Where to study TEFL in the Philippines?

The Philippines, with English as one of its two official languages, maintains a strong foundation in English language instruction. English is incorporated into mainstream school curricula and widely employed in sectors such as government, media, business, and education. Given the pervasive use of English throughout the nation, it is unsurprising that many Filipino teachers occupy a significant proportion of English teaching roles in the Philippines and across various Asian countries. Nonetheless, the Philippines continues to attract numerous international teachers due to its rich cultural offerings and warm hospitality.

Where is the best place to study TEFL in the Philippines?

The capital, Manila, houses a number of language centers that provide TEFL courses for both domestic and international English speakers. Studying in Manila offers several benefits - the dynamic city life, excellent facilities, and an array of leisure activities. Plus, upon course completion, there are a multitude of potential employers within the city. However, Manila's dense population and bustling environment might not suit everyone's preferences. Fortunately, the Philippines is more than just its capital city; 146 other cities, along with innumerable smaller towns and coastal resorts, present viable options for teaching.

Does ITTT have a TEFL center in the Philippines?

While ITTT previously offered a TEFL certification course in Cebu, that operation ceased due to the pandemic and has yet to resume. Until our course is reestablished, we recommend several alternative destinations in Asia to earn your TEFL qualification. We currently host regular courses in Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Many of our trainees choose these alternatives, secure local employment, or explore opportunities in neighboring countries like the Philippines, where teaching jobs are plentiful.

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Online TEFL certification

While in-person TEFL courses continue to attract many students due to their hands-on approach to theoretical and practical teaching aspects, online TEFL courses are gaining momentum. If you are working on a budget or juggling other commitments such as work or family responsibilities, an online course can offer flexibility. You control your study schedule, and the cost is typically lower. Given the rising demand for English proficiency in many Asian countries, a growing number of employers are recognizing and accepting teachers with online qualifications in lieu of in-person qualifications.

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