
childhood development and like things like that because that she wants to specialize into teaching
children um so she took moocs about that um so that's another
great way and you can you take the course basically and then at the end depending on the platform
if you pay a little bit of money you can get an official certificate and you know that's another great
addition to your portfolio and you can obviously study online at your own time take these
courses and it's just a great great way to you know enhance your resume with professional development
also if for example if you are a non-native english speaker you might want to look into getting
language english language certificates english proficiency um certificates like uh
tweak toefl ielts all these kinds of things they're also adding to your portfolio
and then yeah online teaching skills your teaching skills in general so like
actually what i already mentioned so just getting any kind of teaching experience you can get even if it's just
a family member or in your community in your church you know or online
even if it's something like a uh language exchange you know can be also
extremely extremely helpful um yeah and then the last
tip that i have for you guys would be to work with different recruiters and experts
and this actually goes regardless of pre covet or post cobit or whenever
it's always a good idea to work with different recruiters many different recruiters and experts so
if you want to work abroad or online you don't have to only stick with one recruiter you can contact as many as you as you
like and the good thing about working with recruitment agencies is that the teacher
you don't pay for the recruiter the employer the school pays the recruiter for their
services so whenever you see some recruitment agencies asking you for money
that's probably a scam so you shouldn't talk to them you shouldn't you know just go away um
so that's one thing and um also we at ictt offer lifetime job
support for all course graduates so we are another great resource you know work with us check out what we
can offer you contact recruitment agencies we work with a couple of different recruitment agencies all over the world for
different regions countries also online and then also reach out to you know tefl
forums tefl blogs um you know message
people who are currently teaching um and ask them about their input feedback or tips and join
facebook groups that's also a really really great way to get ready get some additional
know-how and insight facebook groups there's like facebook groups for every kind of teaching scenario you can think
of there's like english teachers in korea english teachers in china or business english teachers or
i've seen a big group about filipino filipino teachers filipino esl teachers or something like
that so there's a group for pretty much everyone regarding to teaching so i highly
recommend you do some search on that and um yeah always
check out if you're interested in teaching and tefl and all that you know check us out on
you can always send us an email hit us up with your questions at any time obviously
um yeah so let me look at the comments margaret says i
have a teaching certificate with 29 years experience do i need to tesol
so i suppose because you said earlier you taught french right in canada so is that a
local canadian teaching like licensed teaching certificate or do you already have a teflon tea so i
guess you don't so i mean it depends on what you want to do you know do you want to teach english abroad
then yes you would probably need a teflon tea sole because a teflon tea salt is also often a
requirement in order to get a um get a visa
to work in different countries so for example for china if you want to go to china you need to have a tefl certificate of at least 120 hours in
order to even get a visa also there's a lot of online platforms that also
state that you need to have a teflon tesol some don't require it um it's also true
that people who have a teflora t so often get higher pay and obviously you would also get a
higher pay in most cases i would assume with 29 years experience so you know um it always depends
but i would definitely recommend it if you want to go into the esl english as a second language english
as a foreign language then that's definitely the certificate to get um it's just you know gonna make uh your
portfolio your resume even better okay i really don't know how to
pronounce your name so sophie so i don't know i'm sorry
i hope i didn't butcher it anyway hahaha i just got a texted that my t-cell certificate just arrived from thailand
it is now enroute to california awesome the itt
certificate yay congratulations which certificate did you take i would be
curious to know cool all right
good thin all right i'm opening the q a session so
to speak but i'm also going to share the um 30 off link with you guys so you
can um get your discount you know what a nice new year's present so i'm
gonna post it into the comment box um it's basically slash
apply slash and then the code so click on that link it will actually go straight to the
application page but you know feel free to browse obviously the site first to
get information about the course that you're interested in and then you know go back to the link and apply and you fill out the
application form it's also a um you know non-binding uh free application
so um you fill it out you will see the discounted price on i believe the next page and then you
get further instructions but the next steps via email so
yeah even if you you you know you're not yet sure about um tefl you can just fill
out the application and then um you know take it from there okay then
