TEFL in Busan, Korea

Date posted:2006-04-19 | Writer: ICCE Inc. | Email: [email protected]

There are three public elementary schools in Busan which are looking for

English teachers.


- Seon-Am Elementary school

( BumChun-Dong Jin-Gu 051-646-7955) Contact us


-Jung-Ri Elementary school

( DongSam-Dong YoungDo-Gu 051-403-8985) Contact us

Jung-Ri elementary school is located in Yeong-do, close to the sea with beautiful scenery.

The school is not that big and the number of students is not great.

But Jung-Ri's students and their parents are very enthusiastic about learning English, so

it would be a great place to teach.


- Nok-Myeong Elementary school

(NokSan-Dong GangSu-Gu 051-971-5144) Contact us

It's a bit away from downtown, and not many hours are assigned to teach



2.Health conditions and precautions to take in the new area

- There is no specific regulation or restriction to be in Korea, but

possession of controlled substances or drugs is a very serious crime in Korea.


3. Regarding contract: it will be released to candidates upon approval of



4. The instructor will teach from 1st grade to 6 grade students. The

Maximum students in each class are 25.


5. This after school program is funded by Pusan unified school district

and department of education.


6.The furnished studio or 1 to 2 bedroom apartment will be provided with

separate sleeping quarters.


7.There are already 7, 000 foreign teachers in the city of Pusan. There are

a lot of websites regarding local information and ESL teacher's websites. We are

currently working on orientation materials.

Contact us


8. Amongst Internet users in South Korea, 94% use broadband, surprisingly

more than 10% higher than the global average. South Korea ranks highly in household

telecommunication spending and has passed 70% of household Internet


Never fear a phone is always near! Korea is the land of cell phone and

mobile messaging gadgets. Phones in Korea are often 2 or 3 years ahead of the

stuff we get and they are often available at 1/4 the price! New phones can also be

purchased with the help of your school (acting as a guarantor). The can range from 60, 000

Won to 250, 000 Won or more but they will have a wide variety of phones and cool

features to choose from. Monthly fees will range from 10 000 Won to 40 000 Won. If

you're calling long distance be sure to use a CALLING CARD. These can be purchased at

corner stores and will save you a fortune. Landlines are not too badly priced,

you do pay a small fee each time you dial out, however it is not too expensive.



If you have any question regarding this, feel free to contact me at 213-380-4546


Best regards,


Brian Kim




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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit I learnt how to assess the student's level and learning needs by conducting a level test first, and then a needs analysis test. We can then plan our lesson based on the level of the students, why or what they are learning for and what they need to achieve. Testing and examinations should be done at the end of the syllabus to assess their progress and also to assess the syllabus and see where we can improve.In this unit, I learnt the many various types of teaching aids and materials including, board, computer, video, cassette, audio, dictionaries, resource books, photocopiers, work sheets and work cards. This unit explained how each teaching aid can benefit a student who is learning English. The unit also detailed many different online sources and provided many links to various websites for people who are teaching English.