Teach TEFL in Taichung County, Taiwan

Date posted:2008-10-22 | Writer: Jack Kao | Email: [email protected]

We need one full-time TEFL qualified teacher in Taichung to teach classes of up to 15 students aged 7-16 years old 18 -24 hours a week. We offer an attractive salary and end of contract bonus.

Taiwan is an island country with magnificent scenes and passionate people. Taichung is the third biggest city in Taiwan and voted as having the highest quality of living in Taiwan. Simply speaking, Taichung to Taiwan is just like Vancouver to Canada.

1. Office Hours & Teaching Hours: 4:00~9:00PM Mon. ~ Fri. 7:30AM~12:00AM Sat.
2. Total teaching hours per week: 18~24 hours
3. Total office hours per week: 5.5 hours
4. Class Size: 15 persons per class
5. Students Age: 7-16 years old
6. Salary: NTD55000/month
7. Bonus: bonus of completing one year contract will be USD500
With all these benefits, what are you waiting for?? APPLY NOW!!!

Please email Jack your resume, photo, scans of degrees and scan of passport to the E-mail address given on the job heading page. 

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This is out of place for online teaching. However, it makes sense to lay importance on pronunciation and understanding the meaning of words in their related perspective. It is difficult grasp the international phonetic alphabets. Moreover, there were more questions on international phonetic rules, which make it difficult to attempt the test. The test really does not lay emphasis on pronunciation and intonation.I learned how to apply some of my existing knowledge about teaching English to a business setting. For example, in the course material, on page 11, it talks about how to apply reading skills in a business context, and it gives examples such as emails, memos, and publications. This is application in context, of English in a business setting is very useful to consider when preparing a course for business English.