TEFL in Pohang, Korea

Date posted:2002-12-11 | Writer: Handong His School | Email: [email protected]

Handong His School (HIS) Pohang, South Korea

Handong Christian His School(grades 7-12) is currently seeking native English-speaking teachers. Math, Science, English Literature, Social Studies are especially desirable.

If you would like to educate young people in a Christian environment, then we want to hear from you. You can not only be paid but also render Christian service to the students in our school. Our school considers all of its teachers and staffs to be missionaries, ministering to the 'students and to their colleagues.

About our school Our school is a private Christian school and belongs to the same educational foundation with Handong Global University located near Pohang, Korea. It shares a spacious campus with the university on a tranquil and pleasant ridge between Pohang and the ocean. Most of students are Korean MK's whose parents serve overseas. The cardinal goal of education at HIS is to grow the students to show the glory of God. We seek to carry out all educational activities with a spirit of thankfulness to God and loving service to each other. English language is to be used for classroom instruction extensively but not exclusively.

Qualifications Required - Be a Christian who has been born again through faith in Jesus Christ - Agree with the 'HIS STATEMENT OF FAITH - Hold at least a Bachelor's degree.

Recommended(one or more of the following) - Hold a teacher's certficate for secondary school - Hold a TESOL/TEFL Certficate

Duties - 5 work days weekly (Mon-Fri, from 8:30-17:00) - Provide classroom instruction and other services associated with instruction - Consult with students and correct their behavior as needed - Sponsor or supervise extra activities and programs - Help develop curriculum as required

Remuneration & Benefits - Settlement allowance for first year - Monthly salary (negotiable from 1.7 million Korean won first year, based on qualifications and experiences) - Supporting Airfare - Health insurance(50/50 split) - National pention(fully refundable)(50/50 split) - At least 50 days paid vacation in a year - Fully furnished apartment for single (Employees pay only utilities.) * having opportunity for friendships not only among themselves, but also with professors from Handong Global University, many of whom are also English-speaking

Contract Period One year. The contract may be extended or renewed upon evaluation.

Starting Date Better as soon as possible in January 2003

If you are interested in learning more about HIS, please e-mail and fax with following documents first. Then we will provide more details about the application procedure. 1. your resume(by Email), 2. Transcript on University (by Fax) 3. completed "Questionnaire" to the address below(By Email)

Contact us E-mail : [email protected] Tel : 82-54-260-1731 M.P. : 82-11-9693-2947 Fax : 82-54-260-1739 Hyosung Kwon Address : Handong His School, 3 Namsong-ri, Heunghae-eup, Buk-ku, Pohang-si , South Korea 791- 708

Questionnaire 1. Would your pastor be willing to talk to us about your church involvement? (His name, telephone number, Email address, the name of church) 2. Briefly describe your salvation experience. 3. What other Christian service have you done since becoming a Christian? 4. Why would you be willing to move overseas and teach in a Christian school? 5. What extra curricular activities have you been involved in? 6. What extra curricular areas would you feel comfortable in working? 7. What electives could you teach besides your area of specialization? 8. Do you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of? 9. Do you agree with the 'HIS Statement of Faith'? 10. Please list any concerns or questions you may have, or any additional information that will help us decide whether to offer you a position.

HIS STATEMENT OF FAITH 1. We believe that the Bible is inspired and inerrant, that all 66 books of the Old and New Testament are God's complete written revelation to mankind, the only infallible authority in all matters of faith and practice. 2. We believe in one triune God, eternally existent in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the same in substance and equal in power and glory. 3. We believe in the complete humanity and deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood on the cross, bodily resurrection, ascension to the right hand of the Father, and future personal return in power and glory. 4. We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells and empowers all believers and enables them to live a godly life. 5. We believe that through Adam's sin all have inherited a sinful nature and therefore all choose to sin. All are thus sinners and deserving of death. 6. We believe that salvation of lost and sinful man is only by the grace of God through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone, accomplished through regeneration by the Holy Spirit. 7. We believe that our sins block our fellowship with God. As we confess those sins, God forgives us and our fellowship is restored. 8. We believe in the resurrection of the body, the judgment of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal blessedness of the saved, and the eternal punishment of the lost. 9. We believe that saving faith in Jesus Christ unites all Christians as members of the body of Christ. Such a position brings both privileges and responsibilities before God and toward one another in the Christian life.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


As stated in the beginning of the chapter, grammar does put the fear into most of us native speakers who are not involved in teaching etc... but as described once the grammar is broken down in a logical manner as done in this chapter it does become easier to understand and identify. This was an eye opening chapter, makes me realize I have a ways to go, but this chapter helped greatly with all the various grammar explanations....thanksWithout being reminded, I have a tendency to mix up the tenses of the reported speech with the direct speech. This unit is helpful in reminding me of the differences. Sometimes I get so caught up in the course of a conversation that I mix up forms and tenses. Remembering the forms in a more or less formal manner will come from not memorizing the forms, but through reading and listening. The latter requires mimicking in one's head.