10 Advantages of Taking a TEFL Course with ITTT


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together we're going to be talking about 10 advantages of taking a teflon tesol course with itt international teflon
tesol training um so that's our topic for today because
there are so many different course providers out there right um if you google tefl or tesol
you're going to see so many different providers out there so i just want to highlight what i think
are the 10 most important advantages of taking your course with itt and i know
that some of you have already taken a course with itt and um
feel free to give your opinions on the different points that i'm pointing out and also if you have any other
points you want to add to that at any time you are free to you know leave a comment in the comment box and also
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and i am going to make myself smaller a little bit i'm still here um but i want all focus to be on the
slides for now and first i just want to introduce myself a little bit uh for people who
are watching for the first time my name is linda i am a travel writer
and content creator under the handle um luna goes east you can also find my own
website at um wwe and also on social media at linda goes
east i am from germany at the us my mom is german my dad is american
and i am based in south korea i've been in south korea for six years already six and a half years almost
um and before south korea i also lived and taught english in china
and i'm also teaching in south korea and for the past five years and more a little bit more i have been a
um tefl and tesol marketing professional for itt which stands for international
tefl and tesol training and you can find us online at
and on instagram at international tefl training and there's a couple of other um socials i'm gonna share that with you
at the end if you want to check us out please do of course and ittttt is a leading tefl and tesol
course provider worldwide and i know that some of you are already certified and some of you are not yet
um so if you are not yet certified if you don't have a tefl yet but you're
thinking about it today's session will be very valuable for you and i hope you will be able to make a good decision
after today's session like i said as always please just if you have any questions during the session feel free
to leave a comment in the comment box and i'll get back to you um live right now
so let's jump right in 10 advantages of taking a tefl or tesol
course with itt and actually i'm just going to share a
quick link with you guys at the beginning
we have this page on our website actually that has all the different reasons and advantages
of itttt and i know it's really small you probably can't read it but um
these are only 12 now but this website the page on our website has like i think 46 different reasons why you should
choose itttt so if you're curious if you have a bit of time um you can check it
out later i just shared the link it looks like this um so slash best minus
tefl minus course and you'll see all of those reasons and from those reasons i
picked 10 some of them i combined into one because they are related so i'm going to
mention 10 things today um that i think are great about choosing
itttt and also not because i work for itttt obviously but actually when i got
certified when i got my own certificate and i have it right here when i got this i did not work for itttt yet so actually
i found them first um when i was looking for a tefl
uh course provider and um i did you know i googled i did some research probably what you all did
the same thing and i found itttt and those reasons really convinced me to um
then get certification and i took the course i got certified and then i somehow um slid into
working for them as well but yeah i was convinced by the reasons first
uh just like many of you are in this uh journey because like i said there are
so many different course providers out there it can be quite intimidating and daunting to you know make your choice
and pick the correct one right so um yeah let's jump into my first reason and
first advantage of why it's good to take a tefl course with itttt
and i think this one is also one of the most important ones
so it is that all of itttt's certificates and
certification courses tefl and tesol are internationally recognized they are accredited and also university credit
bearings so um itttt has actually been providing teflon tesol courses since the
1990s so a very very long time and during this long time iitt has
developed lots of different relationships with many of the leading individuals and institutes and schools in the efl
industry and the ones that i've listed here are some of our main affiliations and
accreditations so you'll see for example lamar university from the united states
so all of our courses are validated and also credit bearing by lamar university then we also have the paris college of
international education in france and siam technology college in thailand
um each student if you take a tefl course with itttt you actually not only
receive your certificate but you also receive an official transcript from the paris college of international education
along with your certificate which is really great and this actually makes itt's courses the only
100 percent online tefl and tesol certification courses available that are
validated accredited and credit bearing from an internationally recognized
university so that's a big point um to consider because that's obviously the
point of taking a certification course making sure that it is valid and accredited and recognized all over the
world right so this is i think the most important thing um because i know maybe a lot of people are only watching the
first few minutes of a live session you can always obviously watch the replay and i hope uh you are sticking in
sticking it out sticking it out but um i just wanted to get that out of the way
