Overview of the Best Online Teaching Platforms


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let me share the topic of today's session so that everyone can see it uh today we
are going to talk about um different online teaching platforms i hope that
this topic will be interesting and useful because there were a lot of requests
uh before and i just figured out that uh this topic will be really
useful to many people who are willing to start teaching online um and just quickly
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stay tuned and uh i hope uh the whole overview of different online teaching
platforms will be useful to you and you'll find uh something
for your future teaching careers all right um and right now
uh let's start from here um i would love uh to have a small discussion
again so uh on this slide oops wait for it let me make myself a little
bit smaller yeah like this so uh on this slide you can see uh two different modes
of online um teaching employment which are online teaching companies and
online teaching marketplaces so right now in the comments box please
guys let me know if you uh understand the difference so what's the difference betw between
online teaching companies and online teaching marketplaces
online teaching companies are also stand for online schools so what do you think is
the difference here between the first one and the second one um share your thoughts in the comments
please and i will show everybody um during the session as well and we will
discuss it um like we're having a chat here okay um and just a quick reminder
if you guys listen to this live session as a podcast
thank you so much for uh downloading and for um using this type of
uh media we really appreciate your interest and we hope that you always find
something useful and interesting for yourselves okay um so guys do you have
any idea on online teaching schools and online teaching marketplaces
um if this um point is absolutely new to you let me know
so because there are some people uh who basically don't teach online um
i just want to know if this aspect is familiar to you if it's not
of course i'll tell you what's the difference and we will discuss it further
okay just one more second what do you think is the difference between online
schools online teaching companies and online teaching marketplaces
any idea if no then let me just click it further and
show it so if you see another slide related to popular
resources devoted to popular resources uh you'll quickly understand what's the
difference between online teaching schools and online marketplaces
so there are such companies as vip kid
magic years q kids and italki and campbell
the companies on the left are closed online schools the companies
on the right are marketplaces where teachers can um
advertise their services and the main difference is that uh the companies
um the online schools they usually have their own closed platforms
and they have strict requirements in terms of employment compared to
online marketplaces when teachers want to uh work through marketplaces
they usually are responsible for um advertising themselves creating
um profiles that will attract the audience and uh it's basically on themselves
if you work for an online school you represent represented as a teacher
and you have a great benefit of doing almost nothing apart from uh teaching itself
uh so i for example used to teach at an online school and
it was quite a great experience i should say because i didn't need to find students on my own
the employer provided me with all the materials and it was just about delivering
classes it was pretty convenient but the drawback
was that the income was quite low um as for online teaching marketplaces
it's a bit different you work hard you push yourself uh pull your weight um
to advertise yourself and you can charge uh whatever money you want basically
so that's uh the main difference uh between online teaching companies and
online teaching marketplaces but um as for this um
companies i listed on this slide they are quite renowned and popular
everybody know them so um i feel like uh the point of today's
session is to get you acquainted with uh some other resources that
uh can be really interesting and that can be more or less
um interested uh interesting in terms of uh getting uh
real employment because um with such companies as vipkid it's quite
difficult uh to get hired especially if you're a non-native teacher uh frankly speaking
i tried to apply for um for a position uh on vip kid
and they didn't um let me in uh just because i was
a non-native teacher and yeah it's um it's something we should face
um but it's totally normal that some companies have um such requirements because
they basically uh have their placement they uh target at some specific
people and it's always like up to them who to hire but there are platforms
uh which are basically for everybody and they are quite inclusive
so let's see what i have just found um yes quickly
uh so on this on this slide i have listed uh six companies i
uh found uh on the internet uh they are um
not that famous um but they still uh hire teachers from all
over the world uh and you are not necessarily
need to be a native speaker it will be possible to apply if you are
a non-native speaker with um like proficiency level of english
um so there are three companies um which i call um
online schools they are listed on the left and uh online teaching marketplaces to
consider are on the right uh i will um further explain you what are
the main requirements and what are the differences and i also want you to know that there
are hundreds of companies to work online i will
later on during the session i will share a link to a useful resource where different
companies are listed they are filed according to
countries and according to well there are different filters so you
will be able to uh find um such company you will be really
interested to work for uh hello guys i can see your
comments thanks for joining us we are right in the middle of the
session uh and i hope you will stay here up until the end because um at the end
of the session i will share a special offer um first of all and of course i'll share
this link i have just mentioned so you will be able to find
more online teaching companies and hopefully it will be useful for your
uh future online teaching career so let's go further with the presentation
um yeah uh one more thing to mention here so um companies uh
on the left they are chinese as well like for example vip kid and um
the chinese market is um the biggest one uh and the demand for
uh english teachers is uh huge there so um i just recommend to consider it
