TEFL in Ecuador / Quito

Date posted:2005-11-14 | Writer: Key Language Services | Email: [email protected]


Key Language Services has an opening for qualified, native-speaker EFL instructors. Minimum commitment 6 months, pref. longer. Start Date: January 2006.

Requirements: Recognized 100 hour teaching certification (RSA/TRINITY Cert, etc...). Preferably some teaching experience and / or business background Committed, enthusiastic teachers, with initiative and creativity, versed communicative methodology.

Job Description: Key Language Services, run by ex-British Council teachers, focuses on teaching English offsite to executives in small groups and 1-1s. (Professional dress and appearance required.) We normally have about 10 teachers on our staff and there is a friendly, supportive atmosphere. (We will be happy to supply you with some teachers' mails for their comments.) Key is also the only centre in Quito for Cambridge ESOL exams and IELTS, and as such there are some classes preparing students to take these exams. Some teachers are also trained to be ESOL oral examiners and invigilators. Teachers' work involves teaching business and general English in companies in Quito (pharmaceutical, banks, oil, telecommunications, government ministries, etc.) Courses are generally based on a coursebook but teachers are expected to supplement this with activities to suit each group of students (games, videos, roleplays, etc.). We have a large materials bank and several multimedia resources. A full-time teacher has approx. 20-25 contact hrs a week (can be more or less depending on personal preferences) Teaching week: Monday to Friday (Saturday classes are optional)

Pay and perks Hourly pay is very competitive for Quito We hold a monthly compulsory Professional Development session, for which you are paid. You will be also be paid per hour for any administrative work (invigilating, etc.) that you may be asked to do. One week's paid holiday after 6 months continuous work. If you renew your contract after one full year you will receive a bonus. We have a mentoring system to ensure that each teacher receives full support for his/her classes. Most classes are in the central business district, near our office. Any more distant classes are compensated by either paid taxis or extra pay.

Visa situation We can help you with the paperwork to get a visa before coming to Ecuador if you apply early. Mail us for details.

Living in Quito: Quito is a pleasant city to live in, with a warm climate and typical Andean scenery. For a Latin American capital, it is relatively small and safe. It is easy to travel from here to the jungle, coast or other highland areas. For more details see our website: Contact us

Housing: We can help you find accommodation in popular multi-apartment homes, and also have a noticeboard where teachers post any ads.

How to apply: Only qualified applicants should send us an e-mail, attaching their CV and the names and contact details of at least 2 referees. We also ask to see a copy of your TEFL/TESOL course certificate or report. E-mail: [email protected]

For more details of Key Language and Ecuador, visit our website at: Contact us

Sandra Forrester Director of Studies Key Language Services Alpallana E6-114 y Whimper Quito Fax: 593-2-2220956

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit was extremely useful in highlighting all the different methods and techniques when it comes to learning and teaching language. Having the understanding of all the different methods is great because everyone learns differently and the way I may have been taught in school many years back doesn't necessarily mean it is the best or correct way today. Learning about all the different techniques was also very helpful.This was a great unit very clear on how to manage a classroom and all the factors that can play both a small and big role in how the class or lesson goes. The benefits for both student and teacher is vast and extremely important when it comes to running a class or lesson effectively and what comes into that equation. Gestures, voice, classroom arrangements all these things really do determine how running a classroom goes.