uh i also prepared a couple questions for you guys actually because i'm very
curious but um let me make myself bigger okay
there we go um yeah let me know if you can't see the
link then i'll share it again but um you should be able to see it on facebook and also on youtube
um okay all right
uh then let me start our conversation so i have a question for you guys which
country would you like to teach english in or online so which country first choice
and then if you don't want to go abroad you can also just say online and also why
so if you want to teach english in korea why if you want to teach english online
why let me know really curious i see there's a bunch of people watching so i'm
expecting a bunch of answers [Music]
so yeah like i said i taught english in china and in south korea i loved both it was really really great
um great experience you know i always really really want to
go back to china i always go back usually when i'm like flying back home i have a stopover
somewhere in china and just spend the color days there because i just love it
but yeah okay which country would you like to teach english in margaret hungary
online okay so you do you want to move to hungary and live there and then teach online is
that what you're saying cool yeah actually my grandma she was
born in hungary really really interesting i really like and i went to budapest not well three years ago i believe it
was beautiful um hungry is really nice and my grandparents they still
go every year um normally under normal circumstances they would go
every year there's this really nice thermal bath um
heavies i think heavies and they always go there it's really cool okay oh margaret okay
no stay in canada okay so like do you mean if you went abroad then you would choose
hungary but actually you want to teach english online or do you want to teach english online to hungarians
either way sounds like a good plan all right then jennifer says online so i
can help others learn english and help with income for my family nice yeah
so are you already teaching english online or is this something that you want to do and plan to do in 2021
great and where do you live jennifer what country
okay tiana south korea because i listened to korean music since high school
and it has both mountains and the ocean yeah that's true cool yeah so you're like k-pop huh
what's your favorite k-pop group or idol singer
oh and the benefits they offer yeah korea has a lot of really great benefits like paid housing paid airfare end of year
bonuses the pension and all that stuff good insurance
yeah it's not bad all right margaret says i want to stay
in canada but teach english online in hungary would be great okay
gotcha all right sophie i feel like oh the x
is soft in the first xerox oh so sophie probably still wrong i'm so
sorry it's a cool name i don't think i've ever heard that it looks really cool all right thanks i
bought myself the master package yay congratulations i'm working on the cb
ctbe i think actually ctve then the ct uil and then teaching english online
cool so you're gonna do them all nice nice i actually have that too same all
of them so that's definitely a good package to have what about the diploma are you
interested in that as well that would be sort of if you have all of those then that's kind of like the next step but i mean baby steps baby steps
and what's what's your goal though where would you like to teach abroad or online oh
teaching online from home sorry i just saw that now teaching online from home yeah cool
nice all right juliana says online because i'm a tutor on a local tutoring
platform oh nice what platform is that that sounds really interesting cool
all right jennifer plan to teach online for 2021 i homeschool my children but teaching online is flexible
and can fit with our schedule yeah that's why a lot of people love teaching english online because you
can really make it work for any lifestyle and schedule and it's great
[Music] ah yeah oh sorry from calgary canada
okay nice oh yeah you're thinking about the
diploma yeah cool i mean there's a where is it
oh i can't never figure this out anyway here there's the uh 30 off
uh discount link in the comments i can share it again so maybe something you know a little new
year's present okay this is the platform varsity tutor varsity tutor cool
okay i'm actually going to write that down interesting varsity tutor
nice learn something new okay nice all right next question
um all right then if you're not abroad yet and you're not
teaching online yet what is it that's holding you back
what's holding you back what is holding you back in your tefl
teaching journey what's holding you back let me know what's holding you back
what's holding me back there's always a 20-second delay from when i talk to you guys seeing it so that's why
there's this awkward 20 seconds where nothing's happening but um what's holding you back you know
i mean can many different things and i'd be curious to know
yeah oh in the meantime tiana said i like jay park tv xq i actually don't know that tvxq
big bang and more okay cool yeah
okay we got answers [Music] all right also tiana says my living
situation and financial yeah okay i see that
okay but actually like with south korea if you want to move to south korea
there's actually not a lot of expenses that you have because the employer pretty much pays for everything they pay for housing they
pay for you know the airfare all that stuff so um margaret says
just retired and gathering information good yeah so you're just kind of like okay i'm retired
now let me look into this what can i do that's great love that
okay what do you think about the platform think terrific i may be spelling the incorrect you know
