Volunteers Wanted to Teach TEFL in El Salvador

Date posted:2009-08-24 | Writer: The Perkin Educational Opportunities Foundation | Email: [email protected]

The Perkin Educational Opportunities Foundation (PEOF) is a non-profit U.S. public charity 501(c)(3) founded with the goal of community enrichment through education in Central America, originating in the Perquín, Morazán, El Salvador. The first project of the foundation is the Amún Shéa School in Perquín which opened its doors to students in February 2008. As the school develops, it will evolve into an integrated community center offering adult education courses, job training and foreign language classes.  

Volunteers Sought:

Currently we are looking for volunteers for EFL classes for grades pre-k through 4th. The English curriculum itself is still in the developmental phase, so volunteers with a background in curriculum development, and specifically integrating other disciplines into English language instruction are highly encouraged to apply. Position begins immediately.

This is an exceptional opportunity to help shape the trajectory of a growing organization.

Minimum time commitment is 6 weeks.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to Alex Manoogian at the e-mail address given on the job heading.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


During Unit 18, I learned about modals, phrasal verbs, clauses, and the passive voice. More specifically, I learned that modals are used to express obligation, possibility, permission, ability, and advice; there are three types of clauses: independent, dependent, and relative; phrasal verbs consist of a verb and one or two particles; and passive voice is when the object of an active verb becomes the subject.Lesson planning is very important to keep record of what was done in class and the material being taught. This record helps for following years to get ideas and build on them. The most important thing about lesson planning is to be flexible, every class learns in different ways and you never know when they will need more time or different methods to grasp a concept, so lesson plans need to be open to change.