How to Become a Digital Nomad with a TEFL/TESOL Certificate


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feel free to ask um so yeah let's jump right in let's talk about how to become
a digital nomad with a tefl or tesol certificate
first i'd like to introduce myself for anyone who does not know me my name is linda i am a travel writer and content
creator under the name linda goes east you can find my own website at and on instagram i'm
very active on there at linda goes east and like i always say feel free to send me a direct message on there if you want
to discuss something or if you just don't feel comfortable sharing your question in the
chat here no problem you can just message me on there i'm originally from germany and the us
my mom is german my dad is american and i'm based in south korea i've been here for
six and a half years i also taught english in china before that and then i came to korea i taught english here and
then i transitioned over to teflon t-zone marketing with itttt
you can find itttt at and that stands for international tefl and
tesol training and i know that some of you are already itt tefl certified so
congratulations um for that and yeah check us out on instagram as
well like i said yesterday we actually had a live session on instagram it was kind of impromptu um
it was not planned actually to take place on our uh our account it was actually supposed to take place on the
progress me account but there were technical difficulties so we just moved it over to our account and it was quite
a fun chat with andre from progress me a online teaching platform so if you're interested
and it also fits in with today's topic of digital nomad so if you're interested
in creating that lifestyle with online teaching i recommend
checking out progress me so you can go ahead to our instagram at international
tefl training and re-watch that from yesterday or also the live that we had
on facebook on youtube on tuesday where andre also from progress me shared um
some of his thoughts and ideas which was really cool itttt is a leading teflon tesol course
provider worldwide we offer a wide variety of different courses to enable people to become
teachers [Music] around the world or online
so yeah that's enough about me back to today's topic and juliana just
said i watched the interview this morning awesome on instagram the interview
yeah that was fun um impromptu interview but it was fun we ended up chatting it's it's like 40
minutes long we ended up chatting for quite a while it was very interesting we talked about itttt
he asked me some questions about itttt and then i asked andre questions about progress me and i think progress me um
is really a very cool platform because um it's really like this
all in one place for online teachers and students so you can sign up
as a teacher on there and you can choose they already that's a great thing i think they already give you teaching
material to choose from different topics um for different things so you don't even have to prep anything you can also
create your own lessons and stuff on there but they also have already a huge library uh all made for uh interactive
online teaching which i think is really really awesome and um yeah you can also see what your student
is working on you can send homework and all that it's it's very cool and i really encourage you to check it
out um so yeah
good let's jump in first what we want to talk about is what is a digital nomad
i'm sure most of you know this but just um a little bit as a review or as an intro basically digital nomads are
people who use telecommunication technologies to earn a living so
anything um that anything really that you could do working online or remotely so that can
be not only teaching online but there can also be a lot of digital nomads do like creative kind of web design
work or writing work or editing work or
anything that you can do in a computer pretty much that's all you need a laptop if you can do it on a laptop you can do
it as a digital nomad that's basically what they do and they also conduct their life in a nomadic banner so
digital nomads they work on their laptop they can take the laptop anywhere they
want and work from anywhere in the world so they can be here today they can be at another place tomorrow that's the beauty
of the digital nomad lifestyle they work location independently right and that's
why it's so appealing as well um because they make traveling and
exploring new places their lifestyle and i mean who doesn't who wouldn't love to have a lifestyle like that for sure
absolutely beautiful we see all of those digital nomads hanging out in bali and wherever they are and yeah i mean it's
very appealing they're definitely ups and downs um for sure
but it looks great and why not try that for a little while while you know while
you can and uh with a tefl or t-cell certificate you can do just that and you
can also live the dream basically so yeah um a little bit more statistics
that i found that i just wanted to share with you because i thought it's very interesting um so
facts about who are digital nomads um interesting fact the number of digital nomads in the u.s has more than doubled
over the past couple of years so it was 4.8 million in 2018 and then it rose to
10.9 million in 2020 so that's a huge jump more and more people jumping on the
train of becoming digital nomads so that's really cool the average age of a digital nomad in
2020 at 2021 this year is 32 years old 32 years old
um now talking about um the ethnic ethnics um for american digital nomads