i've never heard about that i think terrific i'm also going to write that down think horrific
is that a teaching platform online teaching
that's really good interesting i'm gonna look into those platforms and see
um you know what's up all right jennifer says i took my tefl
with itttt six years ago but never taught with it and now i would like to see classes
taught to build my confidence as i feel inexperienced okay cool yeah
i mean you know it always takes practice i remember you know the first day that i
was teaching i didn't have any experience and i taught little kids uh it's really overwhelming
but i mean you know every day you learn every class you learn and then you just get more confident
and depending on who you teach you know if you teach kids or it doesn't actually matter which age group you teach it's
just really um fulfilling when you see that your students are making progress
and they're you know learning what you're teaching them it's just a good feeling and i think it's
your confidence is gonna then grow and come from that so don't be worried about that i mean we
all started somewhere so and i think especially a teacher
uh you know it's just gonna take time and you're gonna get better
over the years so especially in the profession as a teacher
all right then we have another comment from pr prs okay how to take the first step
to teach english online and have confident confidence to speak to students for the first time any advice
basically what i just said you know especially a teacher there's no perfect teacher coming straight out of
training so um you know i definitely take a tefl course which teaches you basically how
to structure your lesson so you make your lesson plan so you know all the steps
you know step one step two step three so there's no room for any your mind to like wander off
or something where you might get nervous like oh my god what am i gonna do now um have a lesson plan have your lessons
planned out so that you know the timing and when to do what so you're not gonna get nervous
um and then you know it's just gonna take practice every lesson every class you're gonna learn
and you're gonna do better and better and better that's the advice i have for you
all right eva says i think online rates are not so high as regular tutoring
am i wrong well it's going to depend on which platform you're going to work for so different platforms they have
different rates um also going to depend on you know how long maybe the lessons are i know some
platforms their lessons are like 10 minutes long 20 minutes long other platforms their lessons are like 50 minutes long
so it's really gonna depend on that and also on your background your qualifications
they usually pay more uh if you have a teflon tesol or teaching experience
stuff like that um so that's you know it depends on a lot
of factors but i wouldn't say that uh online teaching pays less than
tutoring i mean also depends on what kind of tutoring i would i guess
but yeah we have um a lot of resources about the different teaching platforms and how much they pay um you might want to check out our
faq section i'm just going to drop that link into the comments
that is faq and there's a lot of resources about um
different salaries and stuff and there's a section about teaching english online and the different platforms and how much those different platforms
pay per hour it's usually our hourly with teaching online
okay all right think oh thinkific
okay hold on this okay i'm gonna check that out i think think okay
all right i'll check it out and um let you know um am i i
okay but i teach in china since oh you taught in china that's cool well then
you have experience then you probably also earn more if you teach online
okay awesome thank you happy new year to you
as well thanks for watching okay
um let me ask you guys another question and then we can slowly wrap it up but
also you can still keep um you know throwing your questions at me if you still have some that we
didn't cover but basically um just for me
i would like to know what other topics would you like us to talk about in our live sessions
because we are going live uh i go live weekly and my colleague lisa she also goes live
weekly so we do two lives every week um so you know we
always are looking for topics obviously to talk about that would be interesting to you guys because that's what we're
here for we're doing these lives for you so if you have any you know requests
what we could cover in the future that would be really really great
um i also obviously have a few things in mind that i want to talk about in the future but um i would really love your
you guys input in terms of what to talk about
and um yeah let me know
okay oh let me answer this question in the meantime is 34 course real
a 34 i uh tefl course it doesn't give me any opportunities
okay so when it comes to tefl courses or education in general
usually it's you know what you see is what you get or what you pay for
is what you get does that make sense i feel like i can't talk today i'm so sorry
but um yeah usually you know always check uh what does this qualification
get you in the end you know what's included do you have to pay for your hard copy
certificate extra usually really really cheap courses they have all these extra fees that you have
to pay for at the end like you have to pay for uh the certificate to be printed you have to pay for the
certificate to be notarized or like have that stamp on you have to pay for accreditation you have to pay for
shipping you have to pay for all of these extra things and then it's gonna amount to much a much higher price than
originally um so that's one thing that i can say
like for itt our courses we all have uh lifetime job support included tutor
