TEFL in China - Dalian

Date posted:2004-11-05 | Writer: American Educational Services | Email: [email protected]


AES is seeking teachers for immediate posts in China. We have one position in Dalian (suburb), one in Shenyang and two in Jinan. These teachers will preferably already be in China or on their way. Please e-mail Arrianna Thompson for information on these immediate positions at [email protected].

There are many options to choose from, but a standard 25 hour per week contract is as follows

Salary 6, 200 RMB per month
Hours- Instructors teach twenty-five to twenty-seven hours per week.
Extra hours Overtime hours are paid at 90 RMB per hour. Overtime is calculated based on the total number of hours worked in a month rather than on a week-by-week basis.

Chinese lessons- Free Chinese classes in the school provided by a qualified Chinese teacher.

Bonus- The following bonuses are for the 25-hour contracts we offer: 13.5 months, $1150 (USD); one-year, $1000 (USD); 7.5 months, $375 (USD); six-months, $225 (USD). These bonuses are only rewarded upon the successful completion of your contract.

Insurance- Basic health insurance is provided to one-year and 7.5-month contract teachers under age 55 (insurance subsidy paid to teachers 55 and over). Any contract for less than 7.5 months does not include health insurance.

Leave Days- Two weeks unpaid vacation with one month's notice for 13.5-month and one-year teachers. One week for 7.5-month and six-month teachers. Teachers will be off at least 6 unpaid days for Spring Festival as well as Chinese National holidays.

Transportation to and from China The reimbursement of travel expenses is part of the completion bonus as noted in the contracts.

Housing- A shared, furnished, apartment with other teachers is provided by the school to contract teachers with each teacher having a private bedroom.

Additional contract information can be found on our website at
Contact us

If you cannot make an immediate commitment but would still like to apply for a position with AES for January or March 2005, e-mail Michael Wisner for an information packet at [email protected] or call him in the USA at 1-908-835-8227. So that Michael and Arrianna keep things straight, only e-mail Arrianna if you are interested in immediate positions. Only e-mail Michael if you are interested in later positions. Thank you.

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in this topic i learnt alot about modal auxillary verbs and how they are used to express possibilities,obligation,advise, permission, through some basic rules.i also learnt the different types of modal auxillary verbs and how to correctly use them to teach learners.i also learnt about passive and active voices and how to use them.i also learned on phrasal verbs which is usually challenging to understand and must be taught well.One of the most important factors that an ESL teacher needs to consider at the beginning of the course is to take the time to get to know the students' learning styles. This will help to select the correct strategies and materials to engage the students with the content. It helps the effectiveness of the course when students (children or adults) feel that the class is well organized and offers activities that are interesting.