because uh these companies usually uh have a lot of students
um and you won't be just sitting and waiting for nothing
you know like so working for a chinese company is quite good i should say uh so these
two companies are devoted to young learners they their target audience is uh young
learners and as for this company lingua tv uh it is actually based in germany
um and they um teach adults business english and uh they
also prepare for exams um they are based in germany uh but they
have uh offices uh all over europe as far as i understood so uh their
website is localized uh uh in very different language in in
many different languages so um i feel like their students are from all over europe
and if you are interested for example in teaching french people or i don't know russians
this platform is just right for you and i know there are some teachers um
some tefl teachers who are willing to work with adults uh so uh just consider this company
because uh they uh not only have this audience but they also have their own
uh courses so you won't need uh to create your personal materials and
stuff like that because they provide everything um and as for online marketplaces
uh there are prepley lingoda and cafetalk um i suppose uh the first two
are also well known and you've probably heard about them but i feel like they are less
uh overrated as italki for example and um as far as i know
on italki right now it's impossible to get um to get a profile it's impossible to
apply because they don't have openings for english uh and it's so pity
but um if you are interested in teaching on an online marketplace consider prepley
lingoda or cafetalk and uh let me tell you about cafe talk a little
bit uh more uh it's a really interesting platform um it is japanese but
they also have um offices in korea in south uh in south korea
and in canada uh but their main audience is korean probably and
japanese and teachers are paid in japanese
yen um as i understood but uh there is also accounting in in
us dollars so it's not that difficult to understand uh what uh are the prices what are the
rates um and um as for this uh platform uh it's also interesting
uh that uh it's possible to teach not only english but many various uh
subjects like uh dancing yoga or whatever you are interested in
so if you basically want to teach english but you would like to teach some other
subjects it's also a great idea to find an online marketplace because you
can um advertise whatever skills you have
right so uh let me just quickly look through the comments box
uh so that i know there are some people okay right so
um if you guys have any specific questions related to online teaching
and online teaching platforms feel free to comment and later on um i'll
answer your questions and now let's see some requirements um
i hope you can see this table here can you guys
so if you need me to make it a little bit bigger i'll try my best to do that because
it can be not that clear um well let me
remove my picture from the slide so you can see it a little bit better
so um you can see this table with requirements uh for um three
online teaching companies i have already mentioned earlier in the session that online
schools usually have stricter requirements
especially concerning the english level and um
qualifications so you can um see in this book in this table
that uh for example zebra english uh hires non-native speakers
who are able to speak english at an idiomatic level but um
it is also important that those english teachers are eligible to work in u.s
or canada so it means that you can be a non-native speaker having
um work visa in canada or the us so it is still possible to work
for this company and i suppose if you contact uh them it is possible to find out
um if they can be more or less flexible in terms of employment
lingua tv uh doesn't have such requirement as um as a work visa in
in the us but they still require you to be skilled in english
and it's better to have a language certificate i suppose it's really common for
non-native english teachers to pass ielts or toefl whatever
uh just to prove uh that you have um those english skills and it's important
to have um a tefl certification so um if you want to work for an online
teaching school it's a great idea to be as professional as possible
um if you're um a bit if you are falling behind a little bit yet uh it's a great
idea to start working on your um cv on your resume
so make sure you find um courses uh you work on your uh teaching
development and so on and so and so on uh and as for the last online school top
online teachers uh they have less requirements and i recommend you to look at their
website because they have a really really cozy um team i should say
they try their best to assist as much as it is possible to their
english teachers so i feel like if you have a nice resume
if you have your tefl certificate um if your language um ability is
um at the highest level it will be just it will be really easy
for you to start working for such company and they also
aim to hire teachers long term and this company um works
in china uh they also um they also provide some
uh some training as well um and i i suppose many online
uh teaching platforms uh have their professional development for teachers
and will help you to [Music] learn a little bit more about online
teaching and esl in general um and as for uh other platforms as
for uh marketplaces uh prep leel and goda and cafe talk uh they
have um slightly different requirements compared to
online teaching schools uh as you can see it's much easier to get into
online teaching if you place yourself on an online teaching marketplace
so for example um compared this if we compare all of these
options lingoda is the most difficult one but it's still possible to
start working for this company as well so if you don't have
uh much experience and you are for example uh studying
at the tefl course right now um you can consider uh trying to apply
uh for an online marketplace uh and you'll be able to get
a little bit of experience at the very beginning of your teaching career um i suppose um
it it's it's just gold um because it's um much easier
uh to teach when you have some experience uh from the very beginning
um okay and as for the rates let's see
the rates um i when i was researching i found out that
rates differ across the companies across companies
so if you look at this table you can see that zebra english offers
nice salaries it's like 16 to 24 per hour but this
amount of money has different uh benefits inside uh
and um it can be slightly less at the beginning of your uh teaching for