70 of um american digital nomads are white 14
are african-american 7 are asian 7 are hispanic and two percent are of other
ethnicity this is only for american u.s american digital nomads um i have to say
but they're really from all over the world we see them from all over the world so just keep that in mind
also good to know 49 of digital nomads they earn the same salary or more than
their previous or prior office job so that's also great um
to know you don't have to make uh too much sacrifice and also considering that um
and that's actually the the next point that usually digital nomads will live in places with a lower cost of living
compared to where they um where they're from so 38 of american digital nomads
they earn over 75 000 per year while enjoying a lower cost of living so
that's also very important that most digital nomads they choose places where the cost of living is significantly
lower than in their home country also 34 percent plan to be digital
nomads for a year or less so not very long term some people just want
to do it for a year or less but many expect to return to the office after the pandemic so
yeah definitely a lot more digital nomads since the pandemic i think
but many don't want to do this long term 34 uh don't want to do it long term so they
want to return back to the office some more stats here that i wanted to
share so only 24 of location independent remote workers
they actually mix work and travel simultaneously um very interesting because we always
see um you know the beautiful pictures of them sitting on the beach and working on
their laptops but turns out it's actually more like it's harder to actually do that
simultaneously um only 24 manage it so um yeah
maybe it's uh it takes some practice to do that um some determination
most digital nomads also they travel slow with only 17 percent visiting more
than five countries per year so that's also very interesting because we always think like oh tomorrow today
they're in london the next day they're in madrid and so on but actually they stay a lot more longer in one place and
that's also true for all the digital nomads that i know typically they would say i would say at least a couple of
months in one place six months maybe even a year in one place um
and then they move on to the next so definitely not as moving so much as you might think
because it's also harder to do that right you always need to set up a new home base somewhere and we're actually
going to talk about how to do that later on after those stats but yeah
85 percent of business owners very interesting say their business is more productive when people work remotely
that's an impressive number i think 85 so um that really shows that you know
maybe the remote working lifestyle is the way to go
um i can also speak from my personal experience i also work remotely i can
make my own hours i can work whenever it's convenient for me basically i have
my set amount of hours and my work that i need to do but i i can schedule my day
the way i want to schedule it so sometimes if i have stuff to do if i want to meet a friend i can meet a
friend if i have a doctor's appointment i can just go whenever i want or if i if the weather is good and i
just want to hang out outside for a little bit i can do that and then i can do my work later and i really think that
this way um you're just happier and more productive
in when you're working so i definitely agree with that
also over half of digital nomads so 52 they rated finding reliable wi-fi as one of
the top challenges of the thematic nomadic lifestyle so did you think about that did you expect that that finding
reliable wi-fi is one of the top challenges of a digital nomad definitely and while i've been doing my
research i also found a plethora of different websites and apps for digital
nomads that show exactly where to find the best wi-fi so there's a lot of tools
for that and i'm actually going to mention one of the tools later on
for um in the steps how to set everything up but yeah i think that's very interesting
because that's usually not what you would think might be a challenge but finding reliable internet is one of the
biggest challenges for digital nomads also only 30 of digital nomads they report
working over 40 hours a week so 70 they work less than that which is great
obviously um less working less is always great and then also interestingly van lifers
they make up 17 of american digital nomads um yeah i think especially in america
north america van life van lifers has become a very appealing
lifestyle for many um so they live out of a van and camp a lot and just live out in nature in
different national parks and stuff um yeah so 70 of american digital nomads fall into
this category yeah so there's a lot of different types of digital nomads as well right it's not
just one type like the backpacker type um or you know the van lifer type
there's so many different types as well there's also digital nomad families not just single people or couples but whole
families who do that and pursue that lifestyle so for sure um anyone can really do it no matter who
good then also i wanted to mention this one uh women are leading
the way with digital nomadism so very interesting stat that almost 30
percent of fully remote companies have either women ceos founders or presidents
30 percent compare that to 5.2 percent of female
ceos in traditional workplaces isn't that crazy that's a huge difference huge
difference so um that's really great that um you know this industry really um
