Online TEFL Job in Canada

Date posted:2016-08-29 | Writer: Newcollege Tutor | Email: [email protected]

Newcollege Tutor is a social enterprise based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and founded by tutors at the University of Alberta. We value our success by offering students the best opportunity available at reaching their full potential.

No experience is required to become a tutor and in fact most of the tutors listed on our website started off with none whatsoever.  This is an ideal opportunity for TEFL graduates starting out on their career or for those with experience. As long as you know the subject you are teaching and you have the patience to teach it you will be successful in instructing students. Most of the nervousness you might have about teaching will go away after the first session. A lot of teachers don’t feel qualified when in reality they will have already taken part in some teaching activity in the past. You may have taught a sibling, or you might have helped another student in one of your classes understand a problem. Teaching is something almost everyone of us has done at one time or another.


•             Able to work from anywhere through Skype

•             Valuable experience in teaching

•             Low commission rate

•             Freedom to work independently with students


•             Must have at least some post-secondary education, such as TEFL or TESOL

•             Have at least satisfactory standing in school

•             Be over 18 years of age by the time of applying

•             Pass a criminal record check through an independent third party $27

•             Complete a professional photo session for your profile picture $10

(Referral program: Refer three friends to join Newcollege Tutor and we will return the above cost)

We are looking for:

•             Leadership ability

•             High communication skills

•             Have a record of showing empathy or kindness by volunteering in your community or working one-on-one with others

•             Diversity of experience and interaction: have you worked with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures?

•             Signs of innovative thinking: are you engaged in research, starting a business, developing art, working on activism?

•             Volunteer experience with a reputable organization is highly valued


Please submit the following documents to the email address given on the job heading:

•             Resume and cover letter

•             You must use an email address or account that is provided by your university, college, or post-secondary institution.

•             The email itself should be addressed to ‘Hiring Manager’ and the subject line should be in the format “[Your Name Here]: Resume and Cover Letter.”

•             The body of your email should briefly describe where you heard about us and why you would like to be a tutor. It should be kept under 100 words.


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit, I learned the theories, methods and techniques of teaching English to non-native English learners. This lesson detailed all the theories that have been created for teaching language. It later detailed the three different stages that can be implemented into a lesson. I also learned many great activities that can be used during each of the specific three aforementioned stages.I found this unit to be rather confusing. Not only did it not follow the format of the Present and Past tense units, but the distinction between future tenses and present future tenses in this lesson was not made clear enough for me to grasp quickly. I hope that future units are at least formatted consistently so I can follow more closely and not get distracted by the lack of consistency.