their platform because basically um at the beginning of your work
you have like a base salary which is much less but uh while you are developing
uh in the company and in your teaching uh they um raise um
accordingly uh with lingua tv they don't write about uh their rates on
the website uh but everything that um the hiring
process um is all like closed so
um if you want to find out um a little bit more about their
vacancies um it's a great idea to contact them uh because um the salary is based
on your interview results as well um and uh top online teachers
[Music] offer a little bit less compared to zebra
but they still um i think the salary is still quite competitive
because um for example um teaching online teaching schools uh in russia
uh they offer much much less uh than this
and um as i have already mentioned i tried to work for an online school it
was at the beginning of my online teaching career uh because i wanted to find out how it
all works how to organize my lessons and i didn't want to spend
much time on planning so um i just decided that whatever rates they provide me with
is okay um and started working for them uh but um as a result
uh i understood that uh their rates were too uh low it was
i suppose like about five us dollars which is quite low
but there are still some some countries where um currencies where local
currencies are quite weak um to the us dollar and uh the population is just
can't afford uh to hire um teachers and pay a lot so
it's just my point of view i'm not sure that it's true but uh comparing russia and china
i i suppose it's like that because there are a lot of uh english teachers uh in our company
uh we all are quite professional so our teaching community is really really tough uh and strong
uh teachers um work a lot on their uh self-development uh but i still
see some private uh tutors who charge like um well like
a about five us dollars um and they believe that it's okay just
because of the current prices and current
uh currency yep and um the last point uh is
uh the last but not least uh online marketplaces rates so
um as i have already mentioned it's up to you uh how much to charge on online teaching
platforms but you should know that all platforms take their cuts
and um next week there or maybe even this week there will be
an interview with a teacher who works for prepley um
we will publish uh this interview on our uh tefl web blog so if you
uh if you are interested in how things are done on properly make
sure you follow our web blog and you'll find this um interview
it was quite informative and uh yes that teacher uh told about um
the percentage as well uh how much she uh pays to the company but generally
speaking all marketplaces have their fees and teachers
um just include the fees in the rates and i know that there are some
marketplaces um i don't remember which ones uh for sure
but some online play placements um they uh have fees up to like 50 or even
60 which is just a great amount of money
but these are the rules and we can we can't do anything with it
right so um one more time let me see um the comments box
yeah i see there are many people uh giving their feedbacks thank you so much
for um sharing your feelings i hope that this information will be
useful to you and right now let me share the link i have mentioned already
so um there are many online platforms to teach for
and if you follow this link you will find just hundreds of online teaching
platforms to consider make sure you check it out because um
who knows maybe uh these online platforms i have just referred to are not
as good uh to you guys um as it as some other platforms can be so
make sure you find something interesting uh using this resource i have just
shared it um on the comments box um
and as i have already um said uh we are sharing
a special offer uh thanks for joining us today and
um here is the convenient way uh to get your 30 discount
uh if you want um to apply for an online tefl course
or whatever course you need today you can get a 30 discount uh
of any itt tefl courses so um you can scan this qr code
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link in the comment section right now
so if you follow this coupon link you will get to our
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right now um no pressure uh if you make up your mind like in a
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still be on your computer and you will be able to get
this same discount
so just make sure you follow the link uh and you have it stored somewhere on your
browser right and uh here is where i start my q a session
so if you guys have any questions related to today's topic uh which is online teaching platforms
or if you want to know anything else about tefl teaching in general like
maybe teaching abroad or i don't know getting tefl certified
um i am waiting for your questions and i'll try my best to answer them
and i suppose there were some questions already so i'll quickly check the comments box uh
and you guys um well try to think of anything you're
interested in uh and yeah i'll try my best to help you
okay so there was a question uh about the age um
well generally speaking uh if we take online teaching it is possible to teach
at whatever age you are no strings attached it's not a
requirement that all teachers online have to be under or over a specific age
if you are a professional teacher um if you have your tefl certification
or any other qualifications and you've been teaching like for ages already um
it's just quite normal that you are you teach at whatever age you are
so uh don't worry about how old you are just start teaching online
and you'll figure out if it's your cup of tea or not okay uh and there was
um there was another comment um so
um um as i figure out you want to find a resource with
different lesson plans and things for adults
okay so you uh want to have ready-made lesson plans and they should
be targeted at beginners uh and at adults um
last time i have already recommended [Music]
um uh website the cambridge website
it's a great resource where you can find um a lot of useful uh materials for free
if you also uh passed uh your tefl uh course with itttt we also provide
uh some uh ready-made lesson plans and teaching materials so make sure you
find your confirmation email because our managers usually
uh distribute it this way but if you are not tefl certified with
us it's totally okay i recommend you i strongly recommend you to check
cambridge website the cambridge website it's like let me see
it's it has all useful materials related to
english teaching self-development as well there are many interesting articles so