first so that everyone can hear it and um because it's so important and then also we have the teacher training
council our five day combined courses i'm going to talk about the different course options
also a little bit later but they are all moderated by the teacher training council
and the teacher training council is actually an accreditation um you know an international learning and development
body so um yeah that just right off the bat a little bit about the accreditation and
if you are more curious about the exact details about our affiliations and
accreditation you can also check that out on our website we have a very detailed
page for that as well you can check out all the different universities and their websites from here as well so do check
that out do check that out here slash affiliations
and then you'll see all of our affiliations cool we have a question
here from mustafa hi and he's asking do you accept candidates from morocco yes we do actually that's
also one of the advantages i'm going to talk about but our courses are open to
anyone over 18 native english speakers and fluent english speakers from any country in the
world so wherever you are you are um if you are a fluent english speaker um
because our courses are in english only obviously and it is about teaching english so you need to be fluent
um then you can take our courses absolutely
okay great so this is advantage number one let's have a look at the second one good so another point about um you know
the the um yeah accreditation side of things so our certificate we have certificate
notarization services available and we have three different options
how to basically validate our certificates so the first option is um
you can verify your online course certificate on our website so you can go to certificate minus verification and then when you i'm gonna make myself
just bigger for a second when you look at so this is what a uh certificate from itt looks like i just
want to show you real quick so this is mine um and every certificate has a
here has a unique oh my god a unique number down here
and with this unique number you can go to this website or your employer where you are applying can go to the website
and can punch this number in along with your name and then
they will see a validation so that yes um
that uh you know this tefl or tesol certificate
uh is really from you and it's legit it's accredited from itt so that's one
method to validate it for employers then if you need a little bit more than
that you can also get a notarized copy of your certificate printed stamped and
signed by a notary and there's one even higher option so
you can get a copy of your original tefl certificate authenticated by the itt
registrar and then have it counter signed by notary public at the same time so this is an additional option that we
also offer because some countries um or some employers for certain schools they
will require um notarization services but this is maybe
just 90 of all the people um who take our courses will not need this so this
is only a small percentage of people that will require that but it's something that we also offer
okay one more question here from mustafa i want to answer so he says i have a ba in
english full-time or online okay i guess you mean our courses so that's a great
thing another great thing about our courses and we actually have different kinds of courses i'm gonna talk about
that in a bit but um the online courses we have online courses that you can take
at your own pace and then we also have full-time four-week courses where you go
to a training center and then spend four weeks there and do your training there okay
cool then we have min min hi from myanmar hi thanks for joining
awesome okay let's have a look at advantage number three oh my gosh i have
my little light here because it's already dark outside but i just almost
smacked it okay so advantage number three about the practical content with tutor
support so obviously um our online courses or online courses in general
they tend to be more focused on the theory of things obviously and lack
actual teaching practice but that's why our courses they cover as much practical
content hands-on real life real world content as possible so it's a great
balance between the theory and the real world stuff basically and this is
enhanced with um you know lots of videos and really interactive material
um you can also add a practical teaching element to your certification if you
would like so the standard course that we offer is and the most popular is the 120 hour tefl or tesol course so you
could take that plus um six hours of real teaching practice to kind of top that up
um which is an option for people who want that and need that and then we also have the option of
taking your tefl course with a tutor so a professional tefl tesol tutor we
always offer our courses most courses have two options a tutored one and a non-tutored one so non-tutored means
it's just you you work through the material by yourself and the tutored version has um this option where
a professional tefl and tesol tutor guides you through the course towards
the successful completion of your training you're able to you know have chats with your tutor ask some questions
and get feedback and all that stuff so it depends on what kind of learning style you know you prefer if you are
totally cool with just um studying by yourself then the non-tutored version should be no problem but if you want
that extra support that extra little bit of knowledge um then the tutor is really great so yeah
good hi we have also someone rita from algeria hi thanks for joining
awesome good so this is advantage number three move on let's move on to the next one
advantage number four yes so now we're going to talk about the different courses that we offer and i think what's
great about itttt is that there's a vast range of courses uh which might seem a
little bit overwhelming if you have no clue about teflor tesol but once um you
