TEFL in Vilnius, Lithuania

Date posted:2006-10-02 | Writer: American English School | Email: [email protected]


American English School (AmES), the leading language school in Lithuania, seeks qualified English language teachers to teach EFL to adults and corporate clients at all levels of English. AmES provides the teachers with appropriate curriculum materials, teaching resources, orientation, and a supportive work environment.
Job Description
* Teach EFL courses (General and Business English), average 25 teaching hours a week
* Course preparation and homework grading
* Language proficiency evaluation
* Participate in teacher's workshop and training seminars

Required Qualifications:
* TESL/TEFL Certificate* Minimum of 1 year active ESL/EFL teaching experience
* Familiar with CLT (Communicative Language Teaching)
* Good teaching and interactive skills with students
* Good computer skills in Windows Word, Excel, and internet applications

* Salary ~ 2000 LT (~ $730) per month
* Extra compensation for teaching beyond 25 hours weekly
* Work Permit for non-EU citizens* one-half coach airfare reimbursement after 12 months of successful employment
* Standard health insurance coverage
* Two week vacation every 6 months* Opportunity to take LCCIEB Teacher of Business English qualification exam at subsidised fee.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This lesson - on evaluation and testing - explained how to assess students' language abilities through testing and what different types of exams mean. It outlined the difference between practice, diagnostic, placement and external exams, as they can very based on context, which ultimately could impact the content of the exams also. It also explained some of the most important external exams on an international level.In unit 7,I have learnt that vocabulary helps one learn words that are in a language and make one understand many more words that they can actively use.Although grammar is the very important in language,without vocabulary its not effective,this means they move hand in hand for language to be perfect.I have also learnt that the striaght arrow ESA lesson is for lower levels whereas patchwork approach is for mid levels.