empowers women and we can finally um
pursue the lifestyle that we want and need to combine you know work and family
or work and whatever doll we want to do basically yeah just wanted to mention that because
i think that was really that's really interesting when you compare it to um the traditional workplace 5.2
so okay cool so now oh yeah this one as well top reasons to
become a digital nomad so why do so many people decide to be calm digital nomads
definitely the increased flexibility so like i said you can schedule your own day however you
you know however you want however you feel like you don't need to work from nine to five it's not written in stone
you also have higher salary expectations so you can you know depending on what you work
you can set your own prices you can and then if you want more money you can work more or
you know you can adjust your pricing the way you want which is really great um certainly the ability to to work from
anywhere in the world and that's i'm sure why a lot of you are watching right now as well because that's also
what you want you want to be able to work from anywhere in the world go wherever you want and just have the
ultimate freedom definitely and i think that's what a lot of people
are craving and that's why a lot of people are choosing this lifestyle
all right now i think yes so now we're going to
really go into the nitty gritty um how you can do this with a tefl certificate
there are five steps that i'm gonna show you how to become a digital nomad by teaching english
with a tefl certificate um and we're gonna start with step one obviously which is you might have
guessed it get tefl certified so first step is getting that tefl certificate
and i also talked about this with andre yesterday from progress me in our interview he's like
why should people take your tefl course so yes um one it is a
requirement in many different companies and online teaching platforms as well to
have a tefl certificate or if it's not a requirement if you have a tefl certificate you can actually get a
higher salary a higher hourly rate a higher hourly rate
um so you want to aim for at least a 120 hour teflon qualification
from an accredited course provider at least 120 hours that's what you want
to do and it's also very beneficial to take a specialized tefl course
especially if you're planning on teaching online you would take a teaching online course you could also
teach business english or the young learners course those are also very good specialized options to choose from
and down here i just have listed our um bundles as well so we have the 120 hour
tefl course that's standard that's kind of where you start um the 220 hour master package is the
120 plus two of the specializations
and then it just goes higher and higher including um the diploma course and also
including the um teaching practicum add-on
so it depends on what you want to do always you know at least you should have this
one but if you're like oh i want to teach business english or i want to teach children you should aim for this
um if you want to do this more long-term more uh yeah making a whole full-time career out
of it you would go higher and higher and higher so sky's the limit when it comes to this
but um yeah you should definitely start here and have the certification as a minimum to get started
and that's where our 30 discount comes in um so i just want to mention that again
that if you are deciding to take one of the courses to just please take advantage of this 30 off we only share
this during our live session so you can either scan this qr code in the upper right hand corner or i'm just going to
share the discount link one more time for people who've joined late um we've
just joined not seen the beginning um it looks like this in the podcast it is in the podcast
description but it looks like this ends in facebook live minus linda and if you
apply through this link you get 30 off just want to mention that again for
people who just joined and also want to mention again don't forget to like and subscribe we also go
live twice a week and we also share a lot of other awesome content on facebook and youtube and other social media
platforms as well good so that was step one get tefl certified and those are all the steps um
i'm gonna say that um but i want to mention that after every steps this is before you are leaving
before your um you know you leave you set off on your adventure
step two is also before you leave you will apply for online teaching jobs and begin
interviewing also for online teaching jobs online platforms you need to do an interview it depends on platform
it depends from platform to platform it changes um what you know what the
interview process looks like um i teach on a platform where i had like a 15 20 minute interview via skype
or just casually talking i didn't have to teach anything nothing like that it was just kind of a get to know a casual
talk with this person and then i was you know my prof my profile was um
public but i've also seen teaching platforms where you actually need to provide a background check
um so it really ranges it depends on platform on the platform
okay angela hi angela has a question i'm just gonna take the question real quick
so angela asks i completed a 120 hour certification could i take the additional 50 hour difference to get the
220 hour master package only um that is a good question i do believe
that you can we have a lot of top up options um i'm pretty sure you could do that but
