Energetic Teacher Wanted toTeach EFL in San Jose, Costa Rica

Date posted:2006-03-27 | Writer: Heidy Bermudes | Email: [email protected]

We are looking for a few good teachers that are certified native English speakers, to teach English as a second language at the corporate offices of our clients, and will be in Costa Rica for at least six months. We teach all levels of English to our corporate clients.

What we are offering you:

Free airport pick up (if you would like).
Help with finding a place to stay.
$7.00 USD per hour (?3, 500.00 per hour)
Aproximately 2 to 6 clients per week.**
Paid every Friday in CASH (colones).
Class sizes: 1 to maximum of 12 students
Free access to Internet.
Teach highly motivated students in their offices.
We do not pay for airfare or accomodations.

** No guarantees (averages between 8 to 20 hours of class time per week)

"Mature native English speaking teachers with a TESL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate, and around 2 years of experience teaching English as a second language. We also prefer teachers 30 years old and above. Our clients ask for mature, native English speaking teachers. Please do not request an interview unless you are a mature native English-speaking teacher who teaches English as a second language."

Send resume to our email address. [email protected]


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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The lesson structurally outline the how to organise course book and lesson materials. The teacher’s ability to appropriately organise course material will also do much in determining whether the student will perform well or not because inappropriate use of teaching material will rather mislead the student than improving them. There adequate balance should be sorted out the teachers while compiling course materials.Unit 7 talks about how to teach the students the new language. As what I learnt on this unit, each level has it's different style to introduce the new language to the students. The teacher will think about which structure is most appropiate to the class and to the language that will be introduce. When the students learnt the new language they can easily understand the meaning, can interact and can use it in daily basis.