support obviously our admin support all these extra materials
our vast like material library blog library faq library all those things
um so they probably wouldn't have that at a 34 course
okay marvin says body language is an important part of teaching but this is
lost with online teaching what are some ways that we can make for this okay um i mean usually with
uh online teaching you would still have your camera on and i feel like online teaching is a lot
uh has a lot to do with your body language like from the online teaching that i've seen
and done you use a lot of props and you know it's very interactive you do use your body
um so yeah but i can tell you that i think you
should watch if you haven't yet our live from my colleague lisa from tuesday because she's
introducing this really really really cool online tool that she uses for her lessons that is
super interactive you can do so many really cool things with that and maybe that would help you
with your online classes um check that out it's on our facebook page it was from
this tuesday this week so um check it out it's i think it's going to help you a lot
all right tiana says the different cities in south korea to teach in and what makes them different
oh like as a live idea a topic okay i was thinking about doing
a live session all about south korea because south korea is a popular
teaching destination and it's where i am and where i have most of my experience at um
so if that is something that is interesting definitely let me write that down
okay thank you tiana what other topics would you like us to talk
about in the future on our live sessions what are you curious about you know more um different tefl
destinations uh more about our courses more
about teaching tips um [Music] more about like a
deep dive into our different courses one time i did a live and showed you our 120 hour online course platform and
what that looks like um yeah
sometimes i also just have general q a sessions where i don't have a topic you can just
throw your questions at me alright margaret says teaching in europe okay teaching in europe
teaching europe writing it down okay teaching europe great
then we have one uh the differences in teaching students from different cultural backgrounds
yeah that's actually really good okay nice i like that differences
in teaching for different backgrounds okay
cool nice okay tips tiana's tips what tips teaching
tips tips court okay um consists courses topic courses
okay so like an overview of all itt courses i think i haven't done that yet so
that's actually good overview of all
courses good we have another one house on what's the
cheapest course that gives the chance to teach either online or even abroad please okay i would highly recommend to get the
120 hour course and you can take it without tutor then it's the cheapest um
let me see and also if you haven't um heard that yet we have a 30 off coupon
for everybody watching so it would be this one this is the 120
hour course without tutor that's the cheapest with still the 120 hours which is like the
standard and then you can use our 30 off coupon and that's honestly the best
deal that you can get i'm gonna share this coupon link again
that's the facebook live 308.
okay requirements to be able to teach any age limitations so this always kind of depends on the
destination the country that you want to teach in so generally there are no age limitations but some countries like
china um they and i think korea as well japan i'm not quite sure but they have like a
retirement age so in china be 60. so if you're like over 60 you probably could not go to china but
um that's about it so typically they're not that strict in
terms of age limitations and it also depends on you know what kind of school you want to work for
so typically schools that teach like business english and professionals they really like
older teachers so definitely you know there's still demand
even if you're older all right juliana i'm really interested
in teaching english daegu why daegu that's a city in south korea um
okay why degudo it's actually that's uh nicknamed like
the hottest city in korea but like temperature wise like in summer it's typically the hottest place
um and it can get yeah really hot there so why do you want to go there
just curious all right
okay and then [Music]
all right tana says in japan they have a retirement age of 60 and prefer people in their 20s and 30s generally like uh
schools that um teach children especially young children they tend to
prefer younger teachers like in their 20s in their 30s because they think they just have more energy
but you know it's um so that's why i said like typically uh business english and adult
classes they prefer older teachers but it's not a rule of thumb it's not like written in
stone you can still find positions you know teaching kids i i
work with some older teachers um and they taught children and
they were hired so always depends okay then last question for today
what is your new year's resolution for 2021
let me know what is your new year's resolution for
2021 curious to know your new year's
resolution for 2021
so for me uh a couple of things i really like language learning so i
want to learn more korean and i also study chinese i want to learn more chinese
in 2021 um and also go back to the gym and everything
uh because of you know 2020 was not that active but we moved to a new place and this
whole new this whole area here is new so there is a new gym that opened and we signed up because they had like
the first 50 people who sign up get like 40 off so we did that so that's the plan for 2021 i know
pretty basic but yeah that's what's happening so what is your
new year's resolution for 2021.