talk with us you're tefl and tesol experts and once you understand what
your goals are where you want to teach what kind of students you want to teach what kind of english you want to teach
you know business english beginner english all these kinds of things
and where you want to teach do you want to teach abroad in asia and europe you know or do you want to teach online
then we can offer the perfect best tailored course option to you and i
think that what really stands out at itt that we have so many different options so we do have online options online tefl
and tesol courses which are the most popular because you can just take them from anywhere you can study from your
own home anytime anywhere we also have in-class courses so i
already mentioned that a little bit but basically you go um you go to a in class um training center
we have over 30 different centers around the world in a destination either near you if you don't want to travel abroad
or you know abroad in a country of your choice and you spend four weeks there and you do um
your training you know with with a trainer and other classmates who also want to be teachers
and then there is the combined option which basically combines both of the aspects so the online aspect and the
in-class aspect so um you complete part of your certificate online first
and then you go to a training center for additional teaching practice afterwards
so whatever you want um we can offer and obviously like i mentioned so if you're
not sure what you want or what you need for your goal where you want to be um that's what
we are here for so we can offer consultation you can let us know you want to do this you want to go there you
want to teach you know business english or children or whatever it may be and then we recommend the perfect course
to you basically we lay out all the options and then you can make your decision
so let's look at a couple of courses that we offer so the most popular like i
already mentioned is this one the 120 hour tefl certificate
um 120 hour because 100 it always for jobs abroad and also nowadays teaching
english online the minimum is at least 100 hours of study pretty much everywhere so that's why the 120 hour
course is the um pretty much the yeah the standard tefl course you want
to start with and this is what it looks like i have it here
here and this is also the first course that i took um with itttt oh
let me make myself a little bit bigger but yeah this it looks like this has your name on it has um teflon tesol on
it and also how many how many hours here
how many hours and it's a really nice certificate it looks very very nice um
and they also or itt sends it to you anywhere in the world as well
so that's really great and good to have so that's the 120 hour one
this one the good thing about this course is that it is completed 100 percent online so that's why so many
people also love it because you can complete it from anywhere in the world wherever you are just with an internet
connection obviously um this course has 20 units and it's pretty much split between like teaching
um theory and methodology stuff and classroom management and lesson planning and all those things and also grammar so
you're gonna learn everything you need to be a teacher basically um yeah you can study this course at
your own pace you have up to six months to complete it but most people actually
complete it much much faster i think it took me four months but i was working full time so um if you're really in a
hurry and you have a lot of time you could definitely complete it much faster um yeah then you get this beautiful
embossed hard copy certificate sent to your door once you um pass and
finish the course and yeah the notarization services are available that's what i already mentioned in the
beginning for anyone who needs it typically like i said not a lot of people will actually need
that um yeah this course actually starts at 249 usd and 339 with tutor so here you can
choose like i said having a tutor or not um then we also have specializations um
i also want to mention that three specializations that i also took all of them
so first i did the teaching english to young learners certificate those are all 50 hour
certifications so 50 are tefl certifications the young learners targets obviously how to teach
english to young learners to children anything from literally toddlers to
like teenagers um then i took the um
teaching business english course um yeah like like the name implies it is for uh
learning how to teach business professionals in a business setting um you know company
people executives all that kind of stuff obviously because those fields are very
specific and very very different and then we also have teaching online so this is also one that i took looks like
this they all look the same the certificates they all look like this it's very nice and um yeah so this certificate teaches
you everything and all the skills you need to have to teach english online because that's also very very different
um compared to teaching english in a real classroom right so um yeah those are the specializations
then we also have um bundles so i just want to mention that
because when obviously with everything right when you buy bundles you can actually save more so it's actually
cheaper compared to buying or purchasing taking every course individually then if
you just bought the bundle the package it is cheaper so those are the options that we offer you can find out all about
these also on our website so depending on usually depending on what your goal is you know do you want to teach english
more long term where do you want to teach english then you would choose a package with more hours and more courses included compared
to when you just maybe want to teach english for a year or two and then you know do something else so it all depends
on your goals that's how you choose your tefl course we also did um live sessions previously
