TEFL in Korla, China

Date posted:2006-11-15 | Writer: Catherine Chen | Email: [email protected]

We are currently recruiting TESL teachers to start in late Feb 2007 in Korla, Xinjiang, north-western China. There is ample opportunity to experience one of the most multi-cultural parts of China and explore the geographic wonders of the world.

Main job is to teach Oral English to students aged from 12 to 18.

We Require:
-Healthy, confident, professional, enthusiastic and outgoing people from 23-45 years old;
- Be a Native Speaker of English, preferably from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand;
-Have a Bachelor degree or above;
-Have a recognized ESL/EFL/TEFOL/TESL certificate;
- EFL classroom experience: 2 years or more (desirable, but not essential);

Some work is in public holidays.

We Offer:

Basic salary of 1200RMB a week for 20 academic hours teaching. There will be bonus at the end of the term depends on teaching quality.

Accommodation: Self contained accommodation with all the necessary facilities.

Reimbursement of 8000 RMB for air ticket after one year of successful teaching.

Twice a year free traveling in local areas arranged in holidays.

Arrange the working visa, residence permit and foreign expert certificate.

Free Chinese learning.

Special advantage:

There will be a lot of invitations for dinner, so your basic accommodation costs are all covered. Your salary can almost all be your saving.

Very friendly and supportive environment and great business chances there as well. You will achieve much more than you expect.

Location, City:
Korla , located in southern Tian Shan Ranges, is a central hub of communication of Xinjiang. Small, fast-developing and safe , it is the capital city of Ba Zhou Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture which leads eight counties(some of them are originated from the small countries along the ancient Silk Road) and one city (Korla). There are Han, Mongol, Uyghur, Hui and other minority peoples in this area. The local people have little experience with foreigners. You will be treated in a most friendly manner. Due to the effort local people made to green this city, Korla has won the title of National Sanitary City. It would be an ideal place to explore fascination for the diverse cultures and see stunning natuarl beauty from the Tian Shan mountains to the grasslands to the wild Taklama Desert. It is a dynamic place to work and a comfortable environment in which to live.

Please check the following website for some traveling tips.

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Also please have a read of this blog from one of the teachers who taught in our institute.

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