Teach English in Taunton, England

Date posted:2005-06-17 | Writer: MANOR COURSES | Email: [email protected]

Residential Native Speaker EFL Teachers (Qualified) Starting 4th July 6 Week Contracts Taunton, Somerset (South West England, 45min from Bristol)

Main Responsibilities:  ·  LESSONS - Teach 3hrs. per morning, 5 times per week.  ·  Plus HOMEWORK - Teach 45min. per afternoon, 5 times per week.  ·  DUTY ROTAS - 2hr. Supervisory Duties (of facilities and some activities) per afternoon/evening on a duty-rota basis, 6 times per week.  ·  RESIDENTIAL - Bedtime/Wake-up Duty on a duty-rota basis, approx. 3 times per week.

Other Resonsibilities:  ·  Materials - Plan and organise materials from a range of resources.  ·  Testing - Oral testing and marking multiple choice placement tests, weekly.  ·  Certificates - Write final certificates, weekly.  ·  Social Activities Programme - Participation in social activities programme, welcome assemblies and farewell presentations.  ·  Excursions - Attendance on full day and afternoon excursions, weekly.  ·  Dress - Wear the issued Manor Courses T-shirt for duties.

We are looking for teachers who:  ·  Have relevant EFL training / degrees / certificates (Cambridge RSA CELTA / Trinity CTESOL / DELTA / DipTESOL).  ·  Are Enthusiastic and willing to work with young students.  ·  Have classroom experience at any level (preferably Residential School experience).  ·  Are Prepared to accept the other duties as well as teaching(i.e. excursions, residential supervision).

REMUNERATION PACKAGE includes: * Salary: 190.00 per week (less NI & Tax if applicable) * Accommodation for duration of contract. * Full board (3 meals a day, 2 refreshment breaks plus free tea and coffee throughout). * First Aid training with certificate (included during the induction seminar). * 1 day off per week.

* N.B: There will be an obligatory 2 day Induction Course (from 4 July).

Contact: Jon Barnard Course Director Manor Courses Ltd T: 44 (0) 1273 300938 F: 44 (0) 1273 300940 Email: [email protected] Web: Contact us

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Unit three has allowed me to understand different methods of teaching. In addition to he introduction of various methods, it went over the concept of \"Engage, Study, Activate.\" ESA goes over various teaching materials that can be used when in specific phases of teaching. Thinking back to elementary, middle, and high school, similar methods were used to enforce my knowledge of the English language even as my first language.This unit was very interesting, as it taught types of speech I use everyday without ever understanding the \"rules\" that go with them. I found the examples of usage for each conditional helpful as were the teaching suggestions The reported speech section was challenging, but the video explanations made everything more clear to me. The diagram on page 7 of the unit was also helpful and triggered a class activity idea for me.