Employment opportunity teaching EFL in Taiwan

Date posted:2002-10-21 | Writer: Hess Education Organization. | Email: [email protected]


***APPLY NOW*** - We can interview you and prepare you to arrive in Taiwan by November 24.


HESS EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION, Taiwan's largest and most progressive private English language school is currently recruiting enthusiastic individuals who have a perfect command of the English Language and a genuine interest in teaching children. This is a great opportunity for university graduates to live and work abroad and experience Taiwan's fascinating culture.

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TEACHING, WHEN YOU ARE TEACHING AND WHERE YOU ARE TEACHING. HESS has a well established curriculum and guaranteed hours. Teach your children at your branches. There is a lot more to teaching and Hess can offer it.

CONTRACT OPTIONS Contract Option A: Guaranteed minimum of 20 hours teaching per week up to 28 hours teach hours per week at Language School. (average 22 - 26 hrs per week).

Contract Option B: Guaranteed minimum of 20 hours teaching per week up to 28 hours teaching hours per week at Language School and 15 hours per week at Kindergarten.

Contract Option C: 27.5 hours per week at Kindergarten. Opportunity to pick up additional Language School classes if available.

CONTRACT START DATES: MARCH 1 � Language School and Kindergarten Available (Contracts A, B & C) JUNE 1 � Language School (Contract A) SEPTEMBER 1 - Language School and Kindergarten Available (Contracts A, B & C) DECEMBER 1 - Language School (Contract A)

SALARY: PER MONTH (20 hrs p/wk to 35 hrs p/wk) AUS = $2250 to $4000 CAN = $2000 to $3400 NZ = $2650 to $4700 SA = R13200 to R23000 UK = �790 to �1400 USA = $1250 to $2200

HESS will provide you with: * Full training with TEFL certification upon completion of contract. * All teaching materials * Work Permit, Resident Visa and National Health Insurance * Airport pick up and hotel accommodation during initial training period * Assist locating housing close to your school * Bonus programs (can add up to more than your return airfare) * Advancement opportunities (Hess is more than just a language school)

Requirements (as set by the Taiwanese Government to obtain a work permit) * Bachelor's degree (any discipline, minimum requirement.) * Valid Passport from: AUS, CAN, IRE, NZ, SA, the UK or the USA * Clear and fluent English ability * Ability to stay in Taiwan for a full 12-month teaching cycle * Applicants must be enthusiastic, patient, adaptive and responsible individuals.

TO APPLY: Visit the HESS Website, complete the application procedure and submit the online application form at Contact us For an information package and application form, contact: Hess Educational Organization 419 Chung Shan Rd, Section 2 Chung Ho, Taipei County, 235 Taiwan R.O.C. Ph: (+886-2) 3234 6188 ext. 1052 Fax: (+886-2) 2222-9499 Contact: Natasha Carr Email: [email protected]

HESS >>> Hess Educational Organization offers an excellent opportunity for graduates to live and work in Taiwan. Established in 1983, we operate more than 120 children's English language schools and 60 kindergartens throughout Taiwan, employing more than 375 Native-Speaking English teachers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Hess is Taiwan's largest and most progressive private children's English language school and as our schools continue to grow, so does our call for dedicated and enthusiastic teachers.

TAIWAN >>> Taiwan is located in the Pacific Ocean only 160 km (120 miles) from Mainland China. The island straddles the Tropic of Cancer and offers a subtropical environment. Taiwan is only 394 km (236 miles) long and 144 km (86 miles) at its greatest width, but boasts a population of 23 million people, a progressive democratic government, a bustling economy, and an eclectic mix of old and new. The main language here is Mandarin Chinese, however many locals can also speak Taiwanese, or another aboriginal language.

Although Taiwan is modern and somewhat westernized, many traditional things are still visible in daily life; lively street markets, worshipping in front of homes or offices, parades and holiday festivals. Taiwan offers six national parks and a number of recreational areas. Outdoor activities abound once you find your way out of the city and include hiking, white water rafting and soaking in the plentiful natural hot springs. Taiwan's central location allows for short flights to Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan or other parts of Asia for holidays. EXPERIENCE TAIWAN !

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit was thoroughly prepared towards the understanding Of pronunciatión through phonologies. We covered intonation, rise/fall approaches, techniques for indicating and teaching intonatión,stress,linked speech, sound dropping and sound changing, and the phonetic symbols. We also covered the speech órgans, places of articulation, manner Of articulation, and teaching techniques for the pronunciatión Of individual sounds.In this unit I learned about how the future tense is expressed in English. It has four normal forms as well as two additional forms. The future simple, future continuous, future perfect, and future perfect continuous are the conventional structures used to express the future tense. However, at times you can also use the present continuous with a future meaning. I also learned about different classroom activities for teaching each type.