um please email us um email the sales team just to make
sure i do think that it's possible um let me know
let me see for the email address real quick it is courses at
hold on courses at uh tesol minus
that's the right email so please email them and let them know
that you completed the 170 hour course and if it's possible to top up i i'm pretty
sure it's possible um just make sure with the sales team
so yeah good okay so yeah
um different teaching platforms and um i just want to share that again i actually
have a google sheet for you all
listing um [Music] 20 of the best online teaching platforms
and i'm just going to share the google docs link with you right now
and i am just also going to share my screen and show you real quick what it looks
like i've shared this before so you might already have this
but yeah this is what it looks like this is what it looks like here's the
name of the company yes you can join um look at it right now
and basically you know how much they pay some of the requirements if you need a
tefl or not if you can also do this as a non-native speaker here's all the info
here and different teaching platforms listed and the link where you can apply
so what i recommend you do is go over here to file and make a copy
and then you can save that and edit that on your end and keep it
for yourself i've shared this a couple of times already but i just wanted to share it one more time for you guys for some of
you who are watching for the first time um but yeah go here to file make a copy
and then you have that for yourself you can make edits you know you can mark
um some of the platforms that you like that you applied for anything like that so
go ahead and do that um yeah
good i see that a lot of you are clicking on it so that's great cool
so that is that and then also once you are applying uh once you are joining a platform and also you can
join more than one platform that's a really good idea um you know to join just more than one they all are
different so you might have to join a couple different ones to find the one that works best for you or you can just
simultaneously work on more than one platform to test the waters as well so basically
yeah which one works for you so that when you set off on your digital nomad journey you know exactly
um you know you are set you know how it works excuse excuse me you know how it works and you are set
you don't want to set off on the journey and then start applying for jobs because
you need to build a reputation for yourself so also for me for example i started
teaching online in march and it took a good four or five months
to build a reputation on that platform and get re a steady flow of regular
students so it takes a couple of months to get everything set up and started
so you want to do that before you leave and then you earn a little bit of money so that you start earning
money pre-departure because you also need to think up think about start up costs so wherever
you are going you're gonna need a house like a place to stay you need like maybe
a new phone plan a phone contract anything like that so you need to you need money to do that
and starting to teach online first to earn money pre-departure is a good
idea and especially to build that reputation so you have a steady flow of regular students and from my own
experience like i said that takes a couple of months to have that
okay that is step two also pre-departure step number three is also pre-departure
you want to research your visa options okay and the kind of visa
the visa process and what visa is available to you will vary based on your citizenship right
um there's different visas and different countries for different other citizens so you want to look at that so you want
to pick the countries that you're interested in and i'm going to show you a list of suitable countries for digital
nomads right after this and some basic conditions that i've seen in most of these visas are
that you either own a location independent online business or you work remotely for a company based
outside of the country that you want to go to so let's say you
want to go to mexico so you either own your own independent business or
you work for a company that is not based in mexico for example that's one of the
requirements then you also most of the time need to earn a minimum amount of money per year
so that they know that you can fund yourself that is a requirement and then also most
of the time a requirement is to have health insurance some countries they include the visas
the digital nomad visa includes um the public health is included in the
public health care system but sometimes it is not and then you need to have your own travel or health
insurance plan and provide proof of that so those are like the basic requirements to qualify for a digital
nomad visa again the requirements they vary from country to country so they're
always different the amount is different and some of the requirements are different some have less requirements
some have more requirements so you need to look into that when you've picked a place where you want to go
but let's have a look at that and um basically countries that have a digital
nomad visa and as you can see there's so many and those aren't even the only ones so there's more than that
so take a few moments and take this list in while i'm taking a sip of my coffee
and let me know where you where you would want to go which of those countries
what's your favorite where would you love to go
there's a lot of countries in the caribbean which i would love
