TEFL in Hirosaki, Japan

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HIROSAKI, JAPAN: Full-time ESL instructor needed starting beginning of April, 2007 to teach English communication skills to all ages at a private language school, Schole Eikaiwa, in Hirosaki, a city of nearly 260 thousands in northeastern Honshu. Mostly small classes in this school, but several college classes, several company classes, and kindergarten classes, too. Must enjoy working with both small children and adults. University graduate with TEFL/TESL experience preferred. One-year contract (two or more-year contract renewable).

JOB DUTIES: Up to 40 hours of teaching, curriculum and materials development, meetings, and workshops per week. (Five days a week, eight hours a day, up to 25 teaching hours per week.

SALARY: 250, 000 yen/month for first year of contract.

PAID VACATION TIME: In addition to all Japanese national holidays, 18 days in August, 18 days at Christmas/New Year's, all with full pay.

OTHER BENEFITS: Airfare paid for coming to Japan either from Vancouver or West coast of U.S.A. After one year we pay 50, 000 yen finishing bonus. Apartment is provided, but teacher has to pay 35,000~40,000 yen a month for a rent and utilities. The school will locate an apartment in the area and pay the initial deposits. School will pay a half of health insurance. Free Internet access for teachers. In winter, good skiing is less than one hour away by car, bus, or train.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Applicants must live in US or Canada, especially Washington and Oregon States or Vancouver BC and Ottawa area to be able to have personal interviews. Applicants must be English native speakers.

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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In order to make every one of the lessons equally interesting and to draw attention of the students teacher can use different kinds of teaching aids, which are presented in the Unit 17. Some of them like cassette recorder or CD player are not so popular nowadays, but it was interesting to know how to use such aids as well. There is a list of online resourses which I find extremely useful for planning English lessonsWithin this unit, I have learned how the simplest parts of speech can be fleshed out to have the most absurd (legitimately absurd) nuances. Before i read this, the present tense was solely... the present tense. I understand now why second language English speakers tend to know more about academic English then Native English speakers. Native English speakers don't care to know such details. They just speak as needed.