about how to choose the perfect tesla course so feel free to browse our playlists on facebook we have a playlist
of all our live sessions and also on youtube we have a playlist of all our live sessions so you can just browse
that and pick and choose the topics that interest you and will help you the most and obviously you can always reach out
to us you can also always reach out to me directly at linda goes east on instagram or facebook i'm available
and just anyone from itt will be very very happy to um consult and give you a
consultation good okay let's see the next advantage
here that is advantage number five so we're halfway through now um this one is easy to study all our
courses are very easy to study you can study from anywhere in the world and also at your own pace and i think this
is why our courses the online courses are so so popular um so you always if you
choose to take a course with itt you study through itt's online study
platform um you can also so there you have access to all the materials and assessment
strategies and you can also download them so that's what a lot of people do actually they will download all of the
material and then keep a huge binder which is also what i would recommend um to print it all out and keep it in a
binder in a folder on your computer or in a binder
actually print it out in paper and then you can really refer to it even like in the classroom because you actually get a
lot of material like uh games and activities and even worksheets that you can actually use in your classroom so
it's always a great idea to have those actually like as physical papers
um yeah you have access to the study dashboard from any location with an
internet connection and via any device you like such as pc laptop tablet or
smartphone so you can study literally like with your phone sitting on the couch you could study
no problem so yeah
good uh advantage number six yes this is also a big one and a very
important one um you do get lifetime job assistance and um access to efl like
partnerships so um it is free and lasts forever
um so that means all itt course graduates have access to lifetime job
assistance so at the end of your course when you pass your course um you will
let us know where you want to teach do you want to teach you know in korea or do you want to teach in china or in peru or online
and we will help you um find a job there because we have a huge database of different tefl efl
recruiters that we work with and a huge network of schools that we work with and partner with and they all share with us
unadvertised jobs so they they send us their job offers because they want to hire people from itt because they know
our training is is you know is great and they want to hire itt
certified people because they know our courses and the content of our courses and they trust that and they want to
hire yeah itt grads because it's very well known so that's what you will have access to and even if you don't teach
right away so let's say you take a tefl course you graduate you pass you get your certificate but you're not ready to
teach yet for whatever reason um let's say you're ready to teach maybe in a year or in two years or even in
just in 10 years you can still reach out to us again and say hey i'm an itt grad
and i am in need of the job assistant so please um help me out and we will get
the process started for you so um yeah we also offer actually help with tefl
resume writing um so we have you know support for that and
also cover letters and also sometimes when you apply for a job
um they also the employers they will ask um they will ask to hold a mock lesson a
short like um yeah like 10 minute 20 minute english teaching lesson
via webcam or maybe in person and so we can also help with that and you know get you ready for that so that you pass that
interview stage okay i have a comment here i want to just look on real quick
i look at it's like it's already evening and my brain doesn't work anymore but yeah
i'm trying my best all right uh yeah all courses sound great my first language is
spanish and second one is english my concern is that to get a position abroad they request native speakers so i'm not
uh i'm not but i am full english i'm fluent in english with a bachelor's
degree in english this is the only one that stops me so far yes there are um you know schools
companies and also entire like countries that um only hire native english
speakers but there's also a lot of places where you can actually find work as a non-native english speaker and um
that's where i always mention my colleague lisa because she's a great example she is from russia she's a
non-native english teacher from russia and she taught english abroad she taught in
china and i think she also did a little bit of teaching in thailand and now she's teaching in russia again
but it's definitely possible to um find work as an english teacher also as a
non-native english speaker abroad also online so i highly recommend checking out because lisa did a lot of
live sessions also already before so i highly recommend checking out our playlist because she actually shares a
lot of great tips specifically for non-native english speakers on how to get a job where to
get a job you know how to structure your um portfolio what maybe english
language proficiency tests or certificates you can get to boost your resume and what you can do to find a
position so i highly recommend that there are options out there it's not impossible it's not impossible you just need to
know uh which countries which places are accepting um non-native english teachers and there
are a lot actually so don't worry don't worry it is possible and even with a bachelor's degree in english
and that should not be a problem do not worry okay good so that was that about
lifetime job assistance and our efl partnerships so now i want to move on to
the next advantage which is excellent value for money yeah so
considering all of the different um you know courses that we offer and also
