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Date posted:2007-05-15 | Writer: Idioma Internacional | Email: [email protected]

Idioma Internacional is a unique English-language consulting firm on the western side of San Jose Costa Rica. We deliver a full spectrum of customized business-English communication solutions. Working primarily in English-language training and document translation and editing, we have become an invaluable language and communication resource for companies operating in Costa Rica that need to communicate in English.

Our organization is made up of bright, motivated professionals who are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in a progressive and open work environment. Most of us have chosen Costa Rica to teach English because of our desire to learn Spanish, our fascination with Latin culture and our appreciation for living and working in the most beautiful country in the world.

As diverse as our North American staff is, we all share two fundamental characteristics: our commitment to doing every job as well as possible because we take great pride in the quality of our work; and our interest in working in a congenial environment where each staff member is able to continuously develop his or her professional skills.

Employees have described working at Idioma Internacional as an experience unlike any other, and agree that the company has redefined what working means to each of us. We believe that work should be something people enjoy.

Our administrative offices are conveniently located in the La Uruca district on the western edge of San Jose 75 meters west of the CENARE (Centro Nacional de Rehabilitaci󮩮 Our modern office building, Oficentro Creativo , is located behind the well-known landmark of Hospital M鸩co and iseasily accessible from nearby sites such as Plaza Mayoror the Rotonda Juan Pablo 2do.

Equipped with one of the largest EFL resource libraries in Costa Rica , our administrative offices serve as a training and resource center for our dedicated and experienced team of Corporate Trainers, in addition to housing our management and support staff and Writing Department.Our instructors enjoy the safety of the neighborhood and all live close to the office. Athletes can take advantage of a nearby gym with pool, sauna and steam room, or the rock-climbing center, just a 10-minute drive away.

We are always looking for qualified ESL/EFL instructors and welcome your application. We recruit and hire on a regular basis so feel free to send us a r鳵m� photo and references at any time. Please be sure to include contact information with a phone number for us to contact you.

Basic Qualifications: Between 24-45, TEFL/TESOL certified, Bachelor's degree, at least 1 yr exp, some Spanish.

Idioma Internacional

75 metros Oeste del CenareOficentro Creativo, 3ero pisoSan JoseCosta Ricatel: 506-290-1229fax: [email protected] Contact us



Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In the learning context for children, it's important to consider that there are two main groups of ages: between five to nine and nine to thirteen years. Based on the ages' characteristics, the teacher can design a lesson that fits the best way to the students. That way, the children can learn in the most appropriate way, displaying confidence and cooperation, which finally will lead to a good flow between lessons.A totally new style of learning to previous lessons, noticing what the teacher did right from the beginning was a moral boost to my overall comprehension. With this new style of learning it was however hard to know what to focus on for the test, what to pay attention to. Eventually I decided that the \"task sheet\" would provide a substantive way forward. An interesting style, definitely a new positive perspective.