TEFL near Hat Yai, Thailand

Date posted:2006-10-26 | Writer: Patong Prathan Kiriwat School | Email: [email protected]

Full Time  secondary English Teacher required.


A native speaker to start Nov 1st. Patong Prathan Kiriwat School is located about 20km south of Hat Yai on a large treed campus which is off the main road and quite quiet. I live in Hat Yai and take public transport to school and enyoy all that Hat Yai has to offer, a multitude of restaurants, bars and entertainment and shopping venues. Nature is not far away, with many beaches and waterfalls close by. The job is full time with 23 50 min. periods per week, Wednesday is a half day. Class sizes vary between the low 40's to low 20's. there is a minimum of testing and paperwork to do,  the school seems to be happy if you are friendlyand available to talk to the students and teachers. Patong Prathan Kiriwat School is a friendly school and you will be invited to do many things and it's not compulsory that you go. If you want to experience some of Thai life there will be many opportuntities. So if you have a friendly and outgoing personality this is a good job.
The school pays for your Non- b visa and work permit and will help getting your accomodation. Salary is around 30, 000 baht per month.

Contact: [email protected]

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I feel this is a good unit. Teaching students passive ways of saying things. So people don't get the wrong idea and take offense to the way things are said. It has caused several bad situations, where as wording things differently can help to prevent that. I also liked the Idea of working in Phrasal verbs throughout the schooling. Instead of making a whole lesson plan about it and possibly confusing while explaining.I really don't feel like the content of chapters is important and my knowledge of content being tested if questions from previous tests - easy enough in themselves - are repeated in following tests. I was hardly expecting a really comprehensive and good TEFL course through some online course as opposed to an actual class, but even so, I expected somewhat better than pure laziness in creating already simple questions.