TEFL in Island of the Sun, Bolivia

Date posted:2005-03-22 | Writer: SpeakEasy Institute | Email: [email protected]

Need teachers to teach tour guides and other locals in the tourism industry on The Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca (Bolivia). 3 month contract June - September, U$500 per month (and nothing to spend it on!). Send detailed teaching CV. Perfect for archeologists, sociologists, anthropologists, etc. with at least 6 months EFL experience. Adaptability is essential!

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A lot of sage advice on dealing with different types of students and their needs. I suppose the term \"beginner\" gives me pause for concern because I might feel that I would have difficulty getting through to them with even basic English concepts. However, after reading the plentiful ideas on this topic, I feel a lot more comfortable. By the way, in discussing suitable 1-1 activities, how did phrasal verbs sneak in there? :)This Unit covered the merits and potential complications of various visual aids within the classroom. Though i grew up using each of these aids within my grade school classrooms, I certainly benefited from the reviewing the specific ins and outs of incorporating visual aids within the classroom. Furthermore, the resources provided for Teacher resources will likely prove to be invaluable when I am drafting future lesson plans.