to go to so yeah as you can see first one antigua
and barbuda is that what's called antigua and barbuda
is that a typo anyway maybe it's a typo
i feel like is this right i hope so i apologize if it's a if there's a typo in it but they also have
they have a it's called the nomad digital residence visa so if you feel
like it you can take a screenshot of this list
hey yeah mkd o'neal says oh you want to go everywhere
portugal spain costa rica iceland maybe norway cool so you have a lot of really
warm places and a lot of really cold places that's interesting
marcia says some place in europe i would like cool yeah
awesome yeah so bali number two here um so they're listed alphabetically there's no
like particular order just alphabetically um all of the above
love that yeah just go everywhere and that's the beauty of um being a digital nomad you can go anywhere you like you
can go to all of these it's possible um yes bali is i think really the poster
destination right for digital nomads i mean this is what you see all over
all over um instagram particularly and youtube all the
digital nomads sitting in bali and bali is amazing i have been to bali it's it's gorgeous
um so yeah then we have barbados bermuda cayman
islands that's what i mean like all these great places in the caribbean i would love to go costa rica they have a
one year digital nomad visa and all of these i think pretty much all of these are also extendable i've read that
multiple times we have places in europe like croatia gorgeous czech republic
beautiful also dubai which i did not know that that is a digital nomad place but they
also have a one year virtual working program which is really cool we have estonia georgia georgia in
europe um germany which has a visa that's called
alphentails allowedness for such a negative um so that i don't think there's an
english title but that's what it's called um so yeah try to pronounce that
iceland i didn't find the name of the visa but if you just you know google this and say um iceland and then digital
nomad visa it will show up and give you all the requirements also malta they have a digital nomad
residence permit mauritius one year and completely free you don't
even have to pay for these so that's great um mexico norway portugal spain
so all really really great options i think something for everyone to choose from a lot of great
places definitely do check that out i also know that um i have a friend from germany and
she um actually there's a working holiday visa for korea
and she's a writer so she did online work on that visa so i think that's also possible to do online work on a working
holiday visa apparently in south korea so maybe that's also an option for some of you
you can check that out but yeah any place in europe yeah for sure i mean
i would really love to go especially the the caribbean um that just sounds so nice
um yeah so as you can see so many options take a screenshot of this
um so you have it and then you can pick your favorite and start planning so again this was i think
step three um the things to do before you leave
and now we are getting into step four so once you've picked your country
now it's time choosing a home base so you need to check for available co-working spaces a lot of digital
nomads do it this way because those cool working spaces they have great internet they have a
like a kind of like an office environment they're really great for working so a lot of digital nomads they
look for co-working spaces um you can also look for
using google satellite to figure out where you want to be based so google satellite is great to really check out
what it really looks like there to find like kind of the neighborhood you want to be in you know is it close to the
ocean close to a park close to the mountain whatever you're looking for you can do this way
also google street view you can already check out your neighborhood and see you know if this is a good place to be
as for teaching you need to really look for a quiet environment free from distractions so
you need to make sure that the home base you're choosing is quiet um if it's too noisy and loud it's not
going to be good for your students and probably the online teaching platforms are not
going to be happy with that and my might you know not want to continue working with you if you are in a very uh loud
place and then also a strong internet connection is a must when you work as a
digital nomad so what you can do here you can see that url
so a lot of digital nomads when they pick a place they see a place they like maybe on airbnb or on you know other
digital nomad sites they message let's just go with airbnb they message
the airbnb owner and they say hey how about your internet connection can you do a speed test and you have them do a
speed test at that property and send you the result so
um i mean maybe we can have a look real quick and so i can show you what that looks like the speed test was it right yes okay i'm going to share my screen with you so you can see that so you can
just do that together real quick so you can see what you want to look for
and maybe now the speed is not so fast because we're doing live at the same time
uh yeah so this is what it looks like it just ignore the ads but yeah so you just click on go
and then it does its thing testing the speed
i have to say though that south korea has the fastest internet in the world
they really pride themselves with that um so yeah that's the download speed now