the um the lifetime job assistance all the extra services that you get the hard
copy certificates you can get the validation um
this is really excellent value for money compared to many other tesol and tefl course providers sure you
can do your google search and you can go on groupon and find 20
tefl courses but they do not include nearly nearly
half of what itt's courses include so um yeah because we also get the question a
lot but you just can't really compare those two um yeah so
all our tefl certification courses we offer them to suit all budgets that's why i went through all the different
course options so there's something for everyone in there from our 60-hour introductory course to our 250-hour
diploma in tesol to all the bundles you really you should find a course that is
affordable and suitable for your future employment plans and also uh what maybe is interesting to
some of you many of our courses they come with a free specialized course which will add a
real shine to your future job applications so um the if you take for example the 120 hour
course with tutor support you do get a free 50-hour course to choose from so
you can take the 120-hour standard course and then choose either business english course or the young learners
course that you can then do for free so um that's really great and a lot of people
might not know that but that's something that we offer because we also believe that everyone uh no matter you know your
background or where you're from or whatever deserves the chance to make their dream of teaching abroad
teaching english or teaching you know making a career a career teaching english online um
and make that dream come true so yeah awesome
okay um then we're moving on to the eighth advantage advantage number eight
which is yeah excellent reviews that's another good point and that's also something that uh why i considered itttt
in the beginning years ago obviously nowadays before you buy anything
uh literally anything befo i mean i i look up reviews for everything restaurants where i eat
on amazon no matter what i buy usually i look up the reviews right and also
that's what you do obviously with your tefl course and so these are three great
resources where you can read up on our reviews so that's google reviews it's trustpilot that's
you'll see that 99 of those reviews are excellent um
and um yeah you can have a read i mean that's really interesting and uh you know you should do that there's a bunch of you
know so many different people from all over the world from all different backgrounds and what they share we also
share you know some of the reviews on our social media so you can check that out on our facebook page every once in a
while you'll see a review pop up we also have a very big video testimonial
section on youtube uh where people share their experience on video
we also have a tefl blog where people share their stories and
things like that so that's definitely something you can check out um to convince yourself
like i did um and yeah yeah you'll also see that on um
on those sites you'll see like the verified thing uh you know that those are real verified
course graduates um real people who really took the course who then really uh left a real
review because that's also something that you need to watch out for these days right but that's why we choose those three
main platforms because you can get verified reviews on there which is obviously what you want and is the most
trustworthy so yeah that's that and if you that's what i want to mention also on facebook
actually we have reviews and if you have taken a course with itttt and you have not left a review yet and you like what
you did like we did um you liked your experience please do leave a review we really appreciate that and it can help
other people make the same decision as you all right moving on to advantage number
nine now yeah that's a great point as well so all itttt staff has personal experience
living working and teaching english abroad and this is actually a picture of me when i was teaching my first year in
korea it's a little bit blurry because i don't have the best quality picture from that time
but yeah that was me in my first year in korea teaching at a english-speaking
kindergarten and those were my kindergartners they're they're five and six years old and we did a reading class
there but yeah so all of the people who work at itttt all of them have experience they were
either teaching abroad before they live abroad currently um you know or they i mean we have
people with 20 30 years of teaching experience abroad in asia in south america europe
anywhere so um that's really something to look for in a good teflon tesol course
provider um you don't want people obviously you want people
who have done or are doing what you want to do because they know
how like the real world and what it really looks like and how to get there so um
that's just a good advantage i think worth mentioning i just want to say that and
yeah good and the last advantage
let's see there is no final exam and no pressure
so if you decide to take a teflor t-cell course with itt
um all of them they include ongoing assessments as you work through the materials
um so after every unit there is a short multiple choice assessment
after every unit so that removes the need for a final exam at the end there is a summative task at the end which is
a short essay that you need to write but there's no big final exam per se so um
it doesn't it's not all about this one final exam at itt but what matters is an
average score of at least 75 across all the
course unit assessments so if you um you know if you're not feeling good one
day and you just uh you're not doing really well on one assessment it doesn't matter it's not hopeless you know you
can you do better the next time and then the average is calculated so that's what's important here and um this really
leads to minimal levels of stress and then you have more time planning your teaching adventure um you know making
