Teachers Needed: Ibague, Colombia (2)

Date posted:2006-04-20 | Writer: Native Tongue | Email: [email protected]

Native Tongue
English Institute

Native Tongue is a private English Language Institute in the city of Ibague, Colombia.
Located 200 km. west of Bogot·, Ibague is a city of 500, 000 inhabitants with most modern amenities. The city is situated in a valley surrounded by tropical mountains and has a climate that is near perfect, normally reaching 28 and dropping to 18 at night. Although Colombia does have some political and economic problems, safety is no more a concern than it would be in any large North American city. The people are very sociable and the city is vibrant with activity and nightlife. Native Tongue is Canadian owned and operated. The classrooms, equipment and ideas are all modern. Students will be of all ages and the courses will be very dynamic for both the student and teacher.

We are looking for experienced teachers to start work immediately. A clear voice with a neutral ìNorth Americanî accent is important. An outgoing, energetic person is a must. Spanish is not necessary. You must have an ESL teaching certificate.

We offer:
-1,000,000 Colombian Pesos monthly (approx. $600.00 Canadian).
-Airfare compensation in the form of a bonus at the end of your contract.
-Medical insurance.
-A secure, modern apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms will be shared with other teachers. Utilities, including high speed internet are included.
-Maid service.
-Three weeks paid vacation plus approximately 15 other paid holidays.
-One month unpaid vacation (great for travelling).
-Airport reception and transportation.
Note: In Colombia your compensation would equate to three times minimum wage or double what a local teacher is paid.

Send a complete resume and photo to be considered for a position.

E-mail: [email protected]

Shawn Miranda,
Canadian Operations,
Native Tongue,
Ibague, Colombia.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit explained how to teach two of the four different language skills students need to learn. Two of the skills, reading and listening, are categorized as 'receptive' skills and were taught in this unit, while the other two are writing and speaking and will be covered in a future lesson. The unit began with outlining the reasons for using receptive skills and also included sample tasks that students could complete.The unit provides an overview of equipment possibilities, with descriptions of their capabilities, disadvantages, and lesson stages where they may be best used. The actual choice will often depend on the individual school and their budget, and the teachers own experience and preferences. The list of resources available to teachers,(and students) is remarkably comprehensive and will be very useful for lesson preparation.