High School English Teacher

Date posted:2024-04-04 | Writer: The American School of Guatemala | Email: [email protected]

The American School of Guatemala/Colegio Americano de Guatemala (often referred to as CAG) was founded in 1945 and is an independent, non-profit, non-denominational, college-preparatory institution that offers a rigorous academic program modelled after the best educational practices and methodologies of the United States of America.

With enrollment of approximately 1,770 students, the school focuses on continuity in a P-12 one-school model, committed to student-centred learning and community connectedness. The school seeks educators who value cultural context and find ways to innovate on the teaching and learning experience at CAG.

Overview of the Position

In its effort to be a leader in regional independent education, CAG works to promote a robust educational experience through the articulation and implementation of standards across content areas. As such, the 9th and 10th Grades English Language Arts teacher works as a collaborative member of the high school and P-12 English departments to align the Language Arts learning and offers an extension of ELA learning in preparation for the rigours and demands of university. The ideal candidate has a passion for and experience with supporting and connecting with students, especially those in transition such as Grade 9 students. The CAG 9th and 10th Grade English instructor should have experience with Common Core standards, and ideally, and be equipped to teach classes that provides students with opportunities develop foundational ELA skills, to engage literature personally as a means of finding out what it means to be human, understand ourselves, our community, and the world through reading literature in its social and historical contexts. writing intensive, with a focus on student writing and how language works aesthetically in works of literature.


Student Centred Practices:

● Focus decisions, lesson plans, assessments, and more on what is best for the development of students.

● Support young adults in navigating through the world of school, university hopes and applications, and in their development as human beings.


● Collaborate constructively on a grade level team (planning, development of interdisciplinary work, following student progress, etc) and with a grade level teaching partner.

● Be an active participant on the high school team, contributing to our culture so that it continues to be one that is dedicated to the happiness and success of our students and each other.

● Collaborate with High School Faculty to integrate project-based learning opportunities and find meaningful ways to integrate relevant cross curriculum teaching to support ELA learning.

● Develop curriculum with curriculum leaders and P-12 English and Spanish Language Arts faculty to achieve alignment throughout the school.

Content Area Expertise and Innovation:

● Possess an ELA endorsement and have experience teaching English Language Arts at the high school or college level.

● Effectively leverage technology in order to deliver high-quality instruction, assessment and communications.

● Model academic excellence for students by holding self and students highly accountable to achieve excellence.

● Engage students actively and positively in classroom discussions and work to inspire students through teaching and learning.

● Communicate student progress and engagement with confidence and consistency.

● Develop appropriate and unique forms of assessment to demonstrate curriculum breadth and student achievement.

● Implement the Common Core ELA Standards with rigour, purpose, and planning.

Other Expectations:

CAG educators are responsible for

● Actively engage in student life activities outside of the assigned course schedule.

● Supporting periodic special events such as Back to School Night, Section-specific events, etc. outside of school hours.

● Supervising students during transition times at the beginning of, during and at the end of the school day.

● Attending and actively participating in grade level, department and/or planning meetings.

● Leading at least one extracurricular activity per week as requested.

● Develop professional goals with the CAG Faculty Reflection and Growth Framework.

Interested candidates should contact High School Principal, Danielle Ranieri, at [email protected]