just quickly check it out it can be really useful to you i have
just shared the link to this website via the chat
box okay and there is a question related to
ielts so basically you just need to book your exam and
start preparing uh last year uh last year i passed my um
language test uh and got my ielts as well um i needed just like about
two weeks for preparation to um get to know the exam format
and uh tasks so it's not that difficult if your
language level is already like at the c1 level but i know some people need a little bit
more time uh in order in order to prepare for the format
um it's always um very um specific to
some people um what i recommend you is find uh some useful youtube lessons
there are many uh stuff there are there is much stuff related to um
aisles so um it's no big deal i suppose if you want to get it just
go and get it that was my point of view like a couple of years ago
but i still was afraid to pass it and then i just booked the test and i
had to do it yeah um [Music]
all right uh and there is one more question uh beginning a teaching
um career in a foreign country
with no previous experience uh so what i recommend you to do is uh go to
our web blog just give me a second to share you the
link to it okay
so uh if you follow this link uh you'll find a lot of
uh useful um articles related uh to both um teaching abroad
online teaching lesson planning and so on uh there are a lot of uh useful
materials on our social networks as well
but generally speaking if you want to work abroad if you want to teach esl
abroad you should find a country which will be suitable to
you uh there are still some companies that hire native speakers only
and it's absolutely normal but to find out which countries
hire non-natives as well go to their um embassies
websites and check out the information they provide there that's the first
step to take and what else if you want
uh to find a job
in a foreign country uh you should also start like a limit
your choice of countries and uh find um according to
your preferences um on facebook um in our group uh on facebook we
usually share different um uh different job offers
so make sure you go there as well and check out our um our
recent posts uh because uh we work with different um recruiters from
all over the world so um this is something to start from
but um i should mention that uh every person is unique and it's like um
100 on you you have to be proactive in terms of finding a job
either in a real classroom or in an online classroom so if you want to
start teaching just start try to do um anything
it's like 100 on you it's your responsibility um
but just try to make sure that you also check out various resources
where free advice is provided
okay um
okay okay uh thank you for this comment
uh yeah uh i think the tefl certification is quite important uh because uh
especially if you are uh not a professional teacher uh it is something to start with and it
will be um a proof of your um interest and of your desire
to work in this sphere right um and
um there is a comment um requesting a recommendation on
speaking practice um i use such app which is called
elsa speaks uh
or just elsa i don't know it's an app for iphones and androids
so you can check it um in an app store
this app is really really cool for practicing your speaking skills and especially
pronunciation you can also find a speaking body
i think it's a great idea to practice your speaking skills as well okay
so guys uh if you don't have any further questions um let me just quickly remind you
that itttttt is presented on various um online platforms on various
um social media please um follow us and um
you'll be updated regularly if you're interested in online teaching
or teaching abroad uh it's a great idea to
um follow us because we try our best to share uh useful
tips and our personal experiences and this friday my colleague linda
will also go live to share her professional uh experience as well she lives
in south korea um she is a native speaker so if you are
interested in something related to her experience
make sure you come to her life and thanks a lot for
joining me today i always appreciate that uh you guys um
comment and communicate with me during these sessions i hope to see you soon again
and one more thing if you have any specific requests uh for our future
live sessions make sure you um give your ideas you can share it right
now in the comments box and next time we'll choose something which will
definitely be interested to you so maybe you are willing to get some specific uh topic
as an online session so feel free to share your ideas and if you don't
have any further questions thanks for joining me today
and we'll finish this session and i hope uh we'll see each other next week
i always notice that there are many people coming regularly thanks for your support
i really appreciate your um interest and i hope to see you
again of course and those who joined us for the first time thank you
so much for being here with me today um if you still have any ideas
on the future sessions uh feel free to comment right now or
maybe later this live session will be saved
on facebook and on youtube so you will be able to watch it again if
you need right so thank you so much for being here
okay uh thanks for this last question uh i would like to teach in south korea
i'm age 60 can i be allowed so it depends on the career on the
korean um uh regulations so um what i recommend you to do
uh is to check their uh requirements um on maybe their um
embassy website but uh there is also a section on our tefl website
um it is called tefl uh frequent or frequently asked questions
and i feel like we had this uh information as well about teaching in
south korea just let give me a second i'll try to find it
[Music] all right and by the way
uh if you are uh if you want to know a little bit more
about uh teaching in south korea make sure you join linda on friday
because she will have her q a session uh this friday and you'll be able to
ask uh whatever questions you are interested in uh so uh right now
um here is an article related to uh jobs in south korea
uh you can check it out and i hope you'll find your answer okay uh some countries
definitely have their uh restrictions about the age
but i feel like it's not korea but i'm not sure
so you we need to check it out okay all right
thank you guys for um joining me today uh if this was the last question
um let's finish the session and i'll see you next week again
right thank you so much thank you and yeah have a good day guys
or maybe a good night i hope to see you next week and bye bye