Primary School EFL Job in Thailand

Date posted:2017-04-11 | Writer: Tessaban 4 Primary School MEP, Kalasin | Email: [email protected]

Tessaban 4 Primary School MEP in Kalasin, north east Thailand (Isaan), has an opportunity for a TEFL trained teacher who wants to live a quiet lifestyle. You will be teaching Levels 1-3,  5 hours each per week, giving a total of 15 contact hours. Teacher will have autonomy over subjects, material, and methods, and will be accompanied by their Thai counterpart. The classes will be limited to a maximum of 35 (adorable) students.



A professional attitude and attire. Basically this means dress nice and don’t complain constantly, because Thailand isn’t the same as our country. We came here for a change, didn’t we?

Teacher will receive 30,000 baht per month, for two 5 month periods. This may change for the better next year. Teacher will pay visa fees, and the school will supply work permit and temporary license.


Kalasin is still small, though the current Mayor has installed larger storm drains and a large lake encircled by a paved bike/running path (very cool). We only recently got a Tesco Lotus store, and a Big C mall complete with a theater. We are 1 hour east of Khon Kaen, a large city with concerts, malls, fine hotels, and an airport. There are many foreign teachers in Kalasin so the nightlife is extensive and varied. The small town atmosphere has not been lost, and the rice fields lay just outside of the developments. Bike rides through the fields where real Thailand can be found are only a couple minutes away.

This is an opportunity for creative teaching methods, exposure to a simpler life style, rather small

workload, and a low cost of living. If you are here to see how many nights straight you can party, this probably isn’t the job to choose. For all others, don’t pass it up.


Contact Tim at the email address given on the job heading.    

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit I reviewed parts of speech, including how to identify them, where to place them in a sentence, possible irregularities, and past tense conjugations. This was a useful unit to review and will be helpful when teaching English. This unit also highlighted the complexities that exist in English language grammar system and how important it is to maintain motivation with students.As stated for earlier chapter about tenses, their use can be tricky as there are many ways to use them and they can sometimes be grammatically correct although the meaning changes, which can make it difficult for students to understand. The good thing about this chapter is that it provides some activities that could help the students understand the differences between the future tenses.