plans of where you want to move to or you know if you want to teach english online setting up your english virtual
classroom basically so yeah i think that's a really good um way
to end this so the last advantage that i wanted to mention no final exam
um yeah and now i just want to show you like i promised you the other socials how you
can or where you can find itt so facebook twitter instagram also youtube obviously where some of you are watching
from and then we are moving on to the q a section of today's live session this is
your opportunity to ask questions right now about today's anything that i said today maybe you have a question you
didn't understand something or just anything else you want to know about teaching english abroad or online or
teaching in korea specifically because that's where i live or more about itt
more about our specific courses now is your opportunity and you can also scan this qr code one
more time to get 30 percent off your teflor tesol course
and i'm just going to share the link one more time as well so if you cannot scan this qr code no problem
you can simply click on the link that i'm going to share now in the comment section
here looks like this and if you're listening to this as a podcast episode it will be in the podcast description
if you didn't know we always turn our live sessions into podcast episodes so
if that's something you're into check us out on itunes um google podcasts um
where else spotify all of the major podcast platforms you will find our podcast there it's called the tefl and
tesol podcast by itt just throwing that throwing that out there
all right
okay so do let me know if you have a question
about anything related to teflon tesolin i'd be more than happy to answer it i
still have some time on here i can still be here and answer your questions don't be shy i always say this
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all right i'm gonna make myself bigger now again okay
all right great we have a question here from sylvia sylvia says if i have finished my
bachelor's degree in english is it necessary to take a teflon tesol exam
yeah good question so if you already have a degree in english um [Music]
you know do you need a teflora t-cells so yes in most cases yes so specifically for
places like uh you know there are a lot of places actually that require you to have a teflor t-sol plus a degree
so it depends on where you want to go and a teflon a t-shirt is always
useful because you might have a bachelor's degree in english so you know how english works
but you don't have those teaching skills and there are some schools and some countries that really need to need you
to have this piece of paper also for work visa purposes so in some places
this is one thing that you actually need to show um to you know the immigration officers
and like the people at the embassy to get your work visa so it is very important to actually have that
plus your degree and the good thing is when you have a degree also in english
that's a huge plus so that way having a degree a bachelor's degree in
english plus a tefl um you have very very good opportunities and most likely
also gonna get a higher salary than other people so that was really that was that's really good
good and then another question also from sylvia so how is it working in korea do you need to know their language so
that's a great question and this actually goes for anywhere in the world so we get this
question a lot you know oh i want to move to korea do i need to know korean or i want to move to
spain do i need to know spanish so typically as an english teacher you do not need the language you do not need to
know the language of the country that you're moving to because you're there to teach english so they don't require you
to speak their language obviously it helps it helps mostly in your everyday
day-to-day just life because you're not only you're not teaching 24 7 you also have a a uh like private life a free
time life i guess outside of the classroom and if you know the language of the country that you live in
obviously that's a huge plus so i do recommend um you know at least learning a little bit of the language that you're
that you of the country that you're moving to before moving but it's not a requirement to know the
language it is not oh and how is it working korea it is
very good um it's great there are a lot of opportunities for teachers at um public schools through the program
called epic so um you can apply through the program and then you go through a
interview process and then you might get accepted and you um work for a public school
or you go through you know you do your independent job search or through a recruiter and then you can
work for a private school so there's so many so many private schools like private english kindergartens or just
afternoon schools um that really really need english speakers so there's a huge
demand there so definitely korea is a good place to look for when you want to teach english
abroad um yeah also one of the
like east asia is in my opinion the best place to teach english um as a foreign language abroad
so that is japan korea um china and taiwan they tend to be really
the best area also because the cost of living tends to be cheaper compared to western countries
while the salaries are still high you also get great benefits in this region like paid housing paid airfare
um health insurance um yeah it's really great end of contract
bonuses pension severance all those things so it's
actually great so you are able a lot of people are actually able to save a lot of money there and then obviously travel in their
free time around other amazing places in asia so asia is a good place east asia
and then also the middle east is a really good area for teaching they actually have the highest salaries for
teaching english abroad and many of the countries there also have tax free they pay tax-free