and this is the upload speed okay so as you can see it's uh more than a hundred so this is considered very very fast and
very good and reliable um but i think for teaching at least
anything and like the 50 and 75 areas where you want to go to
i think what do you want to aim for so
yeah and then so you want to have your airbnb person do this um test and then
just send you a screenshot here of the results for example
yeah so easy as that you can try on your own computer and see how the speed is on your end you know if
you have um a good connection or not
yeah so this is how you choose a home base and then i mean it really depends on you know what you're personally
looking for do you want to live alone do you want to live with other people other digital nomads you know that can also be
very fun like i said there are so many forums and websites and groups
for digital nomads um where you can find good home bases and get a lot of information from but those
are just the basics how you would start choosing a home base and this is again pre-departure um
or maybe you're already there and you're just staying in a hotel and checking things out definitely also possible
and now the last part of your research of your of your
journey before you leave is research and secure health and travel insurance and
that is so so important don't forget to do that and sometimes even for your visa
for your digital nomad visa it is a requirement anyway so you have to do it if it's not a requirement just please
still get insurance it's so important um some visas they include access to
health public health to the public health system but you can also add additional
insurance especially if you already know you have certain health issues you might want to get that insured
also put insurance on valuable items or gear um
you know a lot of digital nomads they have very good laptops so you want to maybe put insurance on that just in case
or also other gear that you might need like good cameras or your phone or any
other kind of equipment that you need um you know that's probably also a good idea to have
that insured and then also check if you need any vaccinations depending on you know where you go
certain countries they have other diseases that you know your
your country doesn't have so sometimes you need to refresh or check up on any vaccinations that you might need i i
remember when i moved to um to china um i got a bunch of different vaccines
um just in case you know you never know but um yeah just in case you know schedule an
appointment with your general doctor and just have a talk about the destination and they can check you
know what kind of vaccinations are recommended there and then just give it you know give you a consultation and
then you can decide whether or not you want to do that but i mean always be on the safe side so i would definitely
recommend that yeah and so that is the last step so after this you are good to go
to your first destination and start your career teaching online as digital nomad
right so now a lot of you might be asking well what about in-person teaching i don't
want to just teach online um i also want some human contact right so yeah you can definitely teach
in-person students to add to your income a lot of teachers do that not only online teachers or just teachers
anywhere i also do that i have in-person students to um add to my income
you can also find um short-term teaching positions there are a lot of contracts you know
where just a three month four month six month gig somewhere you can also find those or things like summer camps and
winter camps you can find those all over the world any kind of seasonal teaching
positions you can also find those um and also there's always volunteer
positions um so maybe you can do that obviously that would be unpaid uh most of the time so
you can do your volunteering wherever you want to go and then maybe do some uh online work on the side or you do like
you know different kind of periods so one time you would you would first work so you have a bit of a budget you have
some money saved up and then you could do something like volunteering position um and you know enjoy that and do
something good give back for a couple of weeks or months and then you return to your working
lifestyle i mean it's so so flexible and i think that's really um the beauty of this is that you can
really you know turn this into something that works for you you can do what you want to do
uh go where you want to go and that's just what i think the biggest takeaway i want you to take away uh from today
that um this can just open doors to anything that you like there is no one
uh particular you know journey we're all different we all have different journeys i'm just showing you
what's possible and what you can do with a teflor t-cell certificate
and teach online wherever you want to go and what you can do out of that make out of that
so yeah before we enter the q a part i just want to mention again how you can find itttt
online on our website and also on facebook where many of you are
watching from you're already there if you didn't like the page yet go ahead and do that twitter also and instagram
at international teflo training and then i think it's time for the q a
um session again you can scan this qr code right here or you can find the
discounted link and save thirty percent on your tefl or tesol course
you can also email us what was the email address here courses
at tesol minus if you have any questions i'm not sure you know which
course to take definitely check that out we also have so many previous live
