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Date posted:2007-05-23 | Writer: Pueblo Ingles, | Email: [email protected]

Make a real difference helping someone to achieve their goals, while taking part in a thrilling, enriching and life changing experience. Pueblo Ingles, the leading English immersion course for executives, is currently looking for English native teachers for in-company classes, residential courses and Masters in English courses.

We are looking for experienced English teachers and / or recent TEFL course graduates.

We offer stable work and the opportunity to teach different levels.


Here are the job details:


1.0 Core Responsibilities

Teacher will be asked to:

1. Prepare classes and materials

2. Follow the Company's teaching method

3. Hand in monthly attendance sheets

4. Hand in student reports monthly or quarterly depending on the clients request

5. Correct students homework


2.0 Essential job requirements

All candidates must be in Spain legally (work permit, student visa, EU citizenship

social security and residency number)

You will be asked to meet legal freelance regulations: AUTONOMO.



3.0 Skills/Qualities

Self-starter, highly motivated.

Able to work alone, yet a team player when required by certain programs.

Excellent communication skills and engaging personality.

A high sense of responsibility.

The ability to maintain long-term interest and to motivate corporate personnel, from the

chairman level down to the lowest echelons.

The ability to adapt to the different personalities and temperaments of your students

and to be equally effective in all in-class environments.

The ability to be personable, endearing, and firm.


4.0 What we offer

Stable work: hourly classes, intensive courses, Masters program (minimum of 9

months), residential courses (weekend and weekly), Kids & Teen camp

The opportunity to teach different levels, individuals and groups in-company or at our


Training (2-3 days to communicate our philosophy, method, explain what material is

available and the class/billing procedures).

A wide selection of material available, both ours and from other publishers, which will

help reinforce everything that needs to be transmitted in class (grammar and listening

exercises for each level).

Professional, yet friendly working environment in a rapid-growth period for the


Information to help you regulate your working situation in Spain - where to go to get a

Social Security Number, apply for Residency Card and becoming a freelance worker


Pay - Due to high market demand, we look for dedicated teachers with experience ...

and we pay them well?


5.0 Steps to becoming a teacher

Send us your CV

Interview with Colby Price

Complete the training course

Once hired, regulate working situation.


6.0 FAQ's

When is a good time to apply Any time, throughout the year.

We have groups of the different Masters programs starting in: February, April, June,


Villa Inglesa: Every week and weekend throughout the year.

In-company classes: Normally the core of the classes go from September or October until

July. Nevertheless, depending on demand, courses can start anytime during the year.

Intensive Courses throughout the year, including the summer.

Kids and Teens summer months and some weekends.


Do I need to speak Spanish?

No, in fact we prefer that our teachers have a low level of Spanish or not speak it at all.

Teachers with a high level tend to translate in class, which is detrimental to the students?

listening comprehension and learning of vocabulary.


Do I need to be a native speaker

Yes, in almost all cases we prefer our teachers to be native speakers. However, if you are not a native speaker, but feel that your accent and level of grammatical knowledge is good enough to teach, we will certainly give you an opportunity to demonstrate what you can do.


What is a typical class like?

Our classes vary, but usually they are one-to-one or small groups. The students tend to be middle-aged professionals working in multinational companies. Some classes are intensive, but most last from September to July.


Do we regulate non EU workers

Due to the complexity of this process and the fact that, unless you have an EU residence permit, it is nearly impossible, we do not do this for teaching candidates.



If you fit this description and would like to set up an interview, send us your CV to:


[email protected]


If you would like to know more about the company visit:


Contact us

Contact us


Or visit our Madrid office: Rafael Calvo 18. 4th floor. (Metro: Rubé® Dar�or Iglesia)



Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Most definitely the most challenging unit of all that I have had to complete so far. The method of teaching phonetics, and pronunciation in this chapter, has a certain degree of theory to it, which ofcourse will need to be studied thoroughly. Teaching English is not a difficult career, when you completely understand all you activities, and the work which is provided to students, the lesson can be taught with ease.This lesson gives a brief overview of the two productive parts of language, writing and speaking. It also provides useful guidelines for handling creative speaking activities, as well as addresses common problems in teaching speaking and writing skills and some methods of overcoming those problems in the classroom. One big problem can be lack of student participation, which may occur for several different reasons.