salaries which is amazing so but um their requirements tend to be a
little bit stricter they need um a bachelor's degree in english and a
tesol or tefl and some even a master's degree and then two years of work experience and so it's a little bit more
harder to get into um the middle east but um you know if you are teaching maybe
somewhere in asia first and then get your experience under the belt and then you move on to a different place i think
that's the beauty of teaching english abroad really because you don't have to stay in one place you
know you can really move around and find uh you know go wherever you want and
teach english there there is such a high demand in so many places i actually did some live sessions previously about um
you know specific regions so how to teach english in asia how to teach english in europe so if you're
interested in that again check out our playlists of live sessions previous live sessions
on youtube and also on facebook we always keep them there and um
check out our previous sessions for something that you're interested in
recommended right thank you for the question that
was great
we have ness man hi what's going on good good
thanks for being here all right another one from sylvia thank
you for asking so many questions i really think that's great so she asks when you go and teach in
korea do you first have like a mentor who guides you do you have to prepare all the materials so this really depends
on the kind of school you work for so um if for example if you apply through the
epic program like i mentioned the government-funded program you actually do have like um
a orientation i forget the word orientation period i think it's two
weeks long with all of the new hires for that year
i think it's in seoul or in incheon just outside of seoul where the airport is
and you stay there for for two weeks or it might be a week and um you get like training how the program works and all
of that and just life in korea they set you up a little bit it's guidance if you work for a private school typically
you're also not just left alone and thrown um you know into into this new world but you will also
have you know co-workers and colleagues who will help you and be like a mentor for the first time
and then about preparing the materials this also depends on the type of school you work for so some
schools will already have a set curriculum with lesson plans and everything so you don't actually have to
do any of that but some other schools they don't and then you have to prepare
all the materials so that would be a good question to ask during the interview period for example when you
interview with the school you could ask them that you know and that's also not like rude or bad to
ask so you could ask so how does it typically look like at your school do you have a curriculum or will i be
planning my own lessons you can definitely ask that okay
then we have a question here from second chance hi i don't have experience in teaching if i clear tefl may i get a
chance to work in asian countries yes definitely so most people actually who go and teach abroad um don't have
any experience at first um and they do get hired so most schools some schools
actually like hiring people with no experience because they can basically teach them their way of teaching so
every school typically has like their own um teaching style and way of doing things so they really like actually
hiring new people so they can really kind of form them the way they want them to be teaching
if that makes sense so um yeah you can definitely find work if you don't have any teaching experience i did not have
any experience when i started um and you know schools know that so they
typically give you like training one or two weeks um or maybe longer and they give you someone you know colleague
you can like um get guidance from and yes asia is a great place to go and
look for work as a non-native english speaker and as a native speaker um you know east asia
china japan taiwan korea and southeast asia like thailand vietnam cambodia um
those are really great places to look for teaching jobs in asia i actually did a live session about how to teach
english in asia um so i recommend you check that out it's in our playlist i see you're watching from youtube so you
can go to our live video playlist and you'll find it there how to teach english in asia
check it out awesome
yeah i always i i mean my heart is really set on asia i love living and working in
asia i taught english in china and also i've been now in korea for six years so
um this is really i just love this region and um you know exploring all the
different countries in asia it's just such a vibrant beautiful continent so rich in culture
so yeah awesome yeah you're very welcome keep
your questions coming it's very interesting
let me see if i missed anything i don't think i have i'm pretty good at keeping an eye on the comment section but also
yeah this is just me i'm doing this live alone i don't know if you if you're new maybe you don't know we don't have
anyone like in the background helping me out or anything so if i miss a comment please don't um
don't be sad all right great question great question
sylvia so is there like an age limit to being accepted in schools so um sometimes there are age limits
so um typically that's like an upper age limit so some countries i know that is
the the that is true in china and i think also in korea and maybe japan where they have
a retirement age of 60 so if you're over 60 you might not be
able to find work there um so it really depends on where you want
to go what kind of country but actually when i was in china i also met a teacher who was over 60 who was still working
and he was actually working for university he had a really good job so it really depends on the school you know
um just yeah can happen but some schools actually
prefer hiring older teachers so it usually depends yeah
it's not impossible hi marcia hi [Music]