sessions about so many different topics also which course is best for you there was a live session about that so go
ahead and check that out in our playlist on youtube there's a live video playlist and also facebook on our page there's a
playlist of live videos go ahead and check that out and then um
let me make myself bigger again and then yeah let's open up q a i'm i
still have a little bit of time i still have a little bit of coffee left as well so that's good
so any questions you might have i see there was a question from abdul that i did not answer yet so abdul was asking
for non-degree holders so if you don't have a degree can you also do that yes
absolutely there are a lot of teaching platforms and you can see that on the sheet that i shared with you whether or
not a degree is required and there are a lot of teaching platforms here for
example cambly and goo ginseng english italki
latin hire learnlight so so many on there that do not require a degree
so yes and also for visa purposes um i didn't really see anything that requires
a degree as you maybe i pulled it up again um
where was that the requirements the basic requirements again they vary from country to country
um where was that oh
here yes here as you can see they don't
really mention anything about a degree it's really about more about the work so if your work is really online if you
really work for an independent location independent business or um you know if the company is based
outside of where you want to go and how much money you earn per year and if you have insurance those seem to be
the four four five main uh requirements but again they vary from country to
country and visa to visa but this seems to be um what it's like so they don't really mention any
degree here hope that helps
okay sure shell says thank you for sharing thank
you so much for joining i appreciate that and i hope that um you were able to take something away from today
and maybe learn something new definitely save that um google sheet that i shared with you guys with um the online
platforms that's gonna be very helpful um and yeah
i'm still here for a couple more minutes so if you have any questions about tefl
about tesol about teaching english abroad or online about itt about me
personally about korea i live in korea i've been here for six and a half years anything like that feel free to ask i
always say there are no stupid questions don't be shy i always like having some
conversation and exchange with you guys so don't be shy ask away anything
i'm happy to answer it
um great that's a great question angela so angela says did you have any issues with
overcoming being on camera while teaching online yeah so um i'm actually quite i'm more
of a shy person um to be honest i'm rather introverted
um so definitely it was kind of a challenge so actually i started teaching online
in march of this year but i think what helped was doing these live sessions so i started doing these
live sessions a year ago so in october and that's also where you need to be on camera like this and in the beginning i
felt really awkward but um it just gets better over time you just
need to kind of jump in and then every time it just kind of gets better and better and you're overcoming
this kind of yeah this uh this feeling of being uncomfortable
it gets better and better and i also only teach one-on-one students so it's not me and like five
other people but it's always one-on-one so that also definitely helps and it's
actually most of my students are adults um and it's very casual we talk like
friends it's actually really fun um and i think it's it's even better
this way you know via the computer you still have like a barrier it's not really face to face
it's you talking um you know through the computer which also kind of helps so i would just say
you know the more often you do it the more comfortable you're gonna be with it
just give it a go yeah the first time was definitely kind of scary and i prepared you know
an hour in advance for like a 15 minute conversation uh lesson and i i was super
nervous um i still get nervous for certain you know if it's the first time i have a student
definitely but yeah it just gets better better over time
juliana says i agree with you yeah giuliana you've also been teaching online right so um
it just gets better and you just need to step into this teacher role you know it's kind of like a different persona
you have your teacher online teacher persona and then you have like your your uh at home persona which is
two different things i think great okay abdul has a question what
about if i want to have a bachelor i've been in thailand for oh i've been in
thailand for over two years i hold a tesol certificate 120 hours in class but over one year i haven't found a school
to hire without a degree okay yeah then maybe you should look into
getting a bachelor's degree is that a possibility for you maybe you can find a school in thailand
or online as well there's so many options nowadays
so for sure we also have a uh
the online courses they have you university credits with them the pcie from itt so maybe
that's something you could look into if you're interested in that you could email us again at courses at t-cell
minus tefl and you can ask the sales team about the university credits
that we offer i think that might be a really good option for you
or if you don't you know have the time um to get a degree or the budget right
now you just maybe go to a different country where there is no degree required or you can start teaching
