Teach English in Japan - Nagano (2)

Date posted:2002-09-27 | Writer: Global Communication Service | Email: [email protected]


Global Communication Service (A Canadian owned and managed company) is looking for motivated, outgoing and inspiring individuals to teach/facilitate English. GCS will assist with visa, domestic travel while working (flight to Japan is not covered), and housing assistance. GCS provides a competitive salary, advancement opportunities, and an independent working environment.

NAGANO POSITION (Early Fall) - CORPORATE ENGLISH TEACHER (5 day work week with O/T – 320, 000/month)

* Corporate days are at a single location with class sizes from 1 to 5
* Teach at a leading Japanese manufacturing company to engineers and management
* Technical knowledge preferable
* Looking for an independent and responsible individual
* Corporate ESL experience a must

Apply by E-mail to [email protected]
(Bachelor degree or higher is required)
(ESL Professionals will be given first consideration)
(Specify which job you are applying for)

* Cover letter (Microsoft Word file format or PDF)
* Resume (Microsoft Word file format or PDF)
* Recent photo (send JPEG or Windows Bitmap)
* Date of availability

Applications that do not contain the above information not will be processed 

Applications meeting the above requirements will be processed and considered for all open positions. Qualified applications will be sent short list of questions and interviewed as positions become available. 

* E-mail applications are processed first
* Priority given to applicants with management computer or ESL experience
* Date of availability is very important
* Solid jobs with a good working environment

Contract Term: Minimum one year extendable

Terms of Contract: Wage based on weeks/hours worked. Company travel paid, accommodations provided but rent is not paid.
Work Description: English teacher and English resource person in conversations schools and corporate locations.
Office work and other duties may be requested along with other related items within your professional capability.
Working Hours: Minimum 32 Hr. work week (teaching is about 25 hrs) up to 5 days. Overtime is possible, but up to the individual and company situation.
Base Wage: 250, 000 to 270, 000 yen per month based on a 128 hr period and depending on ability and experience. 4 weeks holidays 3 weeks paid per year (1 week in May, 1 in August and 2 at Christmas/New Years)
Increases: Performance related, reviewed in 6-month intervals

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


It was almost unbearable to watch the first lesson because of the teacher's incompetent behavior. I was bored, embarrassed for him, and felt bad for the students being forced to sit in on that lesson. I was relieved to finish that video and move on to the second lesson, which was much more comprehensible, engaging, positive, and overall, effective. The second lesson was a good example of how I would like to teach my future students.I found this unit very interesting as it brought all the previous units on tenses together. The modal auxiliary verbs are very interesting and how they need to be used depending on the certainty, need, request, permission etc. The passive voice vs. the active voice was also interesting with the tenses changing as you change from active to passive. I found the phrasal verbs a bit difficult in the test but I now understand how to use it.