Job teaching English in Trang, Thailand

Date posted:2005-02-11 | Writer: PETS | Email: [email protected]


P.E.T.S. (Pornsirikun English Training School) is looking for an enthusiastic, energetic and team working TEFL qualified teacher to start 9th May in time for the new term. Applicants must be TEFL/CELTA/TESOL qualified or equivalent, and have a degree (for work permit purposes). Newly qualified teachers are encouraged to apply, as we are a great place to start a teaching career! We have lots of resources and lesson plans already made, and offer ongoing training in teacher development. Teaching hours aren?t usually more than 18 hours a week, and class sizes are small. There are currently six teachers from England and Canada on staff, and there is a friendly atmosphere in this small, fully air-conditioned private language school.If you are interested in applying for either position, please email your CV to the Senior Teacher, Flora Stuart at [email protected]  The School, Students and Staff:PETS is a privately (Thai) owned language school. We are contracted to teach Anuban (kindergarten), Pratom (primary) and Matayom (secondary) students from a local school during the day. These classes come to our language school for 50-minute periods (in the air-con) and class sizes do not exceed 16 students. We also teach private teenage and adult classes in the afternoon, evening and at the weekend. Our students vary in ages (4 to 40+) and levels (Beginner to Upper Intermediate). The Contract & Benefits:- The position offered is a 12 month post. - The maximum teaching hours are 24 hours per 5-day week.- Two consecutive days off per week. - The annual holiday is 15 days per year ? plus Thai national holidays. - The cost of a work permit and teachers license is reimbursed after completion of contract. - The monthly salary is 24, 000 Baht- A bonus is awarded after satisfactory completion of contract. Trang: Trang is situated on Thailand?s Southern coast, approx. 2 hours south of Krabi. Trang is famous for the vegetarian festival, islands, beaches and waterfalls. Trang is a quiet town somewhat untouched by tourism and western influences. The cost of living is significantly low in comparison to other cities in Thailand. Although the school doesn?t provide accommodation, housing is readily available and inexpensive.For more information about Trang you can visit Contact us


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit the different present tenses have been covered, such as Present simple, Present Continous, Present perfect and Present perfect continous. I have learnt how to use these tenses correctly and what they are usually used to talk about. Also the unit has covered common mistakes used with each tense and different activities that can be applied to make it easier for the students to understand and learn the grammar rules.After reading module 6 I found out many cultural issues that each teacher should be aware of when teaching in different regions of the world. The most interesting part was the one that tells us about different ways of seeking and applying for the job. It was also interesting to find out about the options for my future professional development as well as various professional associations I can joi aftere completing this course.