TEFL Instructors needed for a small school in Korea

Date posted:2003-03-06 | Writer: O.E.S. | Email: [email protected]

SOUTH KOREA: Instructors

O.E.S. < [email protected] >
Date: 2 March 2003

We are looking for 2 teachers to start in early April. Applications from couples or individuals are welcome.

O.E.S is a successful English school with a good reputation. We have a staff of 4 native English speakers and 8 Koreans. The boss is decent and honest, which isn't always the case in Korea.

Flights are paid for and accomodation is provided. (Couples have the option of a larger flat with a double bed.) The pay is good and living in Korea is cheap so you can easily save a lot of money. Also one meal a day is provided. A bonus of one month's salary will be paid on completeion of your contract.

The hours are roughly 2 - 9:30pm Monday to Friday. You will be paid for 120 hours a month even though you usually won't work that many. If you do work more than 120 hours in a month you'll be paid overtime.

For more information about the job, the place or even the political situation please contact: [email protected]
We are happy to give you the contact details for current and past employees if you want to ask them what O.E.S is like.

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It seems to me that teaching beginning students would be easier in some ways since it would be mostly learning vocabulary and some basic usage rules. However since I have never taught before I have no idea how much a beginning student is expected to learn. Maybe there is more grammar taught than I think. Teaching business classes would be interesting because of the diversity of the students and the need to learn job specific language.This unit helps to visual yourself as a teacher within a classroom scenario and how you would react and cope when presented with different situations. I think it is important to realise that although you are there to teach, the students need to be able to progress without constant help and supervision. This would increase a student's confidence and most likely then also increase their pace of learning and their ability to help others.