uh in the meantime there's more a question more from fauzon one
last thing actually two okay explain more about the coupon okay well
the coupon you click on the link and you can fill out the application
and you get 30 off and then you can either complete the payment
if you want to take the course or you can just you know not
up to you that's the coupon then are there any higher chances for arabic and french speaking
people thank you so much for replying you sound like a nice person oh thank you that's so sweet
um you know i think it depends on where you want to teach i'm sure that in a place where
they speak arabic and french you probably have a really high chance of getting hired if you also
you know teach english so it always depends on where you want to go uh and where you're from so i definitely
think that additional language skills are always a plus
that's why i also learn really love learning languages [Music] okay we have some new year's resolutions
in tana says hers is to get started and getting a tefl
and my associate's degree and then my bachelor's as well as my living situation okay sounds like you have a lot of plans
um but yeah you have 365 days so good luck with that i don't think
you're gonna get everything done in 2021 like degree wise uh
but yeah i mean it sounds like you have um you know you're on the right track
you're really getting started early you know what you want to do and you're getting things done so oh and
also i'm teaching myself korean awesome cool good luck with that as well love that
okay eva says learn chinese and do yoga cool yeah how are you learning chinese
by yourself or you taking classes i took some online classes this year it was really great too um
okay juliana says i taught chinese language and culture three years ago
oh maybe juliana can teach eva some chinese and me can can we all
like make a little study group that would be really cool and she says i want to teach korean
because i know how to read listen write and speak well there you go cool nice
a lot of language goals in this group i love that thank you so much okay and then thank
you so much you really helped oh thanks i always hope that my live sessions are helpful
you know even if they just help one person um it means the world to me um
and so that's why i'm here even if i can just help one person then that's you know that's a success
for me all right okay
oh cool i'm turning the guest room into my classroom and studio
and we're getting hardwood floors gotta work on my tagalog cool that sounds really awesome
do you live in the philippines i forgot if you mentioned that but also your your picture
looks very tropical so very nice so are you planning on having
uh oh no you said online teaching right so you're gonna teach is this you gonna be your like online
teaching room that's really cool and hardwood floors yeah that's the good
stuff that's the good stuff awesome happy new year okay before we go
um let me just show you how to find us online um so
we don't miss any of that so on facebook you can find us um you can
find us on twitter on instagram um and we're really trying to grow oh yes sorry san francisco
yeah my partner's from middle cool nice forgot san francisco yeah okay and
instagram at international tefl training and we're really trying hard to grow our instagram
um so please if you could spare a moment head to instagram and type in international tefl training and just
give us a follow that would mean so much to us um and then also
if you are interested in um anything regarding korea or china asia in general
teaching living in asia traveling in asia etc you can check that out linda goes east uh also
on instagram or that's my personal website and my handle
um always feel free to reach out message me i'm always excited to meet new people and talk
about you know all interesting things i suppose
and yeah don't miss out on 30 off like i said thank you so much for your
um for your topic ideas and also those teaching platforms i wrote it down i'm
gonna check it out and like i said please don't forget to like and subscribe so you don't miss any
of our live sessions uh we do go live we do go live um every week we do live sessions me
fridays sometimes thursdays and then my colleague on tuesdays so don't miss that and i wish you guys
i wish you guys a happy happy happy new year wherever you are and i really hope that
your new year's resolutions are going to come true and that we are going to see each other
again next week in the new year i can't believe it's 20 21 and um yeah
i don't know what else to say i feel like i don't know our tefl family is growing i'm really
happy um to meet you know all these happy people every week like tiana
and juliana yeah so cool hashtag happy new year 2021
yeah thank you so much and happy new year great
happy new year thank you and happy new year thanks so much guys and please join us again
um and also feel free to send us your um topic ideas at any time
it always helps so much and take advantage of the 30 off coupon
don't let it go to waste it's a good deal and um yeah
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three three certificates in one so it's a great deal for anyone starting
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all right then thank you so much happy new year i'll see you guys in the new year next week okay
all right bye bye bye bye happy new year and hit me up at any time
if you have questions bye