English Teaching Opportunities in Spain

Date posted:2021-08-06 | Writer: The English Explorer | Email: [email protected]

The English Explorer is looking for 2 enthusiastic and good-fun teachers to join our team at the end of September 2021. We teach small groups (max 5) of children and teens from a conversational approach; most of our students go from 4 to 18 year olds.

We are a conversational language school and our main aim is to get our students talking in a relaxed and friendly environment. Teachers are encouraged to bring their personal touch, creativity and loads of magic into their lessons. We have loads of games and resources at the school that can be useful and inspiring.

Most of the working hours go between 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm, Monday to Friday, with the possibility of some morning groups as well.

We need to cover 2 positions. One of them will be between 18 to 22 hours a week, with the possibility of increasing the hours throughout the school year. There is a second position with less hours (can be agreed on), which would be ideal for language teaching assistants working in Gijón.

Salary and benefits
We offer a contract for a minimum of a school year, that goes from the end of September until mid-June; with possibility of extending or renewing it for next school year.

The contract includes health insurance, 3 weeks of paid holidays (2 at Christmas and 1 for the Easter Break) plus national and local bank holidays.

Rough pay goes from 820 euros to 1000 euros, depending on the final number of hours (which can go from 18 to 22). There are possibilities of increasing the number of hours throughout the school year. Cost of living and accommodation is generally lower in Asturias than in other regions of Spain.

We can give teachers help finding nice and affordable accommodation.

As we enrol some students for the Trinity and Cambridge exams some knowledge of grammar is essential, experience working as a teacher with teens and kids is necessary. Candidates with a degree in languages, translation, literature...usually fit in well in the profile. Support and training will given throughout the school year for those candidates with no experience.

TEFL/TESOL preferred.

If interested, please send your CV + recent photo with a cover letter to the email address in the job heading.

Desirably, applicants should arrive in Gijón between the 20th and the 25th of September.

Applicants overseas will be interviewed online.