Teach Young Learners EFL in Thailand (3)

Date posted:2017-02-14 | Writer: Road Experience Recruitment Company | Email: [email protected]

We are Road Experience. We chose this name because we believe people discover more about themselves and the world around them when on the road. Our mission is to produce qualified EFL teachers to teach English at Thai schools and to assist our teachers and schools every step of the way. We will offer all applicants a guaranteed teaching placement upon successful completion of the application process. We are one of the biggest agencies, with over +200 schools in our network from every age range, and region in the country.

Teaching in Thailand is a wonderful opportunity to gain real work experience abroad while also earning enough income to travel within the country or to our beautiful neighboring countries.


• Renewable 1 year contract with a 35,000 THB/month

• Paid Annual holiday, totally 2 weeks (excluding of Thai National Public Holiday 20 days appx)

• Teaching Permit for Foreign Teacher, Working visa and working permit

• Greeting upon arrival at the provincial airport or bus station and taking to find accommodation

• Opportunities to learn Thai culture and explore Thailand over weekends


We can also offer our free orientation program to applicants once they accept our placement.

The program is 2 full days giving advice about teaching in Thailand, Thai cultures, school system, visa and work permit and to meet our team who will look after them throughout the contract period. 

In order to confirm orientation attendance, we ask the applicants to confirm their flight booking 15 days before orientation dates. We have 3 groups of orientation that they can choose to join, 29-30 April, 13-14 May and 10-11 June. 


• Bachelor's Degree of any field, Educational Degree is advantage.

• Native level English speakers (USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia), preferably TEFL or TESOL certified

• Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, instruct and evaluate learning activities at the nursery and kindergarten level

• An interest in living and working in a different culture


Please submit the following documents to the email address given on the job heading:

• Resume

• University graduation diploma, with TEFL/TESOL certificate if any

• Copy of passport first page

• Formal Photo

Contact: Chonthira or Suvapatr

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Over this unit I could reflect about the importance of creating a friendly environment to stimulate the student's creativity. Fluency and accuracy are equally important so the teacher should be able to balance the activities (always respecting the ESA). In fluency activities even though the scenario is created by the teacher, the content is made by students unlikely accuracy activities.This gives a good introduction to obtaining a students level and how grouping should work. It also has many websites where we can see other forms of syllabus planning. It also shows that there are many different programs of learning from learner led to structural. All of these will help in planning and ensuring each student or group or learners is receiving the best tailored learning.