TEFL in Nakhonpathon, Thailand

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Positions: Full-time teachers (Female Native Speakers)
Teach in Kindergarten
Ideal candidate will be someone who work well in a team, has a positive outlook, flexible, and ability to adapt to living in a different culture and have a great deal of drive and enthusiasm

Successful candidates will have following privileges:
-cross culture studies (Thai, East-West)
-training for spiritual development (e.g., meditation)
-practicing process of learning organization

Required qualifications are as follows:
1. Has a minimum of bachelor degree in education or early childhood education
2. At least 3 years of teaching experience in kindergarten children.
3. (Able to teach English, Math, Science, Social science, Arts, Health, Computer, and P.E)
4. Should be a certified teacher in their home country.
5. Available to start work on June and be able to work till the end of the contract (June 15 2005), the contract is renewable.

Standards for the teaching profession
1. has holistic view of teaching
2. be able to engage and support all students in learning
3. be able to create effective environment for student learning
4. be able to understand and organize the subject matter for student learning
5. be able to plan instruction and design learning experiences.
6. be able to assess students learning effectively
7. be able to develop as a professional educator

Compensation: salary begins 30, 000 baht plus experience and performance premium,
Medical insurance, accident insurance, work permit, vacation about 28 days Housing allowance.

Application: Resume with cover letter, a scanned copy of your passport and/ or a resent photo copy, a scanned copy of your degree and transcript copy.
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Contact: Mimi H Neuton

email : [email protected], or [email protected]
Phone: 66 34 339 310 Fax 66 34 339 309
Address: 66 moo 1, Baan Suantarn ,Nakhonchaisri, Thaphra, Nakhonpathon, Thailand, 73120.(Only 30 minutes drive from Bangkok)

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Each of the present tenses are their own way of describing something that is happening in the present time. This includes things that have happened in the past that affect what is happening now. For example, I am a dancer (present simple) but I have also been dancing for all my life (present simple continuous). Each kind of tense that we learned is just categorized in a way for us to understand how we say something in the present.This chapter is dedicated to pronunciation and phonology. Most native English speakers do not realize how the intonation of the sentence or the stress on a different word can change the meaning of the sentence slightly. Another aspect that goes unnoticed is how there are different manners of articulation, which come from different areas of the body. Pronunciation is a complex process that may be one of the most difficult to teach.