online at a platform that does not require um to have a degree
it's all up to you i would say many options definitely many options
don't despair okay great
i'm just gonna stay on a couple more minutes two or three more minutes to see if anyone else has a question
um before i sign off but yeah what do you think about um
today's topic actually is this something that you could see yourself doing being a digital
nomad while teaching online let me know is this something you could your you can see yourself doing
after today's uh session do you feel like maybe you can pursue
this in the future i'm very curious let me know
i'm definitely very interested in this and i've been thinking about going somewhere and staying
somewhere for a month um been looking into that for a little bit so i'm definitely interested
um probably somewhere in south asia southeast asia i'm very interested in
that so um we'll see but um yeah it's definitely an option for me as well
marcia says yeah maybe that would be nice
abdul says most of teaching online they said my experience is not fit with them what does that mean
why what experience do you have do you have teaching experience
sorry to hear that maybe you just haven't found the right platform yet i would encourage you look
at the list i gave you and look for all of those that do not require a degree and just apply apply to all of them and
have interviews i'm sure you can find a platform that
fits for you absolutely no don't be sorry for asking a lot
that's great that's what i'm here for that's why that's what q a is here for
i'm sorry i can't give you like a better answer but i would recommend checking out the sheet
i shared with you and all the platforms that have uh that don't require a degree
and you get in contact with them i'm sure there is a platform out there that will be more than happy to hire you for
okay all right don't be shy i love that i love having
an exchange and a conversation with you don't be sh shy at all yes i can share
that again for sure let me share the cheat again
maybe you joined later um
yeah juliana i mean if you think you can help him um reach out and that would be really
great we can help each other so this is the link it's a
spreadsheet link you can click on that and then you just make a copy of that
and then you can refer to that that's what it looks like
so yeah connect with each other juliana and abdul that would be great and maybe juliana can help out here that'd be
awesome as well because i know juliana's teaching also for several platforms so why not
um help another teacher out here that'd be great all right well uh i'm glad i could bring
you two together that seems like maybe something good can can come out of that um
i think yeah if this if there are no more questions i'm ready to sign off for
today i hope you enjoyed today's topic it was a little bit different like i always say every week i try you
know to bring up a new topic it's not always easy so if you have any topic suggestions feel free to let me know and
then i can organize a life around that i'd be happy to do that
so if you have anything you can just message me here at lynda goes east or you just email me
message me email us at itttt anything
i'm happy to accommodate you giuliano says hello linda hi juliano
it's been a while or maybe you're just quiet because i can't see who is watching i can only see
how many people are watching and i can see who um you know when you make a comment
but i can't see who's watching in the background but hi
i'm very excited that you're here it's been always a pleasure listening to your presentation now thank you so much
i appreciate that yeah i tried to make it fun um obviously helpful useful that you can
take something away that's my goal here and to answer some questions so i hope i
did that today and i hope you learned something new and i hope you tune in again next week we always go live twice
a week one time me fridays usually at this time and then one time my colleague lisa on tuesdays around tuesday and she
is a non-native english teacher from russia based in russia but she also
taught english in china she's a great online teacher as well so she has a lot of input
feedback great tips and advice for online teachers and non-native english speakers
who want to teach abroad or online so if that resonates with you i recommend
checking her out as well we all have all of our live sessions listed in our playlists on facebook and also on
youtube so go ahead and check that out as well and then i think i'm signing off
um if there are no more questions you can also still leave your questions in the comments if you watch a replay if
you watch this when it's already over feel free to just make a comment and yeah have a great weekend thank you
marcia marcia says hope you have a great weekend dear linda hugs huge hugs from
chile your topic was interesting as usual thank you so much marcia i really hope i can come to chile and visit you
um that's really on my on my list of things to do
so i hope i can do that um that would be awesome and um yeah i hope to see you
all again next week and then i'm signing off uh i'll leave you here um stay safe stay
happy stay curious come back again next week and if you have any question anything it any questions anything at
all here atlanta goes east on instagram or at international tefl training on instagram
here on facebook messenger anything we are available we can reach
out all right okay then thank you
yeah great all right thank you all and see you next week hopefully