TEFL in Prague, Czech Republic.

Date posted:2006-02-16 | Writer: The Bell School | Email: [email protected]

Bell Prague is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bell Educational Trust. The school is committed to providing high quality language training for students and to providing teachers with the conditions where they can perform to their potential and develop professionally.

Students: Czech students are generally motivated and eager to learn English. They are used to a more teacher centred approach from the state system here but have come to appreciate communicative teaching methods. Bell teaches a range of classes, both at the school and off-site, ranging from very young children, through teenagers and recent school leavers to adults. The maximum class size is 12 students, but in-company classes are usually smaller, with a lot of one-to-one teaching. The school is a closed center for the Cambridge ESOL exams and has a large number of course preparing for PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and all BEC exams.

Timetable: Classes are usually 90 minutes long with the younger children having 60 minutes. Demand for teaching is highest in the mornings 07.30-9.00 and in the evenings 16.00-20.00. Every effort is made to minimise occasions when a late start is followed by an early morning. Teachers often begin with a reduced timetable which then fills up over the first few weeks.

Teach er support: Bell Prague prides itself in offering strong teacher support both on an academic and administrative level. For teachers newer to the profession we offer a lot of one-to-one support to help them through what can be a very challenging the first weeks and months (help on lesson planning, adapting coursebooks, class management etc.). A syllabus is prepared for each course and achievement tests are written for all school courses. For new course types or courses requiring specialist language a member of the Academic Management Team will help with the course design. All books and cassettes are also provided by the school as is all the stationery (board markers, photocopying..) that a teacher requires.

Professional development: The school offers regular workshops and seminars aimed at teachers of all levels of experience. Peer observations are strongly recommended as a way of learning from colleagues and the school has a policy of encouraging teachers to aim at improving their professional qualifications. Teachers can attend regular free Czech classes.


BA + CELTA or equivalent E.g TEFL

Contractual conditions: The teacher can be employed on a zivnostensky list (self-employment licence) or Job Performance Agreement. On Job Performance Agreement the maximum of teaching hours is 20hr / 60min. per week.

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Eva Jirovcova, School AdministratorThe Bell School, a sNedvezská ²9, 10000 Prague 10Czech Republic Fax: +420 274 822 961Email: [email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit I learned about teaching receptive skills and productive skills. Receptive skills consist of reading and listening skills. Productive skills consist of speaking and writing. Reading and listening can be used for a purpose or for pure entertainment. The unit also showed different methods to engage. study, and activate the knowledge of the students to teach them receptive skills (reading and listening skills).Both to be a good teacher and to be a good learner are important in the class; moreover, the relationship between them is very important. To be a good teacher, you should be able to motivate learners, to interact with them, to be supportive, kind, and patient. To be a good learner, regardless of experiences or ages, you should be willing to listen the language, ask some questions when you are unsure, and to be receptive.