you don't have any questions good good no problem i appreciate you being here
i hope you're doing well awesome
good good all right i'm still alive i'm still here so if anybody else has any
questions please keep them coming i don't mind at all uh another question so
what are the qualifications needed to teach apart from a tefl certificate like key skills
good question yeah so again this depends on where you want to teach so some countries especially like the middle
east where the salaries are so high uh you will also might need um you know few years of
teaching experience some places might require a bachelor's degree like in english but typically
it's a bachelor's degree a four-year degree plus a tefl
and um that's typically all you need if you are a non-native speaker you might also want to get some kind of
english proficiency certificates or something like a tough full or an ielts
or a i think it's called cpe certificates or something like that and um yeah also depending on where you
want to go into what kind of field of teaching you know you can get one of those um specializations that i mentioned earlier
so here you have the teaching english online certificate we have one for business english and we also have one
for teaching english to young learners so the more um you know obviously the more uh things
you have to add on to your professional portfolio the better that makes sense
for some countries like for going to korea you also need to have a criminal background check to get the visa like
all those little things you need to do like health check um but yeah typically that's
all you need all right sylvia what type of final essay do we have to write for the tefl
exam yeah good question so we actually like i said it's a summative task oh i forget now how many words it is but it's
not very long might be 600 or 900 words i forget um
i think something like that and you can choose between the topic we give you like a list of 20
possible topics to write about it's all teaching related um so
it's really not that difficult um as long as you you know express your opinion and
incorporate a little bit of you know the teaching skills that you have learned in your course then oh thank you marcia
mercies says it's 500 words you should work for itttt you know it better than me
um so it's 500 words for the summative task and yeah you can choose between i think
20 topics teaching related topics oh marcia's at work
and we are at the end of the term so i'm getting crazy here oh i'm so sorry sorry
to hear that i hope you'll feel better soon then that means i guess you have vacation very
soon if you're at the end of your school year so that's that's exciting at least
okay very good all right i think i'm gonna take one more question so if anyone has one more question feel free
to ask now and then i'm gonna get ready and head out soon um
[Music] yeah it's actually getting quite hot under this light
ring lights are great but um yeah getting quite hot now
you see i have a drink a lot
staying hydrated yeah sure thing sylvia says thank you for being so kind and answering my
questions thank you friend for asking all your questions that's great that's what i like you know don't be shy
any question that you have there there are no stupid questions ask as many as you want
okay all righty
let's see one more question i'm going to take one more question who's going to ask the last question for today
the last question for today second chance chances yeah thank you so
much i'm being clueless about these things now i am okay thank you again yeah sure that's why i'm here that's why
we are doing this weekly sessions um you know giving you the opportunity because i know i'm looking at the
website sometimes you know there's so much information it can be quite um overwhelming
and so that's why we come on live and we answer all your questions live and you know
answer them like this i think that's a great approach because a lot of people might
have yeah no time for reading all the information or god knows i mean it's just fun to do it this way as well so i
was i'm glad i was able to help you out no problem
yeah and like i said um if you are not yet tefl certified tesol certified now is a great chance during
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for coming on at this time i know it was a different time than normal but i think we got a lot of new people today which
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yeah please um come again
and yeah okay second chance ask where are you from i am from uh germany and america so
my mom is german my dad is american actually but i live in south korea
i am in south korea right now it is 9 00 p.m in south korea friday
i'm getting ready to sign off now we were live for over an hour now usually we stop after one hour
max so i just wanted to make sure that everyone got the chance to ask a question so i hope that all of you did
you were not shy ask away also you can ask questions in the replay or just later we get back to you in the comments
anyway so don't feel shy and then yeah i'm gonna wish you all a
happy weekend have a lot of fun stay safe wherever you are and i hope
you're gonna come back again next week i'm gonna prepare another great topic if you have any topic suggestions feel free
to um you know let me know and i'll make a live session around your topic
and yeah okay last question here from brahim i
want to go to the camp to cambodia to get in class training are they going to help me to get a job yes they will they
will and it's great um to get an in-class tefl course so you're already there and you can already interview at
schools and look around so that's a great approach so i had to recommend doing it that way as well especially for cambodia
where it's definitely great to interview in person so yes i approve do that go
ahead all right then thank you so much for tuning in and i'm gonna sign off
have a wonderful weekend and see you again next week hopefully and then yeah
bye guys bye